Chapter 157 – Horse

My name is …

I’m a common horse born in a common ranch.

I’m not boasting but when I was born, I was a horse showered with great expectations.

I worked hard to meet that expectation.

My daily life is mainly eating, exercising, and sleeping.

As my physique grows, I’m confident that I can carry any kind of luggage.

A certain day became the turning point of my life.

My usual dominant rancher bowed his head to a merchant. That merchant bought me.

He looks like a powerful merchant that has a lot of money.

I steeled myself to whatever bad place I’ll be brought to.

A mare was also bought together with me.

They know about my gender then bought a mare after me….could they be thinking of buying it as my breeding partner?


I’ve liked the mare they bought for me for a long time….

No no, I must not panic.

The other party might not necessarily be my breeding partner.

That’s right but…..

I never expect what happened next.

I was bound to a dragon and flew in the sky.


So this is it. I’m fated to be a dragon’s food…..

I’m a take-out purchase.


It was a short horse life…..

But before I noticed it, I was released in a ranch-like place in a certain village.

The ground is moderately soft.

Looking at the surrounding fence, this place is neither narrow nor wide.

The grass growing there is also delicious.

The stable is newly built.

The goats are placed in the same place as I but because of my difference in physique, they don’t approach me.

In other words, this is not a bad place.

No, this place is good.

A really good place.

Now, as for the mare near me….

Probably my breeding partner.

Uoohhh, I did it!

Ooops, I shouldn’t be so obvious.


Yeah, I have to stay cool.

The first contact is important.

If I fail, the future will be difficult.

Because of that, I brainstorm…..finally, I call her out.

「How many offsprings do you want?」


I jumped ahead too much aaaahhhhhhh!

No, that’s not, wait!

She stayed away from me starting that day.


The lord came here so I thought of being intimate with him.

He is a human.

You want to ride on me?


This will be good.

I’ll satisfy you.


I feel uncomfortable.

He obviously never ridden a horse before.

The way he gives instruction is also bad.

Perhaps his muscles are bad too.

Conclusion, the lord is not qualified to ride a horse.

In addition, I’m afraid of the wolves her brought.

Don’t threaten me.

Sometimes people other than the lord came to ride on me.

There is this long-eared girl. Her ears look like a beast ear.

The way she rides and commands a horse is way better than the lord.

I can run comfortably.

By the way, I just want to say, I don’t have any grudge with the lord.

One day, a slime came to ride me.

Oi oi, do you think I’ll let a slime to ride me?

No, it’s not like I hate you.

All right.

I let him ride me and run.

Oh, it’s pretty good.

But I feel like there’s nothing on my back.


The slime fell.

Sorry, I’ll run slowly next time.


You want to try it again?

I don’t mind but….

The slime ride on me and I continue to run.

The slime is a man of effort. (I don’t know if it is a male or a female though)

The slime rides a wolf.


Yeah, a wolf is way better than me.

I should just stay in bed.

Or lie down and eat grass.

Nothing motivates me anymore.

The slime came to ride on me again.

Heh, don’t you prefer riding a wolf than me?


Oh, okay, if you say that much then I guess it can’t be helped.

Wait a moment.


I know that I’m more elegant and more comfortable to ride on compared to a wolf.

A rival appeared.

It is a centaur.


The lord is riding on her….

That lord is my lord!

Lord, lord, shouldn’t you ride on me?

I don’t mind no matter how unskilled you are. I will endure.

That will compensate for the lack of riders.


Well, your level of unskillfulness is beyond the compensation of the lack of riders.

Even so, I won’t lose to that centaur.

I will not yield to that one!


Wife of mine, I’m not looking at her like that!

She’s still a child so you can relax.

In addition to being young, she’s a centaur.


When did she become my wife?

Oi oi, honey.

What’s happening?

I remember doing it in spring, it was mating season.

Your stomach is already big and you’re about to give birth.

The population of the village has increased but the girl with beast ear takes care of us.

I’ll look for her.

The birth of my son.


What do I feel?

I only want it to be healthy.

Hang in there, my wife.

My name is Belford.

The lord named me after a famous horse but I don’t really like it.

Maybe because when he named me, I was worried about my distance with my wife.

When the girl with beast ear calls me Belford, it sounds nice.

Maybe because I was getting along with my wife when she called me that.

In any case, I’ll keep trying to be the fastest horse in this village.

My son, watch my brave figure.

Today is the day of the race against the centaurs.

I practiced for this day.

I never really cared about the result of the race.

Yeah, they just got lucky.

I’m also not really concerned about winning or losing.

Today, this father will sleep.



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