Chapter 156 – The Second Hole

After enjoying the hot spring, we went to the place with the big black rock.

It is miserably burnt by Hakuren so it is easy to find.

Ancestor-san entered the hole first.

Though I think it’s already safe…..

Ancestor-san came out at full speed.

And there are black hands following him…..

The real identity of those hands is a group of 30-centimeter bugs.

Hakuren burned them.

He looked at the hole again carefully.

「Th-that was surprising….」

Ancestor-san calmed his mind.

Even though he’ll be alright, it’s still surprising if a large amount of bugs suddenly attacks you.

He went inside the hole again.

But this time, all of us are with him.

I had him cast anti-air poisoning magic on Ursa too.

I’m with ancestor-san.

Hakuren is going down the hole while hugging Ursa.

It seems like Hakuren’s flame is extremely hot.

This place feels like its burning.


The bottom is pure white because of ash.

And there’s a large quantity of it.

「Just to be sure, spew fire to the sides of this place.」

Following ancestor-san’s instruction, Hakuren spews flame.

To the east, to the west….hnn?

Something’s wrong.

「Where is it?」

「There’s nothing here.」

Don’t tell me we spent this day just to go to an empty place.

Hakuren spews flame again.

The big black rock that we’re looking for was buried in ash.

Ancestor-san manipulated the ash and send them to the east side of the tunnel closing it.

I thought that it is pointless but ash is quite hard if it is compressed.

I’m thinking about what will happen to it if it comes in contact with water but let’s try it later.

Let’s focus on this big black rock.


It is really black.

Pure black.

This place is being illuminated by ancestor-san’s magic but I feel like the light can’t reach this rock.

I took out the AFT in its hoe form.


After all, it gives me this unpleasant atmosphere.

A black haze comes out underneath the rock.


It’s disgusting so I plowed it too.

Now that the black haze is gone, it is time to carve the rock.

I did not carve it into the figure of the god of creation but with the figure of the god of light.

It is the result of my discussion with ancestor-san.

He’s fine with me carving it to another god of creation’s statue but there are already several places with his statue.

Then, in deciding which image of god I would carve, we used dice.

I wanted to carve the statue of the god of farming but the black haze made me uneasy.

The god of farming can’t do anything on something like that.

I should carve someone that can take care of the black haze.

With that, I carved the god of light which is also one of the gods that are worship by Korin religion.

Ancestor-san provided me some materials so I know how to carve the gods of their religion.

I managed to complete it after half a day.

After completing it, the black god of light statue gradually turns white.

It was the same as what happened to the god of creation’s statue.

Good, with this, the problem with the black haze was definitely solved.


Looking closely, there are several black threads of haze that stretched out from underneath the god of light statue towards the hole.



I used the AFT to cut them all.

Is the god of creation’s statue alright?

I better check it out before returning to the village.

I have to make sure that there will be no problem.

I would like to build a temple here as well.

However, it’s winter.

It is really really cold.

I feel like it will already start to snow.

I can only cut some trees and place them around the hole.

It will suffice this time.


I had ancestor-san carry me to the sky

「The god of creation’s statue….where is it?」

「To be accurate….it is in that direction.」

Ancestor-san, who’s holding me, shift my body a bit and points his finger in a certain direction.


「Is there a problem?」

「Hmmm…..maybe but there is a chance that it is only my imagination…..」

「There are times that things like that must not be neglected.」


「Yes. Why don’t you try telling me?」

「The place where the statue of the god of creation is there but there is also a tunnel with a dead end.」


「That’s it but…..what if it is not a dead end but instead, digging its way somewhere?」


「And what if the big black rock has more meaning than what it looks like…… and if we continue to dig that dead end tunnel, will we find another one?」

「That….it is hard to check it since it will take time to dig.」

I had ancestor-san put me on the ground while we’re talking.

I draw something on the ground using the AFT.

Given the distance between the god of creation’s statue and the god of light’s statue, it should be like this…..the angle of the dead end of the tunnel looks like this…..

If we use the same distance between the statues and the same angle from the three points…..

A regular heptagon?

「Could there be five more of them?」

Looking at the image I drew and hearing what I said, ancestor-san looks troubled.

「Or, maybe it’s really my imagination….」

「However…..if what you drew is correct….fumu」

After thinking for a while, ancestor-san smiles and tells me.

「Shall we return to the village?」

Let’s do so.

Ursa is already bored and is troubling Hakuren.

I was able to sleep well that day.

Though we experienced some surprises, it is something refreshing to experience from time to time.

The next morning.

Ancestor-san smiles and says.

「I found the third one.」


「What you drew is correct. It is really there.」

After hearing my theory, ancestor-san seemed to measure it alone.

It seems like he knows the distance and the angle because of the gargoyles.

It was hard to dig 200 meters underground but he somehow managed to find it.

Beside ancestor-san are Loo, Flora, Tier, and Gran Maria’s group…..

It seems like they were somewhat involved.

Ah, so that’s why I was able to sleep well last night.

Rasuti is not here and Hakuren is with Ursa.

Ann is…..taking care of Alfred and Tiselle.

I see, I see.

「Monsters also gather on that place the same time we discover it.」

That day, I, together with ancestor-san and Hakuren, started on carving the black rock.

Ursa is house sitting.

Hakuren complained about that decision of mine but what we’re doing is dangerous.

We left her to Ann.


Though my day is busy, I was able to sleep well at night for a while.

Fallen god.

I was a god.

However, after being defeated by the other annoying gods, I was robbed of my name and position.

My body is sealed in the depths of the earth and is rotting as it is.


I can’t permit this.

Even if it takes me a thousand of years or even ten thousand years, I will destroy the gods!

I will never forget this grudge!

I will continue to curse the world until I destroy all those deceitful gods!

You shouldn’t be relieved just because you sealed me.

I am not stupid.

I’m already doing something to resurrect.

And when I’m resurrected, it will be your end!

Now, why was I feeling like this…..

Let me say it now.

I am a god.

Though I’m a god, I can still feel pain.

Imagine how I feel.

I currently feel like being rammed down by a bunch of stakes.

I’m in agony.

Super agony.

It is because of the seal.

I was sleeping in preparation for my resurrection but something happened.


Super panic.

What what?


Something’s wrong and it caused me to panic.

I was shocked when I found out the situation.

The rock of sealing turned into the statue of my hated god of creation and the seal becomes stronger.

I feel like I’m already halfway out of my caged then was found out and locked in the cage again.

And this cage is more secure than the previous one.

This is surely the work of those gods.

But I can’t do anything because I’m sealed.

It is impossible for me to move.

But I can feel the pain.

The curse that I put out for a long time was cut off.

And I can only gather bugs.

My power has also declined……

However, only one place has been strengthened.

I can still endure the pain.

And before I knew it, the second one is being attacked too.

Was I exposed?

In addition, it’s a dragon.

They are ferocious fellows who love to fight even against each other.

I can forgive this dragon but I can’t forgive the gods.


The two exposed places were ruined.

The mechanism of my resurrection is going smooth but the gods probably noticed it.

It is regrettable but….that’s not all I have.

My resurrection will only be delayed for about a hundred years.

When I thought of that, something happened to the third one.

Looking at it….it’s not those hateful gods but a human.


His group is definitely aiming for the buried points.

I’m already at the limit of my pain tolerance so I cut off a part of me.

I lost a lot of power but my divinity still remains.

And since I am clever, I can predict the future.

The fourth place was found as expected.


「Help me, gods! I apologize for what I have done!」



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