Chapter 162 – Spring Works, Ranch Expansion, and Others

Ursa is riding a pup.

Behind her are the beastboys who are also riding Kuro’s pups and they seem to be running away.

What are they doing?


Far behind Ursa’s group, I saw a figure of an oni maid. She’s running after them elegantly even though she’s wearing a skirt.

Ursa’s group probably do some mischief and are currently escaping.

I’m surprised at the leg strength of the oni maid who’s running after them who are riding kuros and she’s actually gaining distance.

Hnn, could it be that the pups are slowing down?

It is probably because of the oni maid shouting various dishes while running after them.

To think that will work….

「You can no longer run!」

The speed of the pups fell.

The ones who are riding them, Ursa’s group, panicked but it is already too late.

They were caught.


If you do something that will get you yelled at, you’ll definitely get yelled at.

Ah, even the caretaker of the beastkins, Ramurias, came.

The beastboys completely surrender.

As for Ursa….is she still planning on running away?

What the….she was stopped by the wine slime.

Running away – failed.

The wine slime has a close relationship with the oni maids.

Ursa and the beastboys were apprehended.

I wonder what they did.

Did they eat something?

Or did they do something with the laundry….?

I hope I won’t get involved.

Presently, I’m concentrating on my job.

I plow the field using the AFT.

Compared to the past, I plow at a pretty fast pace.

Last year, in addition to Big Tree Village, I also plowed Village Two and Village Three.

With my current pace, my job will be finished sooner than planned.

Then, what should I do next?

Should I expand the Big Tree Village’s field a little?

No, but, what if I expand the ranch?

The number of cows and goats has increased.

Though they are still young, I should expand it before it became too populated.

After I finished my field work, I extended the ranch to the east by 400 meters.


Expanding something is hard work.

Animals, be careful in your new place.


I also planted carrots on the enhanced part….

The horse came.

Good intuition.

It’s good that you know what it is.

I’ll widen it a little more.

However, no matter how much you like it, do eat it until it is ready.

Since the horse came, the goats and the cows also came.

The goat is less clever than the horse.

No, it is clever but it is honest to its desire.

The horse can’t defend the carrot.

It is outnumbered by a lot.

I have no other choice.

Let’s make the carrot field outside the ranch.

Now….even if it caught the goat’s interest….they won’t be able to do anything.

Though they are clever, they are not clever enough.

They should give up.

By the way, since I made the ranch wider, I made two more drinking place.

I dig a hole the same way I dug the previous well, like a tunnel, but I made it large enough for them to be able to U-turn inside…..

The goats and cows were clogged up in the tunnel.

If it was discovered later, it would have been fatal.

After that, the hole became a forbidden area.

Though it took time and effort, I made something that they can drink at.

I cut a log vertically and scoop its inside.


However, if it is too far from the water source, putting water on them is troublesome.

Should I make a bamboo waterway here too?

No, we can just install a pump here….but how will the cows and sheeps use it….?

TN: goat is written as 山羊 while sheep is 羊. Simple typo I guess?

Let’s consult the mountain elves later.

For the time being, let’s make a simple bamboo waterway.

Next, preparing a lump of rock salt.

Salinity is necessary to animals.

We must leave something they can lick at any time they want.

It is convenient that there’s a rock salt layer if I dig the ground.

Remembering my early days, I feel like my hardship for salt is only a lie.

To think that I didn’t notice it…..

I have never seen a rock salt before and I don’t think that I’ll lick a rock to know how it will taste.

Therefore, I can’t be blamed even if I didn’t notice it.

I dig up a hole and break the rock salt layer to an appropriate size.

Then carry it.

This is something that needs hard work and can even make someone scream but with the use of AFT, it is like a walk in the park.

I’m really thankful for it.

With this, the ranch work is complete.

By the way, while I was working, the goats were charging at me from time to time. Because of that, the kuros surrounded the goats…..

Don’t stress them too much.

I gently ask the kuros to let them leave.

Normal farming is going well in Village Two and Village Three.

It seems like planting seeds and raising seedlings are successful.

Given the present condition, I ordered the mountain elves to assist with the maintenance of the water wheels since they were the ones who built them in the first place.


Every one of them is so reliable that I feel a little lonely.

No no, I should be glad that each village is doing its best.

I demanded the representatives of each village to create a work log.

Using that, if there will ever be a problem, we can easily find the root of it.

For now, it is only a record but I believe that it will be something big in the future.

I checked the bees at the fruit area.

A queen was born this year and the number of hives has increased.

Good news.

For the sake of the bees, I increased the number of flowers that the bees want near the fruit area.


A soldier bee that is protecting a hive is flying in a strange way.

Is something wrong?

Before I noticed it, several bees from each hive, a total of 100 soldier bees, gathered together. They formed a formation and headed north.

After that, one of the spiderlings runs after them.

I follow them too.

The soldier bees target is a place a little away from the village.

It was even further than the kuros defensive line.

When I arrived at that place, it was already over.

Aside from the soldier bees who came from the fruit area, there is also one flying queen bee.

On the ground, there lies a weasel.

I feel that there’s something strange about it. It long and the legs are too short.

Is it normal for its torso to bee this long?

Maa, whatever.

The soldier bees don’t seem to be injured.

Looking at the weasel, it seems like it was done in by the spiderling….

The soldier bees escorted the queen bee to the fruit area….

Isn’t it a bee that came from outside?

They are territorial, is it alright to bring it to their territory?

Won’t there be a fight?

While I was thinking so, the spiderling who took the weasel came to me.

They will not fight against each other if they have plenty of foods.

I feel like that’s what it wants to say.

I see.

Perhaps it’s right.

I returned to the fruit area and made a place for the new queen bee to build a hive at.

Let’s think about the fruit area’s expansion next time.

What do you call this, is it kickboard?

I tried making a skateboard with handle and it became popular with the children.

Making it is not difficult.

No special power required.

It is an all wood prototype.

I only adjusted the length of the handle and it is now complete.

One should ride it with one foot while his other foot will kick the ground.

Riding comfort is bad.

I guess it is a bad idea to make the tire wooden too.

I remodeled it by putting rubber tires.

Good, it became easier to ride at because of the rubber’s elasticity.

The problem is the ground.

The village’s soil will harden again eventually after being plowed once.

There are a few places where the kickboard can be used.

Should they be used indoor?

It might cause an accident if a carpet gets caught in its wheels.


Let’s put the kickboard on the shelf.

I made a trolley similar to those used in restaurants to carry food.

I don’t know what it is called.

Thinking of what I learned from the kickboard, I made the wheel bigger so that the carpet won’t get caught.

As for the part you can put the luggage at, there are only the top and the bottom.

It looks like a big ロ with four wheels.

I think this is complete.

I passed it to the oni maids.

「A wagon.」

The name of the trolley is wagon.

I had the oni maids use it and if there’s no problem, I’ll decorate it.

TN: Don’t believe them. It is called a service cart.

At a later date.

「The wagon ish interesting.」

Ursa, that’s not something to ride at.

Also, why are you holding the kickboard?

I should have kept it in the workshop.

Ursa skillfully used the wagon and the kickboard to run away.

I think not giving her dessert after dinner is a good punishment.



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