Chapter 167 – Verification and Migration

I’ll have the migrants migrate to Village One.

But there are problems, who will be their caretaker and how should I treat the nyunyu-daphnes who had been managing Village One up to now.

Because of that, we are discussing things first before finally letting them migrate.

There are four people, including me, who are participating in this discussion.

The nyunyu-daphne’s representative, Igu is also there.

She’s in her tree stump form.

The nyunyu-daphne’s caretaker, the beastkin Mamu is here too.

And for some reason, the wine slime is sitting in one of the chairs of the conference room.

I was troubled at first if I should count it in or not but I thought that I should count it in because it would look like I discriminated against it if I only said three.

I’m saying that we are discussing things but this is basically us listening to Igu’s demand.

I also want to do it this way.

I would like to hear her side and how she feels about it.

By the way, the wine slime got tired halfway and fell asleep.

And now we went to where the migrants are.

I want them to know what will happen from now on.

This will be the time where they can ask all their question.

We are currently on the first floor of the inn. At the hall where we conducted a welcome banquet.

The participants are me, Igu, Mamu, and the twenty migrants.

I hope that all of them will participate and not just their leader.

Perhaps thinking about their future will encourage them to talk.

We’re are not going to hide anything so any question is permitted.

We started by introducing ourselves to each other again.

「I think that you are already informed by some people at the welcome banquet yesterday. You will all live in Village One which is located west of this village.」

The main speaker is Mamu.

I intended to be the one but I was told to back down with a smile.

「There are a lot of vacant houses in Village One and we can give each family a house of their own.」

Hearing Mamu, the migrants gave out voices of admirations.

「The nyunyu-daphnes are already living in Village One and in fact, they are the ones who are managing the village. Although their role was supposed to end after migrants arrived, the twenty of you are too few so it was decided that the nyunyu-daphnes will continue to live there like before.」

「Ehto….does that mean that they will be living together with us?」

One of the migrants raises his hand and asked that question.

「The nyunyu-daphne is a race very different from humans so it can’t be consider that you’ll be living together with them. To put it simply, they prefer living outdoor rather than living in a house.」

「My apologies but I don’t get it.」

The person who asked the question answered bashfully.

Though they have surely met demi-humans, the nyunyu-daphne is a rare race.

「I’m sorry. Then, do you know what is a chicken?」


「How about a cow?」

「Of course」

「Then, in a ranch, where do they pasture the chickens and where do they pasture the cows?」

Will this kind of explanation be easier to understand?

「At the same place. The cow will do its business and the chicken will do its.」

Oh, it seems like he understood.


「Right, but the cow stays as a cow and a chicken is still a chicken. They are of a different species so their lifestyles are different. Please become good neighbors.」

Hearing Mamu, some migrants replied as if they understood her while some stayed loss.

「I will be your caretaker….To put it simply, if you have any request or dissatisfaction, you can tell them to me. I will take care of it. My best regards.」

When Mamu bows, the migrants bow too.

When I was still thinking about who should be their caretaker, Mamu volunteered.

They’ll be living in the same village so she would like to take charge of this group of migrants.

The nyunyu-daphne Igu supported her so I approved.

「For the time being, we will supply you food but….can you cook?」

Hearing Mamu’s question, the migrants were confused.

When asked why, they said that they can cook but they don’t understand why there are a lot of ingredients. In short, they don’t know how to cook.

「I understand. We’ll have someone to teach you. Village chief」

It has become a discussion of how many oni maid or high elf we can lend them.

Though the nyunyu-daphnes eat cooked foods, they don’t cook.

「Then, please live together with them. So, who is going to be your representative?」

Mamu keeps advancing one issue at a time.

It took us some time.

「Now, that will be all. Any questions?」


The leader raises his hand.

「We now have a general understanding about the life in the village. However, what kind of work should we do?」

「Although we want you to farm, I don’t think that all of you has aptitude to farming.」

We haven’t heard from Fushu if the people she brought are farmers.

「It will be up to you to decide what you want to do….you have until next spring to do that, I think」

「Depending on what we’ll decide to do, are we going to be driven out of the village?」

「We won’t do such a thing…..won’t we?」

Mamu looked at me.

I did not reply.

However, being a NEET is a problem.

He, who does not work, does not eat.

「Don’t think about it too much. Prioritize getting used to life here this year.」

After being asked by some more questions, the meeting has ended.

However, we did not disperse.

They still need to migrate to Village One.

Migrating to Village One.

There is quite a distance between there and here.

It takes time to go on foot.

In addition, the migrants have luggage.

I told Fushu that furnitures, tablewares, cooking utensils, etc. will be prepared here but they still have to bring change of clothes.

It seems like they feel intimidated with me walking with them.

The problem now is transportation.

I was thinking of requesting Rasuti to carry them but it was rejected by Mamu.

They need to sense the distance between Village One and Big Tree Village.

There appeared a horse-drawn carriage.

Though the carriage with suspension was returned to Michael-san last winter, there are three new carriages brought into the village.

They are already modified and suspension is already installed. They should have been sent back to Michael-san but Hakuren’s pregnancy was discovered so we were not able to.

Are we going to use those carriages?

