Chapter 160 – Giri Winter

Is it already spring?

Or is it still winter?

This is my recurring problem.

Should I start farming thinking that it’s already spring?

This is troublesome.

However, if I plant too early, the weather might worsen and it will ruin all that I’ve planted which is unacceptable.

There are various ways to consider before declaring that it’s spring already. However, since I have the nyunyu-daphnes, I’ll leave it to them.

「Not yet. Wait a little more.」

Spring is so far.

The mountain elves are remodeling the chair that I made.

Not the rocking chair but the one with shoulder massaging function.

I tried making it since I’m still waiting for spring but upon testing….it lacks power.

Probably because the spring is too hard but it’s not like I can make something that can use hydraulic power.

The mountain elves started to frenzy when I threw it out of my workshop.

They are currently trying to increase the power by using gears.

That’s alright but, who will use the chair with shoulder massaging function?

The villagers that need it…..doesn’t exist.

I don’t think ancestor-san, Dors, or the demon king will use it.

In short, we are only improving it for the sake of technological advancement.



By the way mountain elves, are you not listening to my explanation?

I didn’t make that as a torture equipment.

The shoulder massage doesn’t need to be strong enough to break a pumpkin.

Since ancestor-san is out for work, we can’t rely on his teleportation magic.

I feel helpless not being able to freely go to the hot spring….I should reflect on relying on him too much.

I went to the hot spring with Hakuren.

Recently, Hakuren is spiritless.

It is because of Ursa.

Recently, Ursa has begun to gradually leave Hakuren.

The cause of this is….the beastboys.

To put it in simple words, Ursa beat them up and made them her underlings.

In addition, Nutt, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gutt, was involved too.

After that, the lizardmen’s hatchlings.

Is this the young villager’s social position? In short, Ursa is not the leader of the village’s children.

Is her motherly or sisterly instinct awakening? Or is this her natural ability as a leader?

Though the beastboys are older than her, she is able to take care of all of them…..the result, her time with Hakuren diminished.

Although Hakuren is pleased with Ursa’s growth, she’s hit by loneliness.

Will Loo and Tier be like her?

Or since they are different individuals, they’ll react differently?

I cannot stand seeing the lonely Hakuren any longer so I invited her to the hot spring.

I also want to know how the ghost knight is doing.

There are only the two of us so I intended to return immediately…..

Or so I thought but we were found out by Ursa, the beastboys, Nutt, and the hatchlings and they decided to come with us.

When I was thinking on how to handle this, Hakuren took over and gladly let them come as if they haven’t met each other after a really long time.

Hakuren, you and Ursa are sleeping on the same bed, right?

This girl.

Because it is impossible for Hakuren and I to watch over the children with just the two of us, I asked the oni maid Ramurias and the beastkin Senna to help us with that while the lizardman Daga and the beastkin Gulf will act as our guards.

Thinking of war potential, Hakuren is already more than enough so it is really safe. By the way, Beezel and Frau requested to come with us too.

It seems like he wants to try the hot spring.

「Since Beezel will come, can you use magic to teleport us all?」

「Unfortunately, I don’t know the destination.」

Beezel’s teleportation magic is useless unless he knows where the destination is.

Does that mean that you walked when you first came to the village?

It seems like he teleported to the village by using visible range destination.

I see.

Hakuren lifted the logistic board and flew.

She’s fast but because that place is far, it took a while.

Even before reaching the hot spring, Hakuren’s spirit rose so the purpose of this trip is already achieved.

In any case, let’s go to the hot spring.

The facilities remain safe.

I can’t see the ghost knight but it is probably somewhere.

When I thought of that, the ghost knight bowed and let us enter.

I know that you’re doing your best as the guardian.

Looking at the piled up monster corpses at a corner of the hot spring, it is obvious.

Now, let’s explain how the hot spring works to our newbies.

Male bath and female bath are separated.

The men’s bath will be taken care of by Daga and Gulf.

I’ll leave the female bath to Ramurias and Senna.

Everyone started bathing.

I’m also….but before that, there is something I must do.

To the companion who I didn’t expect.


It was carried by the children.

It’s not like I’m mad at you but….

What are you going to do in this hot spring?

I thought of making some toys for cats but it seems like it is interested in the hot spring.

However, the bath is too deep for the cat.


After thinking a little, I made a small and shallow bath for cat nearby.

How is it?

One foot…..after testing the water using one of its feet, it carefully entered the bath.

It sat down at first and when it looks like it’s satisfied with the water, it soaked itself until only its head is not in the water.

It’s good that it likes it.

Next, the corpses of the monsters and demon beasts that the ghost knight exterminated.

There are freshly killed and there are old ones.

I thought that everything will be alright since it’s only a hot spring and it is winter but it seems like I underestimated monster activity.

The rotting smell is awful.

I’ll take care of this.

I plow them using the AFT to turn them into fertilizer…..there’s a panic caribou in the mountain of corpses.

Its horn is alright.

Let’s praise the ghost knight later.

Okay, this is a hot spring…..and there is an unusual out of place rusty armor here.

It is a full body armor called full plate mail.

It is the ghost knight’s armor.

It is plain looking the last time I saw it….but now it is rusty, I wonder why.

Is it because of the hot spring?

Its sword is not rusty though.

It looks the same as before.

Is it a magic sword?


I go to the nearby forest and get some woods.

I’ll try making a wooden armor.

Similar to the one in front of me.

After a while, my shoulder was tapped.

It is Ramurias.

It looks like it is time to go.

But the armor is not yet complete.

I’m a little disappointed.

Also, I haven’t entered the hot spring yet.


Maa, maybe I should come again next time.

The children still want to play on the hot spring but they were already driven away by Ramurias and Senna.

Daga and Gulf seem to be satisfied with warming their body….is that alcohol on your hand?

I also intended to drink with Hakuren one we got home since she’s the means of transport.

She also patiently guard everyone.


I almost forgot the cat.

I wake up the cat who’s thoroughly sleeping in the hot spring and wipe its body.

Is your fur glossier?

I don’t remember putting anything on it when we got here.

Is it the hot spring’s effect on animals?

Well, it doesn’t matter since it got better.

I picked up the wooden armor I’m making and rode Hakuren.

I’ll return with the finished product.

We left for the village while being sent off by the ghost knight.

It was like an excursion.

Let’s come again some other time.

When we arrived at the village, I realized something.

Wouldn’t it be better if we have gone back to the village with the help of Beezel’s magic?

「I thought that it will be insensitive of me….」

「We went there with the help of Hakuren-san so we thought that we should return with her help as well.」

Beezel and Frau said those.


We had fun so it’s okay.

By the way, a little more time and it will be spring.

I finished the wood armor and brought it back.

The mountain elves delightfully volunteered to help me and put some unnecessary gimmicks.

I don’t want them to make a strange equipment….a knife that pops out from the back of the hand?

At the tip of the foot too?

There’s something stored there?

Put more there and….it will turn into a shield?


This is a man’s romance.

I hope that the ghost knight will like it.



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