Chapter 165 – O’Brien

My name is O’Brien.

I’ll be a 30-year-old ossan this year.

I came from a poor family.

Therefore, I sometimes pass through the dark side of the dark alley but I have never done something serious that can be considered as a criminal offense.

I guess my parents are good at teaching.

I thought that they were annoying when I was young but now, I can only express my gratitude.

I work as a warrior priest.

Hearing warrior priest, normal people will think that it is a warrior that can use healing magic.

Unfortunately, I can’t use healing magic.

I’m a Korin Religion believer though.

To put it simply, I am a warrior affiRiated with Korin Religion.

As for my skill….I am not the best but I’m proud to say that I’m an elite.

Though I said that…’s not like I overcome every crisis I encountered with power alone.

Depending on the circumstances, I also use wisdom. I run away if there is an enemy that I can’t defeat.

Fortunately, I have this one weapon.

It is not the fine long sword on my waist.

It is my eyes.

I have special eyes called “eyes of the weak”.

My eyes can see the power level of an opponent.

Even though I said that I can see, I can only sense it.

It would be great if I can see color or numerical value but the world is never a convenient place.

Even so, thanks to these eyes, I still have my life.

That’s why I put a great deal of trust in my eyes.

I properly wash it in the morning and in the evening in order for it to stay healthy.

Nevertheless, now, I feel like I can no longer trust my eyes.

The story begins three days ago.

I was able to complete a big job so I was scheduled for a long vacation.

However, I know that if I only lay on my bed on my entire vacation, it will only be a waste of time.

It is normal to train diligently or take a private job on times like that.

Fortunately or not, I was asked personally by a higher up to take a job that day.

I am a warrior priest of the Korin Religion.

That higher up is obviously a Korin Religion official.

Since the payment is not bad, I obediently went to ask details.

I regretted it on that very day.

The employer is one of the Korin Religion Priest.

That’s good.

As for the content of the request….

It is to help Fushu, a high priestess of the Korin Religion.

The job detail is to escort a certain group to somewhere.

That’s also good.

The problem is the secret request of the client.

I am requested to monitor Fushu’s action.


That evil Fushu.

She’s a super important person and it is no exaggeration if I say that everyone knows her.

Moreover, evil Fushu is the head of Korin Religion’s largest military force.

She’s someone I know I can’t win against even without using my “eyes of the weak”.

Monitor her?

Is this some kind of punishment game?

Why did you even choose me for this job?

「O’Brien-kun, it is because of your eyes.」

I froze upon hearing my client’s words.

I didn’t tell anyone about my eyes….

「What? It is not like you’re going to do anything bad. You’ll only help high priestess Fushu. This will also be considered as a test to your ability at the same time.」

The so-called request is not something I can decline.

I undertook the request while enduring to sigh.

Fushu’s job is simple.

We will escort 20 people to a certain location.

She will have someone use teleportation magic and everyone will be blindfolded in order to cut off information leak.

Even if I have my eyes, there’s nothing I can do if I can’t see anything.

I obediently wear it.

However, teleportation magic?

Those who can use teleportation magic are extremely rare.

We might have been blindfolded in order to reduce the danger of the caster to be targeted….

Are the people we guarding so important that the use of teleportation magic is necessary?

Why do they look like they came from a normal family though?

There are 10 more guards other than me.

In addition, Fushu will also be coming with us.

Where are we going….

When were we told that we can take off our blindfold, I noticed that we’re already at a forest.

There is also a field…..and a village.


There is a strangely big mansion.

I can even see it even though I’m here.

Is it a noble’s villa or something?

I check the surroundings.


The twenty people we are escorting are commoners.

It looks like there’s someone who can fight too but….even if they all ganged up, they can’t be considered as my opponent.

As for the other guards….

There are 10 of them but I don’t want to fight against any of them.

Everyone is as strong as me? No, they are stronger than me.

But there’s someone who stands out.


Even if the 10 other guards and me ganged up on her, we will not win.


The same judgment before our departure.

My eyes are working normally.

I thought that there will be an aftereffect of being blindfolded.

It doesn’t look like there is.

In other words…..

My eyes screaming at the forest upon laying on it… a correct judgment.

I’m sorry.

For doubting you.

I will fully trust you.

However, it seems like an ordinary forest ……

What is the problem with it?

Fushu begins walking towards the village while I’m trying to put up the pieces of the puzzle.

A villager greeted us.

It’s an angel.

That’s unusual.

Moreover, just looking at her equipment, she’s a fighter.

She greets Fushu while smiling.

Fushu is great.

That person is many times stronger than her.

I did not think that there was someone that exceeded Fushu strength that much.

Maa, should it be expected from an angel?

This is a village of monsters.

High elf?

Elder dwarf?





And even centaur?

And what are those elves with a different color?


They are at the same level as that angel earlier.

Fushu looks like an ordinary person in comparison.

This is seriously dangerous.

Since there are high elves here, is this the infamous forest of death?

The human untrodden ground.

Why did we come to this place?

We went here escorting those people.

Are they sacrifice or something?

Why did I become a part of this?

Did my client want me to uncover this?

More dangerous individuals came.

Much more stronger than the angel we first saw….

The woman standing on the side is the same….

Ah, a vampire.

I have seen her when I was still a child.


Is this her residence?

So the vampire’s base is in the forest of death…..

My eyes suddenly refused to look.



This reaction….I can’t look at her even if I force myself.

She’s not an ordinary woman.

That horn and tail….a dragon.

It seems like my eyes managed to look at her because I forced myself to do so.

Next to that dragon lady is a much more stronger woman.

How is that possible?

Is she a dragon too?

That woman.

… eyes told me to not approach that woman.

Nevertheless, there is a man besides that woman….who is he?

Village chief?

The owner of that big mansion?


Then, Lulushi is…..

No, the dragon is stronger than Lulushi…

I’m already panicking.

What is this….

What is happening…..I can’t see the village chief’s power.

A normal man?

No, wait….I feel a god.

Where is it coming from?

Is it from the village chief?

Have my eyes gone wrong?

Or I can’t measure his power?


Probably no.

It seems like my eyes are completely broken.

The god I sensed is just a clever cat.

In order not to lose my mind, I’ll obediently follow orders.

When I came back, I sent a letter saying that my work was over.

When I was asked by my client, I just answered that it will be better not to get involve.

I’m sure he will not believe it even if I say it.


I don’t need it.

I am a good-for-nothing.

Though I was asked to escort 20 people away, it is not a bad deed.

I still have my conscience.

Anyway, there was something I saw that made me faint.

A girl appeared while riding a jet black wolf.

It is the golden brave.

The great brave.

If she is there, there is no way that that place is an evil place.

I never thought that I would see the legendary great brave Urbraza.

I started training with my sword.

Though I might not be able to use what I forge myself to until I die…..

If she leads an army, I will make sure I’m part of it.



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