Chapter 168 – Tried Various Things

Village One’s migrants originally lived in a city.

However, because they don’t have steady jobs, they don’t know what they can do and can’t do.

Because of that, I asked them to try various things.

First, hunting.

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Even if they are all fully armed, they could not beat even a single fanged rabbit.

I was really surprised but it seems like the kuros guarding the village were more surprised.

No, it can be said that I was shocked.

I can’t believe how they lived so far to be that weak.

No no, I might be similar to them.

After that, the number of kuros guarding Village One doubled.

If not, there is a possibility of the whole village being annihilated by one fanged rabbit.

The kuros are sweet but this is a serious matter.

I apologize for burdening you more.

The number of spiderlings increased too.

There were even four of them here that are as big as Makura.

They made their web houses on all four sides of the village to protect it.

Thank you very much.

I also sent two lizardmen who will be stationed here temporarily as commanders to strengthen its defense.

Please do your best to keep the migrants safe.

Next, construction.

They have never tried it before so they are a complete amateur.

Moreover, they are not strong so they are having a really hard time.

Though the high elves who came here to teach them how to cook are teaching them carefully, their improvement is negligible.

I’m the one who’s processing the construction materials but it takes them too much time just to assemble them.

By the way, their first work collapsed after a day.

Alcohol making.

Every one of them gave up because of the dwarves’ ardent guidance.

Like their image, the dwarves are stubborn.

And scary.

It seems like if you don’t steel up your heart, they won’t let you do it since they are scared to waste even a drop of alcohol.

Sugarcane extraction, oil extraction.

Insufficient power.

To think that even the beastboys are stronger than them….

I even improved the extractor.


Don’t be disheartened.

Making accessories.

Some of them showed talent.

They are still rough but they can be trained.

Making fermented food.

It seems like all of them can do it.

It seems like they can withstand the smell.

I’ll have them taste the finished product to appreciate it more.


It is necessary to melt iron for forging.

But we don’t have enough forges….the high elves and the beastkin Gutt are the ones who use them.

Let’s let the migrants try it too.

Blacksmithing…..the migrants all fell early while the high elves and beastkin Gutt are working.

So is there a problem with the forge of Big Tree Village?

How about making them work 24/7 in shifts?

No, I shouldn’t do that. There will surely be noise problems….

Then, should I stop them from working at night from now on?

It is better to work at night because you can clearly see the temperature of the fire?

Is that so?


So that’s the reason why the big forge was made away from the village.

Presently, the Village One’s migrants are holding a bowl with their hands.

Since we are near the kiln, I’ll have them try pottery.


Similar to what happened in accessory making, some showed talent.

The migrants have no power but they are dexterous.


Every one of them is an amateur.

Will their knowledge level grow with the seeds?

Let’s try plowing a field now and have them take care of it.

The field is not so large so it is not impossible for them to take care of it.

I also made a kitchen garden behind each house.

I planted the requested crops of each house.

They need to feel the fun of bringing the crops up and harvesting them.

It will be a problem if they were to learn of it late.

I have them try various things.

They worked really hard for every task but they still lack experience.

That’s right.

Even I was not able to do those things at the beginning.

On the other hand, they just arrived here and they have already done well.

However, my purpose is not for them to do well but to know what they can do and what they can’t do.

After trying various things, I hope they can find what they want to do.

Let’s not think about it.

Let’s prepare some homemade food today.

I had the migrants elect their representative one again.

Their leader until now is a man named Jack.

He is their leader for some reason and it seems like he is acknowledged by everyone as their leader.

Their life in Village One has been fairly stable.

They are getting along with the nyunyu-daphnes who are living in the same village.

But there is a trouble like trouble…..

The nyunyu-daphnes are walking around stark naked and the men who saw them are usually beaten up by their wives.

I’ll have Mamu deal with it.

Recently, the Village Two’s minotaurs and Village Three’s centaurs started to contact them.

They were doubtful at the beginning but it seems like they are actively talking to them now.

That’s a good thing.

I still have work waiting for me.

I’m sorry but Village One is only one of my concern.

I’ll leave things to Mamu and the nyunyu-daphnes and return to Big Tree Village.

The dragons who came here to celebrate Hakuren’s pregnancy have left.

Although Dors wanted to stay, she was dragged by Raimeiren.

I also have a daughter….when Tiselle marries…..


Tears fall down.

I better not think about it.

There is still time before the harvesting period.

I will do some small work then.

Let’s install a leaf spring on the rear car…. the mountain elves had already done that.

It looks more sophisticated than what I made.

I’ll make an additional forge that the high elves and Gutt wanted.

There is already a chosen location. It is in the south of the residential area.

Let’s make a big forge first.

This will not be the main forge but a kiln for making bricks.

TN: Is it a bit confusing? Correct me if I’m wrong but forge is for processing metals while kiln is used for making pottery but I’m translating them from the same word Japanese word which is 窯.

It will consume a lot of magic to make and bake a large quantity of bricks.

In the meantime, let’s make them using firewood and charcoal as fuels.

I somehow made three forges.

Unlike the current kiln, they are forge for melting iron.

So it is not a kiln but furnace.

Why three?

In order to be able to process three different materials on three different temperatures at the same time.


It is necessary.

They requested it using reward medal too.

Gutt is the one who is pleased the most.

Gutt is the son of the village mayor of Howling Village.

Howling Village is not only a mining village but a blacksmithing village too.

Gutt will probably the one who’ll be in charge of blacksmithing here.

No, it seems like he already is.

「Village chief, do you mind making a statue of the fire god?」

The fire god, it is a simple statue of fire made of metal.

According to Howling Village’s custom, it seems like it should be the first thing to make in the forge as an offering for the blacksmith’s safety.

Gutt melted a lump of iron purchased from Howling Village and finished it in no time.

It looks simple.

It looks like a vertically twisted long iron plate.

You need to bend a board to its shape a little to make it stand.

It looks like modern art.

「Village chief, the next thing that will be forged is the first product. What will it be?」

I thought of letting him do what he wants but Gutt’s eyes are serious.

I always associate smithy with swordsmith.

「Then, katana……I mean, sword.」

「Sword is it?」

「Hnn? Shouldn’t it be?」

「No. I never thought that I’ll hear it from the village chief. Affirmative. I’ll forge a sword.」


It is not a bad blacksmith workshop symbol.

……will this be seen as a weapon shop?

I personally want a katana rather than a sword but I don’t know much about iron or steel.

Let’s talk about them about it next time.

I entrusted the work to them and left.

The smithy before was small but now that there’s a large smithy, it will be easier to make iron products.

Repair will be easier too.

Iron products are necessary.

However, although our iron ore order will increase, our iron product order from Howling Village will decrease.

If we can’t supplement them with something, Howling Village will be in trouble.

For the time being, let’s continue ordering springs from the Howling Village….

Let’s consult Gutt later.

It is time for the first harvest.

This year’s harvest is good again.

While I’m feeling happy about it, I feel that it has become hot.

That means it’s almost time for the festival.

What kind of festival will we conduct this year?



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