Chapter 159 – Winter Work

It will be spring soon.

I feel like its coming but it’s still cold.

The cat is sleeping in a kotatsu.

At first, it was hesitant on everything but now, it even plays with the kuros and warms itself in a kotatsu.

Its favorite thing to do is walking on the spider walk in my mansion.

It’s scrambling with the spiderlings that did not hibernate this winter.

No, it feels more like a mutual concession rather than scrambling.

I was worried at first if they would fight but it seems like there’s no problem.

Both sides are smart.

I already know that the spiderlings are smart but it seems like the cat is quite smart too.

It remembers where the toilet is and it knows how to wait for food.

If you want to know its faults….well, it fell and almost drowned in a barrel once.

After saving it, it was still tottering.

By the way, it fell into an alcohol barrel when the wine slime is tasting it.

It seems like the cat saw the wine slime doing something on the barrel….but it managed to evade the cat.

I guess that’s nothing to be surprised of.

By the way, the cat is a tom.

Should I get a molly for it?

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As for today’s work, there is a big carriage in the workshop of my mansion.


It is something that has a wheel and is pulled by a horse.

A covered wagon is something that helps this era develop and in front of me is a box type carriage.

It is the one the nobles ride. It is decorated luxuriously in various places.

Inside it is a set of sofa where two individuals can sit and there is also one in front. They are set up to comfortably face each other.

On the outside, the coachman side can accommodate two people so this can accommodate six people in total.

Frau said that can be considered as a pretty good carriage.

As for why is it in my workshop…..

「This mechanism, where are you going to place it?」

The mountain elves saw the suspension that I made. When I explain them what it is for, they robbed Michael-san of a carriage….cough.

I mean borrow it.

I made a suspension because somehow, a spring was made.

I have been requesting the Howling Village to make some for me for some time and they just sent us a message via the small wyvern that they were able to make them.

At first, I was planning on using them to either bed or sofa but the ones they sent were big and hard springs.

It seems like there is a limit to what an iron bar can bend into so the result is these springs….I guess that’s the limit of the present technology.

They have made this with much effort so it is my responsibility to find a use to it….

I came up with suspension.

It is because the size of the spring is similar to a car’s suspension.

I tried recalling the car model.

Shock absorber…..the piston in which the spring is put in is made of wood.

I’m worried about the strength but this is only a prototype.

I put oil on the piston. The oil is a village’s product.

It is really valuable but I have no choice but to use it.

It was a little troublesome to prevent oil from leaking….I managed to do so somehow.

And it’s now complete.

After I’m done making one…… the mountain elves who saw me making it tried to make one too.

There is a number of springs that the Howling Village sent so we can make a number of them.

But who would have thought that they will act this fast?

The mountain elves involved Rasuti and Frau. The two have won a carriage from Michael-san after a few days.

Let’s just think that this will be something that I’ll use if ancestor-san is unavailable.

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「The springs are made up of iron so it is quite heavy and we can’t use a lot of them.」

We removed the carriage body from the axle and put eight suspensions on it. Four on the front and four on the back.

We thoroughly remodeled what can be remodeled.

We reduce the weight of the carriage’s body.

We expand the storage.

We reinforced the wheels and axles.

We are like remodeling a toy.

I never expect that I’ll do something like this to a horse-drawn carriage.

I and the mountain elves thoroughly played with it.

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The result.

「My butt doesn’t hurt.」

「I want one at home as well.」

「This can be sold. Let’s mass produce it.」

Frau, Beezel, and the civil servant girls give out their review.

Compared to the usual carriage, this shakes smoothly and doesn’t vibrate hard.

I also tried riding it……you call this a good ride?

This shakes a lot.

Does it mean that it was better than before?

Well, the main body was directly installed on the axle.

Looking at everyone’s expression, it looks like there is a considerable improvement.

By the way, the ones pulling the carriage are the centaur expatriates.

One of them volunteered to pull it before we can call the horse.

She and two others did it.

Presently, Ursa and other children are enjoying the carriage ride.


「Is that the normal speed of a horse-drawn carriage?」

To my question, some villagers, who are waiting for their turn to ride the carriage, looked puzzled.

It seems like there are a few of them who already have ridden a horse-drawn carriage.

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Let’s leave the carriage to the others. I work on something else.

First one is building blocks for the children who were born this year.

It should be easy to hold but big enough to make sure they won’t swallow it.

I file the corners to make sure that they are not sharp so no one will be hurt.

Circles, triangles, squares, and other basic shapes.

Let’s make something slender, and something curved too….complete.

I made them carefully so I only made four sets and its night already.

If not for the AFT, it would take more time.

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As for the carriage, the centaur substitutes came since they ran till late.

I wonder if they are doing a durability test too.

The dwarves are doing a drinking challenge while riding the carriage….it’s probably okay.

I don’t think they’ll dirty the carriage’s interior.

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The next day.

Today’s job is a chair.

Though I said it’s a chair, it is not an ordinary chair.

It is a chair with sled leg so it will swing.

I don’t know its official name.

So I called it a grandfather’s chair.

I tried making it.

「Isn’t that a rocking chair?」

So that’s its official name.

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For the time being, let’s have a durability check….

I sat on it and it seems okay.

It can’t be called a durability test if I don’t use it for a long time…..

I placed a square cushion on the chair, put the wine slime on it, and rock it.

It seems like it is pleased.

Good good.


It got bored after five minutes and left.


Currently, the cat is sitting on the chair but it’s not rocking it.

I would love it if you rock it….


For now, there seems to be no problem.

It seems like it likes it.

It likes the rocking chair test.

Now let’s make the one I’m looking forward to make, a cradle.

I have thought of making one several times already.

But I never really made one.

I’m scared that the baby won’t like it.

But it will probably be okay.

I sure they want to sleep on a rocking cradle made by their father!

I have learned a lot of things in order to make one.

Now, let’s make the first one.

… order to make sure that they won’t fall, the inclination should not exceed 45 degrees.

As soon as its inclination reaches 60 degrees, it must return to the initial position of 90 degrees….

「What is that cylinder?」


The mountain elves’ pure eyes are painful.

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Though I struggled, I managed to make one somehow.

I made an ordinary rocking cradle.


Thinking too much is not good.

Normal is the best.

Let’s improve it after asking others.

I went to Ann’s place at once….

I saw the brave figure of my son standing.

……a child really grows fast.

Ria’s place is also the same.

It seems like the cradle is unnecessary.

I’ll have my next child use it.

By the way, up to now, they have been using a cradle that is hanged from the ceiling.

Pointless effort of a father.

The cat sitting on the rocking chair meow as if comforting me.

Thank you.



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