Chapter 163 – A Happy Event and Fushu’s Reward

The old Loo spent her day on her junior high school form and night on her adult form.

However, ever since she gave birth, she’s always on her adult form now.

When I asked her why….she said so that our son can easily remember how she looks like.

That makes sense.

If she’s constantly changing every time he met her, our son will be confused.

Loo really cares about our son.

She was uneasy in a lot of things ever since she got pregnant.

She even admitted herself that she wouldn’t have done it all without the oni maid’s help.

I’m also thankful of them.

I’m also not sure if I’m doing enough as a father.

I can still remember the time when she got pregnant with my first child….

「Leave it to your wife.」

「Ask your wife what she wants.」

「Don’t go against your wife.」

Those are Doraim, Beezel, and Gulf’s advice.

They are not helpful.

Then I remember the couple who recently settled her in the village, I spoke with the beastkin Gutt….it seems like they were separated for a long time and he only recently saw his daughter.

It seems like he’s struggling as a father like me.

Let’s drink and talk with each other later.

No, I’m not being troubled with our relationship.

No no, I’m only thinking about Alfred’s education.


I’ll leave it to you.

In front of her child, a woman is a mother.


I will not give up.

I am a father.

I spoke with Tier for a moment….no, I’m only concerned about Tiselle….

I think the advice of the other guys earlier are correct….

I’m starting to worry as a father because of Ursa’s recent actions.

When Alfred and Tiselle grow up, will they act violently too? I’m uneasy.

When the beastboys first came to this village, they were quite mature. However, they are recently getting scolded together with Ursa.

I didn’t expect that they’ll start to neglect their duties…..

However, they are smiling better now compared to before.


Currently, Ursa is riding Zabuton.

Gutt’s daughter, Nutt, is also with her.

It seems like they want her to obey them like the kuros.

But Zabuton is smart so there’s no way that she’ll act violently….


Zabuton used her legs to put Ursa and Nutt, who are riding her, in front of me.

Is she thinking that I’m angry and them?

Suddenly, Zabuton moved four of her forelegs at a great speed.

Ursa and Nutt’s clothes disappeared simultaneously. I thought that I’ll see them in their underwear but they are currently wearing a beautiful dress.

It is a beautiful dress full of frills and ribbons.

The two of them were surprised.

Zabuton nodded as she finished making those dresses. She raised her leg and left.

Ursa and Nutt stayed where they are.

The oni maid who is looking for the two of them approached us but the two are quiet.

I see.

They are girls.

When they are wearing beautiful clothes, they will act accordingly.

Zabuton is really reliable.

While I was thinking of that, the oni maid made a dull scream.

When I tried to look at her, I saw her lying on the ground.


What happened?

I ran to her.

Both Ursa and Nutt are flustered.

The oni maid is lying on the ground face down….she doesn’t seem to be unconscious.

It seems like she’s enduring pain.

Is she alright?

「I-I’m, alright……but….I need Flora-sama’s healing magic desu.」

While I was thinking about what happened, I suddenly noticed it.

Nutt is walking normally.

Ursa is walking slowly like an adult.

It seems like the oni maid tried to carry Ursa.

Ursa is so heavy that even the oni maid was not able to carry her.

No, Ursa is not heavy but the clothes she’s wearing.

I see.

So that is the reason why Ursa seems to be obedient.

That’s right.

Ursa did not become quiet because she’s wearing beautiful clothes.

There are two surprising points.

The first one is the fluffy looking but heavy dress.

And the calm Ursa wearing that dress.

It is not impossible for her to run….

In my head, a certain training scene from a certain manga comes out.

If she lives while wearing this dress….won’t she be amazing ones she took it off?

By the way, when ancestor-san introduced Ursa to me, he told me that she has various skills….

Let’s not think about it.

Nutt’s clothes seem to be normal.


「You too looks good in those beautiful clothes.」

I know that words that are forbidden to tell these children.

