Chapter 161 – Spring of the Tenth Year

Spring has come.

Like usual, I greeted Zabuton.

Zabuton also meets the cat for the first time….and there’s no problem.

Maa, the cat instantly made a surrender pose and it seems like Zabuton accepted it.

That reminds me, the same thing happened when the cat first met Kuro.

Do animals have their own hierarchical relationship and won’t calm down until it is settled?

Anyway, it’s spring.

Since it’s spring, Beezel and Glatts reluctantly returned home.

Gulf was sent home by Beezel with his teleportation magic.

It somewhat becomes lonesome.

After renewing my spirit, it is farming time again!

But before that, a meeting first.

Please take care of me this year as well.

The representative of each race is already in the conference room of the mansion hence, the meeting starts.

The Big Tree Village’s representative, me.

The inferno wolve’s representative, Kuro.

The demon spider’s representative, Zabuton.

The vampire’s representative, Loo.

The angel’s representative, Tier.

The high elves’ representative, Ria.

The oni’s representative, Ann.

The lizardmen’s representative, Daga.

The dragon’s representative, Rasuti.

The beastkin’s representative, Senna.

The dwarves’ representative, Donovan.

The demon and civil servant girl’s representative, Frau.

The mountain elves’ representative, Ya.

The minotaur and Village Two’s representative, Gordon.

The centaur and Village Three’s representative, Glueworld.

The nyunyu-daphne and Village One’s representative, Igu.

The harpy’s representative, Mach.

Mach is one of the harpies’ expert.

Though she greeted me when he came to the village, her presence is weak.

Harpies move in a group so it seems to be difficult for them to develop individuality.

In fact, they have no individual name.

Though they could live like that, I managed to give her somehow.

Though I somehow managed to convince her, her presence remains the same.

I don’t really mind but it will be troublesome since she’s the representative so I introduced her to the others.

As for her name, I consulted the angels.

Aside from them, the devils Bulga and Stifano declined to have a representative for their race.

They are working as Rasuti’s exclusive maids so they said that it will be difficult for them to talk about the administration of the village.

As for the slimes, communication failure.

The bees were informed via the spiderlings but they declined too.

By the way, the caretakers of four races are also here.

The beastkin’s caretaker, the oni maid Ramurias.

The minotaur’s caretaker, the lizardman Nuff.

The centaur’s caretaker, the civil servant girl Rasshashi.

The nyunyu-daphne’s caretaker, the beastkin Mamu.

They don’t have the right to talk here but they are allowed to listen.

In any case, this is a large group.

Fortunately, the conference room in my mansion can accommodate everyone.

Zabuton is participating in the meeting from the outside because she’s too big to enter the door.

The meeting agenda is the following:

  1.       Problem encountered during winter
  2.       This year’s task
  3.       Reward medal

Agenda one, let’s hear the problem encountered this winter.

The Big Tree Village has no problem.

No, there is but it is not something that can be shared in this meeting.

For example, the cat’s bed and the area occupied by the kotatsu of the kuros.

The air draft caused by not closing the door properly and the problem of privacy in my room….

These are considered as in-house problems.

I’m sure the other villagers have their own problems like that.

There’s no problem with both food and fuel during winter and it can be said that there’s an abundance of them.

Village One, Village Two, and Village Three are the same.

There’s no big problem.

The only notable one is the consultation of Village One, Village Two, and Village Three about the kuros.

It seems like the pups assigned on those villages never had a break.

In Big Tree Village, the wolves are properly taking a break in turn.

However, the pups on Village One, Village Two, and Village Three are constantly working.

After hearing that, I suggested having them come to Big Tree from time to time to have a vacation and to play around.

Kuro wagged his tail.

As for the spiderlings, it seems like there’s no problem with them since they are taking their turns moderately.

The spiderlings are also somewhat territorial so there’s no substituting them.

There are also some of them who evolved to Makura’s size.

If they need to be named, I’ll have the respective villages cooperate.

There are also two children born in the minotaur’s village during the winter.

Let’s go there to celebrate it with them some time.

This year’s task.

Village Two and Village Three will farm as usual.

This is the top priority.

As for the reason, if we rely too much on the AFT and when a time comes where I can’t use it, it will be the downfall of the village.

I want to avoid that at all cost.

In Big Tree Village, I will continue to farm using my AFT and let the trees bear fruits like last year.

As for the trees in Village Two and Village Tree, they’re almost wiped out….though it will be tough, it will still yield a little.

Hang in there.

