Chapter 166 – Migrants and Dors

20 newly arrived men and women.

Since they are already each other’s partner, they will not be involved in any love affair.

I am thankful on that aspect.

Anyway, let’s have them rest at the inn first.

They look tired.

A lot of them even fainted.

Though it looks like they fainted because of fear….

I admit that they will probably find it hard to adjust.

However, since they migrated, they must get used to it.

We had a welcome banquet with the hall in the first floor of the inn as the venue.

Fushu’s group were also invited but it seems like they need to return home immediately.

Being a church higher-up surely is hard work.

Is the person with them who fainted alright?

Ah, ancestor-san was the one who sent them back.

The guards were blindfolded…..they are low ranking so they probably don’t have the right to meet ancestor-san.

I didn’t only give Fushu souvenirs but the guards too.

I want them to enjoy something on their own.

It seems like ancestor-san also has to go back with them.

Something might have happened.

I also give ancestor-san souvenirs.

Ah, you want more alcohol?

Here you go.

The welcome banquet… all started with calming down the migrants who were shaking while lining up for the food.

They thought that this is their last supper.

Because the dishes look too good!

Look, the others are eating them too.

No, there’s no such ingredients added in any of those.

The kuros are not scary.

You can even try patting their head and if you want, their stomach too….

How about trying to pet the spiders too?


You can’t?

Don’t just give up.

You’re scared of the high elves?

What’s scary about them?

Man Eater?

What is that?

「Don’t worry, it’s only a misunderstanding.」

Ria persuades them on my behalf.

It seems like rumors like that spread because of some high elves doing.

「We certainly won’t victimize weak guys.」

That last statement is unnecessary.

The migrants which have already calmed down got frightened again.

This is tiring.

Once they started eating, they felt better since they are all delicious.

They have good manners and seem to be good people too.

To think that they’ are all acting like a scaredy cat until a while ago.

Ehto, Loo?

What are you doing?

Loo is trying to take one of the migrants away.



Is she sick?

The husband is concerned.

「Her sickness is not life-threatening but the sooner it is treated, the better.」

「What kind of disease does she has?」

「Ehto….that’s hard to say.」

I-is that so?

In other words, something that is hard to tell to a man…..

「The treatment will end immediately.」

Loo said so as she took her to another room.

Why is Ursa with them?

The treatment ended quickly.

It was really quick.

After going into the room, it didn’t even take one minute.

Did she cast treatment magic?

The girl who she said that is sick certainly looks better than before.

Her husband is also pleased no, really happy.

By the way, what is that expensive looking sword that Ursa is holding?

If you’re going to give her a toy, at least give her something for girls.

A doll perhaps.

When I think of that, the clay doll suddenly pops up on my mind.

She has that.

That clay doll also acts as a gatekeeper in Ursa’s room.

Gatekeeper? Or room keeper?

It is working hard even though it is small.

That’s good but I want Ursa to learn how to put her room in order herself.

I don’t want it to do everything, I want Ursa to do it.

But I guess it’s alright.

It will follow her until till death.



Is the alcohol already taking effect?

I neglected the migrants and ended up thinking about the clay doll.

Looking at the migrants….

They seem alright.

There are half beastkins half humans in the migrants and they are talking with Mr. and Mrs. Gutt.

Frau and the civil servant girls are speaking with those who have noble auras.

Some are talking with the dwarves about alcohol and some are talking with the oni maids about cooking….

There is this one migrant girl who seems to can’t fit anywhere.

Is she concerned about what she’ll do from now on?

Ah, something happened over there.

…….at the direction of my residence.

No, I think it’s on the ranch.

「This dragon is worried about her daughter.」

It was Dors who answered my question.



「Is it strange for me to celebrate my daughter’s pregnancy?」

「No, I thought that Raimeiren forbid you to come here?」

「That’s why I won’t let them see me. I’ll just watch her from afar. Let’s continue this talk later….that girl is a dragon shrine maiden.」

「Dragon shrine maiden?」

「To put it simply, she’s a descendant of a family who drank dragon blood. Their role is to mediate for us.」

「Mediate….? But you can be talk to even without them, right?」

I’m currently doing that.