No no, we shouldn’t use things that are about to be delivered selfishly.

Looking at the carriage we will use, it is the original work of the mountain elves.

It might not look like it but it has been remodeled a lot like increasing its sturdiness and making it lighter.

However, the suspension that was used was not the one that Michael-san requested, it is using leaf spring.

Leaf spring is a board made of elastic wood.

That thing technically exists but they didn’t use that in Michael-san’s carriage.

They use magic. Will that make technology difficult to spread?

Does patent exist here?

I do not remember hearing about it from Frau and Michael-san.

dot com

In any case, there is now a carriage installed with leaf spring.

Coach box included, it can accommodate up to eight people.

Because of that, we attached a rear car behind the carriage.

It is important to consider the amount of luggage in logistics.

Unfortunately, there is neither suspension nor leaf spring installed on it.

However, 10 people can ride it.

This will be pulled by four centaurs.

As for the excess, they’ll have to ride centaurs and horse.

In other words, out of the 20 migrants, 8 of them will ride the carriage.

Ten will be in the rear car.

Two will ride centaurs.

I let them decide who will ride what.

An intense janken competition was held.

Those who will ride the centaurs are remorseful….you can see tears at the corner of their eyes.

They don’t have to be that scared.

I got on the centaur Glueworld.

Mamu and the tree stump Igu will be riding the horse together.

When we were about to leave, the kuros surrounded us as guards.

Because the carriage and rear car are heavy, we advanced at a slow speed.

If we connect each village with carriage, will it be easier to travel around?

Like a regular coach.

However, the minotaurs can’t ride it and the centaurs will be faster if they run on their own.

This plan is only feasible for Village One and Big Tree Village.


And who will ride it?

The migrants will not move so frequently.

It will be easier if I lend them a horse.

I’ll postpone this regular coach plan for now.

While I’m thinking that, we arrived at Village One.

Each house in the village is big enough for a family of four.

I feel the tension of the migrants goes up.

They also look down and are obviously startled.

It is because next to the nyunyu-daphnes of Village One, the kuros and spiderlings are lining up.

They probably realized their number when they saw them line up.

「Introduction please.」

Mamu smiled and began introducing both groups to each other.

「You can choose the house you want to live in but you don’t have to fight against each other for it. If you like the same house, decide by discussing it first.」

The migrants were taught of the locations of the plaza, well, meeting place, and toilet.

Though I think that they already know it, they were still taught on how to use the well and toilet.

「Always take a dump in the toilet. After that, don’t forget to wash your hands. This is really important.」

Thinking about hygiene is normal.

I don’t want to hear the villagers collapse due to illness.

「The big tree in the center of the village is the symbol of this village. Do no wrong, remember that and teach it to your future children.」

「What’s over there?」

「A shrine. A place for praying.」

「God of creation! ….and the other one is?」

「God of farming」

After Mamu finishes the explanations, the migrants started moving to choose their house in pair.

There are pairs that are quick to decide and pairs that choose carefully.

If they don’t choose quickly, good houses will be taken.

It probably reflects their character.

Also, it might be a good idea to offer prayer later.

「Village chief, how did I do?」

「You did well. I’ll ask you to continue doing it.」

「Y-yes. I will do my best」

「Also, Igu, you have been managing the village and I ask you to continue to do so.」

「Leave it to me.」

She’s reliable even if she looks like a tree stump.

The centaur’s who carried us and didn’t pull the carriage, like Glueworld, returned to the village while pulling the rear car.

They return to take food for the migrants and to bring those who’ll teach them how to cook.

A number of slimes are included too.

The nyunyu-daphnes don’t take a dump so there’s almost no slime in Village One.

It might be strange since they eat but….thinking that they are tree stump people, it might not be strange at all….

I accepted it like that.

「That house is the nyunyu-daphne’s?」

There is one big house here and it seems like the house of the nyunyu-daphnes.

「Yes. The nyunyu-daphnes are outdoor people but they need a house to keep their things.」

They keep items there for safekeeping?

I’m a little doubtful but I noticed that the items here are items that are gained by trading reward medal.

Yes, they can’t store them without a house.

「And clothes too.」


The nyunyu-daphnes are naked when they transformed into humans.

It is troublesome for others living in the village so I asked them to wear clothes when they are in their human forms.

Though they followed that custom, most of them find it troublesome so they are moving around in their tree stump form.

It’s a shame because all of them are beautiful in their human form.

Glueworld’s group returned after an hour.

That was fast….is it because they did not need to hold down their speed?

The slimes look fine but the two high elves who will be the cooking teacher look exhausted.

It is probably already time to choose what kind of suspension, spiral spring or leaf spring, to install on the rear car.

After unloading, it seems like most migrants have decided on which house to live in.

I can see them smiling.

I want them to maintain that smile.

Like Mamu said, take your time to get used to life here.

Today’s schedule, a welcome night banquet at Village One.

Unlike yesterday’s welcome banquet, they are no longer guests now.

I call each pair and hand them a house’s nameplate.

I already heard their name yesterday so I’ve already prepared them.

Upon receiving it, they are officially residents of this village.

You will face a lot of hardship but I want you to persevere.



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