Next, industrial related things.

An order came as soon as we returned the suspension-installed carriage to Michael-san.

Though we already thought of mass production, we only have materials to make five more. It is insufficient because Beezel and the civil servant girls want to have one too.

The civil servant girls want to send them to their parent’s house as a present.

Let’s order more springs from the Howling Village.

As for business related things, it will be the sales of the processed goods made during winter.

They are mainly alcohol, oil, salt, sugar, pickles, jam, juice, etc.

These are already been sold so only the sales amount will be reported.

At the end of winter, we sold them Michael-san, Beezel, the Howling Village, Doraim, Dors, and ancestor-san.

We also made cheese and butter but they were not sold because they are consumed by the village.

Mayonnaise is a good product but I don’t know its expiration date so we did not sell it.

It will be troublesome if someone’s stomach will be ruin because of it.

Because of that, we only make an amount enough for the village’s consumption.

Also, even if Beezel, Doraim, and ancestor-san want them, I only give them some and never sell it to them.

Anyway, as for the business related things, we’re still waiting for Michael-san’s report.

We’ll decide how much to produce winter this year upon seeing it.

Now, how much of which should I plant on the field…..

It will be almost the same as last year.

The only difference is a little more of the seasoning because of the oni maid’s request and additional type of medicinal herb at Loo’s request.

Now, the reward medal related things.

I distributed reward medals like what I did last year.

Three per person for the Big Tree Village’s residents.

Ten for each race’s representatives.

Thirty each of the whole race of inferno wolves and spiders.

Village One, Village Two, and Village Three’s share will be different this year.

Last year, I gave 30 for each village and did not give any to the residents.

This year, I gave 30 for each village and one for each resident.

I would like to give them more but I was refrained because the three villages’ contributions are still lacking.

It is the result of several meetings before this meeting.

There are also special rewards, two for the bees.

Two for the wine slime.

The ghost knight will be given two too since it is doing a good job as the guardian of the hot spring.

We always obtain delicious honey from the bees.

As for the wine slime….maa, recently, it has been hanging around a lot with my children.

As for the ghost knight, it is defending the place alone.

Next time I go there, I’ll ask it for its desire.

By the way, thinking of giving the children reward medals…..the beastboys received three each.

The reward medal will only be given to those who worked for the village.

Given that reason, there is no way I can give some to Ursa or Nutt who did not contribute that much.

On the contrary, the hatchlings are working properly so they deserve to be given some as well.

This is something that every race representative has agreed to.

…….Should I give ancestor-san at least five pieces?

Let’s think about it later.


As expected, I can’t give one to the cat.

Originally, the meeting was supposed to end there but a message has come during the meeting.

It is from ancestor-san.

I wonder what it is about.

Loo received it and read it to us.

It is about the thank you reward for making the medicine requested by Fushu.

When I was thinking of what kind of reward it was, I found out that it is people.

Ten pairs of newly wedded couples that don’t have children yet so twenty in total.

They are mainly humans.

But there is a demi-human too.

I’ll have them become the residents of Village One.

They are something I certainly want.

「However Loo, this isn’t a joke, right?」

I’m thankful for the reward but…

「It is not. Ancestor-sama said that you will really be pleased with them.」

I can only thank him.

By the way, because of the unexpected newcomers, the meeting continued.

It is mainly with the Village One’s representative, the nyunyu-daphne Igu, and the caretaker Mamu.

Preparation for accepting them, preparation for daily necessities, what will they do from now on, and the village’s defense.

We immediately became busy.

The dishes of today’s after meeting banquet is something I have been looking forward to.

I’ve prepared various things for those bamboo shoot dishes…..

Why does this meeting have to be prolonged?

I hope that we won’t run out of food.

I can hear lively voices from the hall of my mansion…..No, this must be a product of my imagination.

I heard someone saying kanpai for the spring but who is leading it?

TN: Kanpai is similar to “cheers” in a toast during a celebratory setting.

That reminds me, the meeting was extended but who the heck said that they can already begin….

「B-by the way, has anyone here eaten already?」

「Of course not. The meeting is ongoing.」

「How about letting someone serve alcohol here….」

「We shouldn’t. The topic of this meeting will shift into alcohol.」

「Then, how about ending this meeting today and just continue tomorrow….what do you think?」

「….then let’s continue tomorrow, does everyone agree?」

Everyone replied.

Everyone’s consciousness is already behind the conference room’s door.

It is spring.

It can’t be helped.

Let’s just say that today’s task is complete.



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