Chapter 164 –Fushu’s Reward Preparation

My name is Fushu.

I am a high priestess of the Korin Religion.

With the blessing given by god, I was able to use healing magic.

I was not able to cure my son’s illness though….

However, there was a miracle.

I was able to meet the world-renowned Lulushi-sama. She’s a vampire that is known to be one of the world’s best pharmacists.

In addition, the materials needed to create my son’s medicine is also available. How fortunate of us.

This must be due to the god of creation’s guidance.

Thank you very much.

If they’ll be able to make the medicine, my son’s illness will surely be cured.

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Today, I’m preparing to give my thanks for the miracle.

Thank you, god of creation. Lulushi-sama and Flora-sama actually made the medicine.

Furthermore, I have to reward the people of the village who cooperated with us.

If I’m allowed, I’m even willing to abandon my position and migrate to the village with my family and do our best for the village….

Unfortunately, I can’t do that.

I am too indebted to the Korin Religion.

I haven’t pay it back yet.

However, I surely can, one day.


Returning to the topic, my thanks will be meaningless if it won’t please the other party.

I have to give something suitable.

However, I don’t know what will make Lulushi-sama, Flora-sama, and the villagers happy.

Because of that, I should ask them in a straightforward manner.

I really want to give something back so say anything you want.

Fortunately, my house is wealthy.

I will do my best even if it is something unreasonable.

No matter what they want, even a title…..No, I should not.

I’m sure they’ll only get annoyed with something like a title.

I already failed just by thinking ahead….

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After asking them, Lulushi-sama and the villagers said that they want people.

For a moment, I thought that they’ll be sacrificed but when they told me the details, they said that they want new inhabitants, in short, migrants.

The migrants will be given a house to live in and field to plow and they’ll also be looked after until they get the gist of the life here.

Furthermore, if they don’t want to farm, they won’t mind you doing another job.

I see.

Those conditions are favorable.

I must not the mistake of them finding new residents from getting laborers.

No, I mean, of course, they are expected to work as well.

However, since it is about a new generation of villagers, I must do my best to bring people who won’t embarrass me.

In other words….

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「We won’t send slaves?」

「We won’t.」

I rejected my subordinate’s proposal.

Even if the person doesn’t want to be a slave, there is a reason for him being a slave.

Most common reasons are crimes and debts.

Can I let those kind of people migrate to the village?

That will be considered as harassment.

They’ll only bring trouble to that gentle village.

That is unacceptable.

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The ideal thing to do is to have a family living in a village migrate there.

However, that is quite difficult.

If they are already living normally in a certain place, why would they need to migrate?

I already tried to talk to people but all of them refused.

I even explain them politely so why?

「That’s something expected. How about hiding the migrants the destination?」

「Migrating them to the forest of death is the same as sentencing them to death.」

The forest of death.

It is a synonym for a horrible place.

However, when I went there, I didn’t think that it was a bad place….

「It is because Fushu-sama is strong desuyo.」

「If it was us, we’re probably dead at the first hour.」

「I don’t think that anyone will believe that there is really a village in the middle of that forest….are you sure it is not somewhere else?」

Searching for migrants is difficult.

I can’t do it by myself I asked the help of my capable subordinates but… is still not going anywhere.

But I will not give up.

Compared to the trouble of finding my son’s medicine, this is simple.

I will find excellent migrants!

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Humans, if one keeps being refused, his heart will crumble.

A considerable feeling of despair.

I’m already thinking of sending another kind of reward.


I can’t withhold my reward for too long.

I spoke with religion leader-sama and next spring is the limit.

It is autumn now.

What should I do……

When I was suffering thinking of what to do, one of my subordinates suggested something to me.

「If you’re thinking about migrants, how about the young boys in the back street?」


Backstreet boys.

TN: Should be “neighborhood boys” but backstreet boys sounds better. 🙂

There is an easier to understand term to call them….orphans.

Though Korin Religion has a lot of orphanages that are accepting orphans, there are still too many of them.

Therefore, Korin Religion created an organization for those children who were not able to enter the orphanage. They are living there.

That said, the backstreet boys are gentle…

「You will be given a house and a field. Would you like to migrate?」

Perhaps they might…..

Though I’m not looking down on the backstreet boys, their common sense and farming experience is doubtful.

Won’t that be a problem as migrants?

「Regarding that concern, it might be a good idea to educate them now.」

Yes, right now….

「It will be possible to educate them in this short period before the spring if we do it with everything we have.」


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I gather them all.

There is a condition that they must be a couple and they are going steady.

Ten pairs of male and female couples, the 20 of them are in front of me.

Most of them are on their mid-teens.

Every one of them looks shabby…..and look frightened.


Why are they frightened?

「A-are you Fushu? The one who is asking for a young child’s liver to cure her son…..」

The boy who seems to be the leader comes out in front as if to protect the others.

「I-I I don’t care whatever happens to me but, let the others go.」


I heard that bad rumors about me have spread but….

「Insolent! I won’t ask for your liver. Didn’t someone talked to you about migration?」

I gave a strict order to my subordinates to explain properly. Did they not do it?

「Didn’t you come here after hearing about it?」

「The one that says that if we try to escape, you will massacre everyone living in the city….」

「That we must not go against the manhunt of Fushu….」

Everyone behind the leader started crying.


Find out the person who spread that rumor and bring him to me.

After ordering that to my subordinates, I smiled to the youths before me.