「Don’t mind the details but there was someone with that role in the past. I thought that they were already extinct but it seems like I’m wrong….」

「I see. By the way, if you are worried about Hakuren, shouldn’t you be at my mansion?」

Hakuren did not participate in the welcome banquet and is presently at the mansion.

It is because I would like her to celebrate her pregnancy calmly with Raimeiren.

To be honest, if Hakuren participates in the banquet, the other dragons will participate too so the migrants will surely be not in the mood for celebration.

「If you are really worried about Hakuren, why are you here with me?」

Shouldn’t you be closer?

「I’m using you as a blocker. Look.」

At the same time Dors has finished speaking, the daughter he’s so concerned about at the mansion suddenly looked at our direction.


「I see」

I finally understood my role as a blocker.

Though the daughter he’s so concerned about is at the mansion, someone else is also with her.

「By the way, why is it that the shrine maiden of dragon has the role of a mediator?」

「Ah….If I’m not mistaken, their singing voice has a calming effect on dragon’s anger.」

「You’re not sure…」

「She’s the second person I met. The first one is…..about a hundred years ago?」

「Will it be dangerous for her?」

「I’m not sure.」

「Is there anything you are sure about the shrine maiden?」

「I don’t. Well, the girl should have dragon scales on her body….it should be small size scales.」

「Won’t that be a hindrance for the girl?」

「It increases her defensive power.」

「I see, increasing the defensive capability of a normal person.」

However, descendant of those who drank blood…..

「Ah, don’t mind that. It is only a legend. They did not really drink blood.」


「If eating us up can power someone up, we will be eaten.」


If you can power up just by eating, there will probably someone who’ll do anything to eat it.

Especially given the strength of the dragons.

I can already imagine the flock of humans.

「You should leave that girl alone. I feel like if you tell her how she means to dragons, she’ll only get confused. Let her get used to things first.」

I should take my time before explaining her about dragon shrine maidens.

「Enough with the dragon shrine maiden….」

Dors clears his throat and looks at me again.

「Making Hakuren pregnant, you did well.」

TN: Best father-in-law award goes to…

I’m somewhat embarrassed.

However, does that mean that….

Dors will be my father in law?

「Hereafter, I entrust you my daughter.」

Seeing Dors’ father-like smile, I smile back.

「Leave her to me.」

「Hahaha, well, if possible, I also want to ask….」

Dors’ face suddenly cramped. Behind him, Raimeiren in her human form is standing.

Perhaps we were already noticed when he used me as a blocker earlier.

Father in law is important but mother in law is important as well.

I can only wave while looking at the smiling Raimeiren drag Dors.

Because of that, I head towards the mansion….I guess there is nothing he won’t do to see Hakuren.

It seems like he rampages later because of happiness.

The welcome banquet is also a chance to know each other.

Especially for this group of migrants who are still unsure about their future.

They eat a lot but drink a little.

Though there is also someone who was unable to refrain from drinking….

They are trying to gain information by talking about various things with everyone.

The main content is….human relations.

Who is the top, who shouldn’t be offended, who should they rely on.

The people being asked are not only giving them information but are also trying to draw personal information from the migrants.

Whether it is working well or not, I think this is a successful welcome banquet.

The girl who was anxious about dragons was not able to concentrate on the banquet so she drinks alcohol….she’s a happy drunk.

Did she use alcohol to escape?

As Dors said so, she’ll eventually get used to it. I hope she’ll do her best to get used to it.

Well, by the way, though, what….

「Then, who are the people we can count on?」

「Loo-san, Tier-san, Flora-san, Frau-san…..should be them. The easiest to speak with is Frau-san.」

「I see.」


My name did not come up to the list of people who can be relied on, why?

No, it’s not like I don’t want them to say my name but I’m the village chief.

Do they think that I can’t be relied on?

It’s not like I’m waiting to be praised but shouldn’t they praise me for being reliable even a little?

After listening to them for a while, my alcohol consumption increased.

The clay doll is trying to comfort me.

Thank you.



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