Chapter 170 – Jack (II)

Is it our time to fight?

We were given with armors.

I tried putting on the armor but I wasn’t able to move satisfactorily so they told me to wear leather armor instead.

I’m sure that this leather armor is excellent.

I feel like this is not inferior to any armors that the adventurers in the city are wearing.

I’m not sure but that’s what I think.

They gave us various weapons too.

I choose sword.

The others choose it too.

However, we noticed it just by waving it a little.

We noticed that we don’t have what it takes to wield a sword.

Because of that, the lizardman who’s handling the weapons gave us another one.

He passed us spears.

He advised us to concentrate on thrusting instead of slashing.

I’m old enough to do what I want but I accepted the spear and his advice.

I tried thrusting it two to three times.

Good, not bad.

Though this might look simple, I feel like I’m several times stronger.

I wonder if the hooligans in the city feel the same way when they have weapons on their hands.

However, we are different from those guys.

We will protect this village using these weapons.

We will fight against a rabbit with fangs.

That’s right, a fanged rabbit.

Killer rabbit.

The rabbit of death.

Just by hearing its name, even a famous adventurer with long and good experience record will shudder.

I look at the faces of my companions.

They look pale.

But I think we’ll be fine.

We did not win but I think we did great.

Because we are all still alive.

Every one of us is delighted seeing everyone survived.

I feel like our bonds deepened.

And we learned the strength of the wolves.

One of them killed that rabbit in one blow…..

Let’s do whatever it takes to not go against them.

After that, they let us do various works.

It is to check our aptitudes.

Trying a lot of things is better than doing something you can’t.

I did everything with the best of my effort.

And all of my energy.

I really did my best.

This is the first time I’ve tried this hard on things.

But the result is not good.

The house we built quickly collapsed.

We have gotten drunk and got scolded by the dwarves while making alcohol.

When we tried to extract sugar and oil….we don’t have enough power to do so.


What’s more that while we’re doing those, the village chief immediately completed a bath and a warehouse.


I did my best in making accessory.

I was praised.

I’m delighted a little.

Making fermented food.

It has a foul smell but I can stand it.

I can only continuously do my best.

When I’m losing my focus, I only need to think of the killer rabbit again.

Just thinking about the killer rabbit makes the foul smell dissipates.

We successfully managed to do it.

We were allowed to eat these trial products and they were delicious.


Too hot.

And the work needs to be done is too heavy.

I pushed myself to my very limit but still fell down.

We were scolded when we woke up.

They said to not overdo things to the point of fainting.

They also said not to get impatient.


Are we impatient?

We should reflect.

What they said is true.

The village chief and Mamu-san, our caretaker, said that we should get used to life here first.


We have tried a lot of things and days have passed but I’m not sure if we are used to life here.

No, I’m certain that we’re not.

We eat too much. We eat three times a day which are breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Sometimes, there are even more depending if there’s an event.

We no longer fear of being robbed at night so we can sleep well now.

The toilet is clean.

There is also a water source nearby.

And it’s free.

I thought that I’ll have a better life after learning letters and etiquette from Fushu but I had better than what I expected.

My life is so different from before that I’m confused.

We indeed need to get used to life here first.

All right.

I will get used to this life.

Ah, today’s dinner is stew?

Killer rabbit?

It’s delicious.

I’ll work hard even with an empty stomach.

By the way.

Although we are doing a variety of thing…..there is this one thing that I can’t help but remember.

Not at this village but at the village where Fushu has taken us.

The night after the welcome banquet, every one of us was called to go to a certain room.

Of course, all of us migrants obediently gathered at that place.

I was really scared of what was happening back then.

After all, there are more individuals there than during the welcome banquet.

There were this stupidly big spider and powerful looking wolf.

In addition, the village chief was not there.

That made me really uneasy.

It seems like instead of the village chief, the one who called us is her wife.

She is surprisingly young and beautiful.

Her name is Lulushi.

I laughed a little thinking that she has the same name as the legendary blood-sucking princess.

Is she anxious about something?

Maa, the main topic back then is not that.

The village chief’s wife taught us some precautions with a pretty serious face.

It seems like those things are necessary in order to live in the village.

There are three of them.

  1.       Don’t play on the farm.

Wasting crops is blasphemy.

  1.       Observe cleanliness and use the toilet.

Don’t forget to wash your hands after using it.

  1.       Never be hostile against the village chief.

Don’t mind him if he acted like a baby.

Don’t mind him if he acted strict.

If he bothers you….just overlook it and avoid him.

But hostile action against him is unforgivable.

She firmly told us those.

I really don’t understand the contents.

It is natural to not play on the farm.

A person who wastes food is certainly not a good guy.

I also know how to stay clean and how to use the toilet.

This is for disease control.

To not wash one’s hand after using the toilet is like inviting diseases.

There’s enough water so we definitely can wash.

As for the last one….maa, obeying the ruler is important.

It’s the same everywhere.

There will be no good result for going against the top.

Hostile action?

There’s no reason to do that.

「I’ll be the one who’ll cook today’s dinner.」

The village chief drags a wild boar of the size of a small house with its neck.

「Village chief, this is…」

「Ah, these guys brought me to where it is. It seems like they’re feeling lazy so I’m the one who killed it. 」

The village chief then patted the head of a wolf.

In other words, the wolves can’t kill the boar and call for him.


The village chief removes the blood by cutting its neck and dismantles it in front of us then cooks it….

The food cooked by the village chief is delicious.


Hostile action?

There’s no reason to do that.



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