「We are talking about normal migration.」

「Then, why…..why did you gather the same number of male and females? Isn’t it to use the newly born baby as material?」

For god’s sake, the one in front of you is a high priestess of the Korin Religion….

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It took me five days to convince them that the migration talk is true.

I regretted to have the migration destination a secret.

I did it because of my subordinate’s suggestion but….

It’s really not such a bad place.

Anyway, their education is starting.

We taught them how to read and write, general knowledge, and vocational training.

While they are doing that, we provide them with food, clothing, and shelter.

I also took part with their problem consultation.

It seems like while doing that, they opened up their hearts to me.

At least they don’t look at me with frightened eyes anymore.

If you work hard enough, you will become excellent migrant when the spring comes.

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A problem was discovered.

「Is that true?」

「Yes. There is no mistake. The proof is on his right arm.」


It seems like one of the 20 is an illegitimate child of a noble.

If you keep silent…, it is not good to have a seed of trouble among the migrants that I will pass as a reward.

I must understand the situation first before taking action.

First of all, the person in question….that child.

Call him to meet me.

「It turns out that you are a kin of a noble. What will you do? Do you want my support to return to your noble house?」

「…..I know that I’m a son of a noble. My mother told me that before she died…. However, I’m not interested. Also, if I’ll ever return to that noble house I want to be….with her….」

Indeed. It is impossible for him to take her to the noble’s house.

「Then, about your noble blood?」

「I’m not interested. Please migrate me like planned.」

「Understood. From now on, you are an ordinary commoner, are you okay with it?」

「Yes, I have always been a commoner.」


With this, the problem was solved.

I ordered my men.

Destroy that noble house.

Fortunately, the reputation of that noble is the worst.


He is a backstreet boy because he is an orphan and no one reach out to him.

I only need to cut down the root.

With this, he will be a commoner in both name and reality.

Ah, don’t forget to take care of the re-employment of the decent individuals who served that noble’s house.


There are two others who were son and daughter of nobles?

There’s evidence too?



Let me talk to them.

Several problem nobles were destroyed but that’s nothing since they are only low nobles.

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Another problem was discovered.

In addition, it is on a whole new level compared to being an illegitimate child of a noble.

One of the girls is a blood relative of the king of a neighboring country.

How did that happen? It seems like her family escaped at the time of the succession war more than ten years ago.

There is surely a record about her.

A record about her hair color, eye color, where does she have moles….. especially the crest of the royal family on her buttocks.

I’m sure that nobles know rumors regarding her.


Perfect desu.


Ah, mou.

Why do I have all these problems….

Moreover, that girl is the most excellent among them….

Neighboring country.

Can I crush it?

Of course not.

I can’t do it before the spring.


How about totally swapping the royal family’s bloodline? That won’t take much time.

I have to stage a coup d ‘etat and remove the present royal bloodline….should I really do that?

It will be a problem if it was pinpointed that she’s the younger sister of the king.



It is fortunate that the king of the neighboring country is an annoying tyrant.


Okay, let’s do it.



If the royal bloodline change, another child will be involved?

Not another but multiple?

That neighboring country, is it a country that throws child like it was nothing….

It should be cut down to its root.

It will be for the good of everyone.

Let’s do it!

If we can crush them before spring, all is fine.

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Another country was involved so it became troublesome but I managed to do something somehow.

Currently, two neighboring countries have been reborn as a new kingdom…..

That’s a trivial matter.

Korin Religion has the support of the people.

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Spring has come.

I also officially married the 20 men and women in front of me.

It is their reward for trying hard until today.

They are thanking me while shedding tears.

I’m crying too.

It was really hard.

While solving the issue about the royal family bloodline, a thief group that is searching for the descendant of a legendary thief appeared.

They thought that the descendant must have information about the location of the treasure of the legendary thief.

I crushed the thief group and found the treasure.

Of course, it was donated to Korin Religion.

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After that is over, a dubious religious group attacked. This time, it is because of a certain holy sword lying dormant on someone’s body.

Though it was just a small group of weak people, they were still able to invade the headquarters of the Korin Religion.

I acknowledge your courage.

However, that’s all there is.

We captured all of their members and have them convert.

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Wait, there’s more.

A bonbon noble appeared and said that he fell in love at first sight because of how beautiful she is.

TN: Bonbon means a “green young man from a well-to-do family” in kansai dialect.

Of course, I thought that bonbon noble the harshness of the world.

If you have been good, I’m sure you can manage even if you are now penniless.

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Again, I looked at the ten pairs of men and women.

Relative of nobles – three.

Relative of royal family – six.

Relative of legendary thief – one.

With holy sword in his body – one.

Relative of an underground boss – one.

Half fairy half human – one.

Half beastkin half human – two.

Ran away from a good house – two.

With dragon scales on his back – one.

With suspicious pattern on his chest – one.

Nothing unusual – one.

TN: All of these are supposed to be gender neutral.

The last one is the most doubtful but we can’t find anything no matter how much we investigate.

He is your usual normal person.

He is their leader.

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Anyway, every one of them is an ordinary person from now on.

I can proudly say that.

There are no more problems.

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So, shall we go?

To the place where you’ll live.

Where is it?

Eh-ehto…..I don’t want to spoil the fun.

It is alright desu.

It has a fence that makes it unaffected by any influence.

Please do your best there.

TN: Somone sent this to me claiming that it is Fushu. This scene is probably during the martial arts festival when ancestor-sama introduce her to the villagers.



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