I carried the oni maid and headed to Flora’s place.

At a later date.

I shuddered at Ursa who’s wearing that heavy clothes while running normally.

Ehto….don’t ride the kuros while wearing that dress.

The horse too.

I asked Zabuton to reduce the weight of that dress to normal.

Or else it will greatly damage the surroundings.

A happy event.

We found out that Hakuren is pregnant.

We’ve been doing it so it is only natural.

Let’s celebrate.

I want to celebrate but I have one question.

How does a dragon give birth?

Speaking of dragons, I can only imagine egg….

I asked Doraim before. He told me that if one got pregnant in her dragon form, she’ll lay an egg.

If a dragon got pregnant in her human form, she’ll give birth like a normal human.

I see.

However, if a dragon got pregnant, she must assume her form until her childbirth. It is something important and must be kept in mind.

In short, Hakuren must not transform into a dragon now, right? I tried consulting Rasuti.

Rasuti also doesn’t know much about a dragon’s pregnancy so she called Doraim.

「Aneue, congratulations.」

「Thank you. You know what to do?」

「Hahaha. I’ll contact father at once….」

「If you do that, he’ll probably stay here and celebrate until I I give birth.」

「…..that’s possible.」

「Contact mother first. After that, contact father after a few days. Be sure to not notify others.」

「Understood, how about to my wife?」

「I don’t mind. Just don’t let it spread.」

「Yes, shall I send someone to guard you?」

「I will not leave this village so you don’t have to. Rasuti is also here.」

「Understood, let me know if you need anything else.」

「Yes, I’ll rely on you.」

After that, we were visited by dragons for the next few days.

Raimeiren, Domaim, Kwon, Suiren, Maxbergak, Herzenark, Sekiren, and Kworun.

「Where’s Dors?」

「Mother strictly ordered father to not come here.」

Sekiren told me so.

「I see….did he run wild before?」

It seems like he did when Rasuti and Helze were born.

So that’s how it is.

Thank you Raimeiren.

However, they are worried that we will be attacked if they did not send guards.

It seems like even the party who served a dragon can be attacked by the pregnant dragon since a pregnant dragon is ill-tempered. It is necessary to protect everyone.


Wait a minute, can you show me that guard list?

I need to be prepared in case of an emergency.

Hora, it seems like Rasuti agrees with me.

There are two names on the guard list.

Raimeiren and Grafaloon.

Dors’ wife and Doraim’s wife.

It looks like only a dragon can hold down a dragon.

I see.

Hakuren declines but once I verify the sign, I’ll immediately call for one.

While we are feeling festive, Fushu’s reward has arrived.

Ten pairs of male and female couples, a total of 20 people.

Village One’s migrants.

With Fushu on the lead, they are being accompanied by 11 other guards.

I want everyone to meet them…..

The ones who’ll migrate are ordinary people so don’t think it is good for the kuros and the spiders to meet them now.

I think that I should not hide anyone but it is saddening for them to be feared.

Ah, Raimeiren’s group are with Hakuren…..

Hakuren, you don’t have to force yourself to greet them.

What’s this?

Half of the guards already fainted before we greet them.

Were they exhausted?

They were also surprised when they saw the high elf Ria and the lizardman Daga.

One of them also fainted because the cat and Ursa suddenly appeared….

Bring them to the inn and let them sleep….

Fushu bowed on behalf of the group.

「For accepting their migration, thank you very much.」

She said that though they are her reward for us making medicine for her.

It seems like there are various troublesome circumstances.

The representative of the migrants moved beside Fushu and lowered his head.

「Pl-please take care of us from now on.」

A very normal man.

The woman who seems to be his wife looks very normal too.

Why did they decide to migrate here? I want to know….

「Likewise. Nice to meet you too.」

I’ll have them rest in the inn first before guiding them to Village One.

The guards look really tired.

Yeah, they’ve been busy for sure.



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