Chapter 158 – Creation Myth

The god of creation had to have a great will in order to create the world.

First, he created the god of time.

The result was really good and she became his wife.

The god of creation and his wife then gave birth to the sun god, moon god, and earth god.

The moon gods are a twin.

Therefore, there are two moons in the night sky.

The god of creation then cooperated with his wife, the god of time, and their four children to create the world.

「That’s how the world begins.」

That ends ancestor-san’s endless talk on the stage.

Perhaps, even though it’s an awful story, I should be thankful for it…. It seems like most people don’t know about it.

I’m absorbed in eating and drinking.

Because of that, I’m only listening with one of my ears but I can at least tell the important things.

The sun god created the light god and the fire god.

The moon gods created the darkness god and the water god.

The earth god tried to make various things but all ended in failure.

However, because those he created were already attached to him, he decided to keep them and not throw them away.

And those who were created by him are living in this world.

TN: No idea of the earth gods gender yet.


Does that mean that we are failed products?

Or perhaps because we were not able to attain godhood, the earth god taught us things in order of us to take care of ourselves and grow…..

Let’s listen seriously next time.

Anyway, there are alcohol and food before me.

The reason why this banquet has started is simple.


It begins with ancestor-san’s discovery of the other big black rocks and me carving them.

Our pace was finding and carving one per day and it lasted for five days.

The heptagon arrangement assumption is correct.

Isn’t ancestor-san’s measurement technique praiseworthy?

Anyway, the first victims…. Loo, Flora, Tier, and Gran Maria were mobilized by ancestor-san.

They drill the hard soil to a depth of 200 meters.

Of course, they are not using their hands but magic however, it still induced fatigue.

They have done that five days in a row.

I remember what happened during the last day. It looks like Loo is already thinking of how to kill ancestor-san, Flora is smiling evilly while holding a certain vial, Tier’s eyes look like an endless abyss, and Gran Maria is silently sharpening her lance.

The four of them attacked at the same time but it seems like they failed.

I myself want to join their cause but….every time I saw a big black rock, I can’t help but feel uneasy so I silently do my part.

Once I carve it into a statue of god, the black rock turns to white and the evil feeling it gives off is also bleached out.

Then, when I finally carved the fifth one, the seventh one if we count the god of creation’s statue, it now gives off a refreshing aura.

Truly refreshing.

I even cried out when I finished it.

And the four fell from exhaustion.

Ancestor-san works as hard as them but he looks okay.


When you traveled with Hakuren before, what made you that exhausted?

Is there a specific time when he gets tired?

To pacify the four, we had a banquet.

The venue is in the hall of my mansion.

Of course, the other villagers are invited too.

Otherwise, it will be a banquet for cursing ancestor-san.

Dragons are cheats created by the god of creation that can go against gods. Therefore, even if they fight against gods, they can hold their grounds.」


Ancestor-san answered the question about the myth.

The one who asked was a beastgirl.

「No one from the Howling Village can teach about that subject」

Gulf mutters so as he watches on the side.

「You don’t have something like a church?」

「I told you before that the Howling Village is like a nomad village. We had a church before.」

「Then, what do you do if there’s a need for a wedding ceremony?」

「They just need to ask permission from the village.」

「I see.」

「The demon king’s kingdom and the church are not hostile but their power there is not strong….Their teachings don’t extend that much there.」

Beezel joins in.

Can it still be considered as not hostile if their relationship stayed like that for so long?

Well, the demon king is not angry at them so I guess it’s really okay.

At the corner of the hall, Glatts and Ronana are flirting.

Their relationship has improved a lot.

There are two members of the four heavenly kings here, is that alright?

「It’s alright. We finished a big job before coming here.」

「Big job?」

「Yeah. The demon king’s kingdom is not monolithic but is composed of various factions. We just reformed one of those factions.」


「If one feels like their possession and influence are falling, they will do something out of the box….that faction did not pay much attention but when it was discovered, there was an uproar. Assassination of the demon king, replacement of the four heavenly kings, capturing the princess, and Full Heart kingdom’s invasion…..Their plan is magnificent but they are still on their preparation stage. Upon discovery, we caught every person involved in those plans…. And as a reward, I’m on vacation this whole winter season.」


It looks like it happened when I was outside with the hot spring investigation group.

If something like that happened, there might be another incident happening in another place.

「How about Glatts?」

「They were able to extend their influence in the army….to punish my incompetence, I planned to retire. However, they don’t want me to retire so I’m currently here as a sort of house arrest.」


「It’s because there will be no big battle during winter.」

So that’s how it is.

Beezel, Glatts, and I had a toast and drank some alcohol.

The hall suddenly becomes noisy. It seems like Rasuti has returned.

「My welcome party….or not.」

「Long time no see. How have you been?」


Behind Rasuti are Bulga and Stifano.

「How was your return trip?」

I ask the three of them but their expressions are all bad.

When I listened to what happened….

「It was terrible.」

Seems like it.

According to Rasuti.

Dors is the head of the dragon race but there are dragons who don’t follow his command.

And the leader of the dragons who oppose him is the dark dragon Girar.

He suddenly lowered his head to him so Dors was troubled on how to respond.

「I apologize to everything I have done till now. Let’s get along from now on.」

「Yes, of course.」

It would be great if they really reconciled like that but when one becomes an adult, you need to consider your face before doing that.

Dors immediately called Raimeiren thinking that Girar came to invade.

After that, there were various discussions with Girar and about the reconciliation…. A hostage dragon will be sent to Dors.

It would have been good if their discussion ended after that but for some reason, I became the topic.

「It seems like your proud daughter married a human. What kind of person is he? Is he amazing?」

Though he already reconciled with Girar, he’s still wary of him so he cannot take him to the village yet.

Therefore, in order to hear more about me, Hakuren and Rasuti were called.

In the worst case scenario, they will be war potential.

「The dark dragon Girar can be said to be the eternal rival of my grandfather. When I met him, he looks like your everyday drunkard old man….」

It seems like she was made to talk endlessly.

By the way, it was said that they were drinking alcohol from Big Tree village when they were talking and he wishes to trade with us if possible.

It looks like he loves our alcohol more than anything.

「Is the dark dragon Girar the dragon who appeared on the myth?」

「A while ago, Loo-san’s grandfather-chan said that he bit the god of creation’s foot.」

「The name Girar is a well-known name but he’s not the person of the myth. He is the seventh generation.」

Rasuti replied to the beastgirl who inquired about it after hearing Girar’s name.

Does that mean that they are descendants of the characters in the myth?

In any case, Rasuti joined the banquet like that.

Bulga and Stifano were as tired as Rasuti.

「When we returned to our hometown, there was a huge riot.」

It seems like every influential person in that place suddenly ran in rage.

They helped with the suppression of the enraged as soon as they got there.

「As for the reason, I heard that they seem to have heard god’s voice…. But they are the only ones who heard it so it is unknown if it is true.」

It seems like they were not able to rest a bit and continuously clean up when they were at home.

「Really troublesome.」

In addition, the souvenirs they brought back caused troubles.

It seems like it became too popular that it induced trouble.

I’m glad that they are popular but I don’t want any trouble.

Should I send some later?

I don’t mind but who’ll bring it there?

Let’s think about it later.

Bulga and Stifano can take it easy in this banquet.

I feel like there’s something wrong but I don’t want it to show on my face.

「Kierbit, I wish she should have stayed a little longer….」

As soon as the hot spring investigation group was dissolved, Kierbit returned to the Kingdom of Garrett.

My apologies for asking ancestor-san to immediately send you away. I appreciate your help.

Ancestor-san came to me.

「I’m really sorry this time.」

「No, I also feel how bad it is. I think that it is great that we managed to do something about it quickly.」

That is my honest feeling.

「Is that so? By the way….I’ve been interested since a while ago but, what is that on your knees?」

「A cat.」

「I know that it is a cat but I never thought you have one.」

I really don’t have one.

I only met this cat a few minutes ago.

Just before the banquet started.

I was surprised that there was a black cat in front of the shrine under the big tree.

It also has this face as if asking “why am I here?”.

However, upon seeing my face, its expression changed as if it finally understands everything and started to appeal to me.

Do what you want.

It started to rub its body to me to appeal.

After that, I invited it to the village.

A cat is a farmer’s ally.

It is an animal that takes care of rats.

Maa….I don’t think that this cat can get rid of an earth rat though.


I feel like I like it a little now.

I guess this is what you call sympathy.

Let’s get along.

When I’m thinking about that, the cat stood up from my knee and slipped under the table.

A place where a car would normally go to.

Ancestor-san also left.



There are four individuals near me.

Loo, Flora, Tier, and Gran Maria.

And there’s more.

Behind them are Frau, Ann, and Ria.

Ah, Hakuren and Rasuti too.


I’m like the master.


The cat showed its face under the table.

A face that shows it realized something.

Maybe I’m making the same face too.



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