Chapter 174 – Spirit Magic and Various Things in Village One

Village One’s leader Jack wife is Morte.

She is a little special compared to others.

Because she can use spirit magic.

Normal magic is achieved by using one’s own power or the surrounding’s power while spirit magic can only be used though spirit.

The explanation is difficult to comprehend especially to me who doesn’t practice magic.

「This is the spirit of fire.」

I saw something like a burning salamander but I only vaguely saw it since it burnt away.

「The weakness of this type of magic is it is not effective to a place where there is an absence of that kind of spirit.」

「You mean that if there is a spirit here, you can use that magic infinitely?」

「That’s true in theory but contacting a spirit brings fatigue.」

That doesn’t sound good.

「Presently, in Village One….the only strong spirits are tree spirit and water spirit.」

I feel like I understand it somehow….

「What about earth spirit?」

「It seems to be very weak around here….however, it feels like it’s getting stronger little by little.」

「Earth spirit getting stronger….do you mean that an earthquake will likely occur? 」

「No, I didn’t mean it that way. It feels like they are recovering their power. 」

That’s a relief.

「By the way, I can imagine fire spirit and water spirit but, what can tree spirits do? 」

「They usually hide themselves in the forest. Let me try… 」

She’s doing the same when summoning that burning salamander earlier….she’s concentrating.


But nothing happens?

「Did you fail? 」

「This is strange. I can feel tree spirits nearby. 」

When we turn our heads around, a nyunyu-daphne in her tree stump form is heading towards us slowly.

「Did you call? 」


That reminds me, the nyunyu-daphnes are something like a tree spirit.

TN: Plot twist.

Wait, does that mean that I can use spirit magic unconsciously?

By the way, it seems like she can only use spirit magic to the extent of making her life a little easier.

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「It seems like the villagers of Village One has gotten used to life there. 」

「I agree. Their food consumption is now normal. 」

Village One’s food came from here but we cannot continue with this arrangement forever.

After they learn how to cook, we regularly send them food.

Because it will be a problem for both side, we only send them 30 days’ worth of preserved food.

Then, we are sending them food every ten days.

If things go as planned, we’ll only do this for a year.

But unexpectedly, the food we send them lasts longer than they were supposed to.

It is not like they’re not eating.

Their consumption is extremely low.

For example…..

Breakfast, salted soup.

No lunch.

Dinner, two steamed potatoes.

I decided to put a supervisor for them for a while.

If they don’t eat well, it will be troubling.

It’s not like we’re sending them something that they can’t eat.

When I cooked for them, they ate a lot.

They even asked for another serving.

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I managed to figure out the reason.

Presently, they said that they are neither busy nor helpful so it is shameful for them to consume food.

Those who don’t work must not eat….but it seems like they don’t know the word investment.

You having a stable life in this village is enough for me…..

Is stability the problem?

It is true that you’re not helpful.

I not expecting anything from you either.

However, I can’t tell them that in their face.

Then, I guess it can’t be helped.

I can’t let them fall to malnutrition.

I can’t face Fushu if that happens.

I don’t want to do this but this problem has come to this point.

「If you don’t eat it, let it rot.」

Obviously, the food we distributed them will not last long.

And it has been some time already.

With that, they decided to find something that they can do individually and they will now consume the food we sent properly.

What a relief.

While they are looking for the things they can do, one of them reveals that she’s able to use spirit magic.

Let’s just think that she finally opens her heart a bit.

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As for the main job of the new villagers of Village One, they focus on farming, making small accessories, and making papers.

They are farming regardless of gender.

Though their farming level is only enough for their own kitchen garden, they are working hard and listens to what the minotaurs taught them.

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Most of the men are making accessories/small objects.

They are making various things but they are mostly making things made of bamboo so I leave them be.

I’m in the midst of plowing a bamboo grove near Village One now.

One of them fell into knitting.

He even goes to Zabuton’s place to have her teach him.

He presented me his finished work….it’s hot, why are you giving me a sweater?

It will be summer soon.

It will be good if you don’t give one to your wife or else she might wear it.

She’ll surely wear your masterpiece because of love.

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The women are mainly making papers.

Paper making did not start out of nowhere.

It went through several stages.

Before migrating to Village One, Fushu taught them how to read and write.

I don’t want what they learn to go to waste so I thought of something that they can do.

And that is making new books by copying an existing one.

When I thought of that, printing press suddenly pops out of my mind.

I was caught and questioned by the mountain elves and they made one by trial and error.

Though I said that they made a printing press, it’s just a stamp.

The idea is simple but creating it is quite difficult.

Especially the characters.

The print won’t look good if the character doesn’t have the same font size.

Imagine how much work is needed to make them all the same size.

I wanted to make the character stamp made of iron because of its durability but I had it made of bamboo for easy processing.

At first, the women were making it but the men are faster so it became the men’s job.

However, they are still unable to produce a sufficient number of them.

While waiting for the character stamp, it is the women’s time to make paper.

Though we still have a moderate amount of paper, it will quickly disappear once printing starts.

If we buy them from Michael-san, it will be a considerable amount.

In that case, we just need to make our own paper.

As for that plant needed for making paper, I can plant them here since Dors gifted me one before.

I only know the method of making Japanese paper but once I provide the technical knowledge, everything will fall into place.

Village One’s women started making paper.

At first, there are a number of failure because of trial and error but they eventually managed to make an okay looking one.

They should continue to make more before the printing begins.

Other than making paper, they are also experimenting on making an appropriate ink for printing.

The day when Village One’s work will be printing is coming.

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However, I also heard that there are people out there who are making a living by copying books.

TN: If you have watched/read GATE, Arpeggio is an example.

The livelihood of those people will be threatened if we mass produce books once we started printing.

We have not started printing yet but we already have to think about limiting our printing production.

For the time being, our target is to have children of this village have access to printed books.

For outsiders….let’s limit our services to them on printing flyers than printing books. I heard that most commoners can’t read.

They should have raised the literacy rate, what are those politicians thinking?

Well, it’s not like I can do anything about it.

The only thing I can do is to give printed books to the orphanage I asked Beezel to build before.

It would be great if they’ll get the chance of recognizing letters.

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Since Village One is working hard, Big Tree Village must not lose.

As of now, we are preparing for the festival.

Somehow, the villagers also increased.

If I include villagers from Village One, Village Two, and Village Three…..we are about 400?

Well, it’s not like everyone is participating.

Since it will be more crowded, I need the venue needs to be modified and additional toilet should be added.

I also increased the place where anyone can eat.

It is because the oni maids are thinking of introducing new works.

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After modifying the venue, I played with Kuro’s pups and Zabuton’s spiderlings.

It’s not like because I only wanted to have fun.

They will be the ones who are going to guard each village during the festival.

They can’t participate in the festival so this is their compensation.

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For the pups, we played flying disk, fetch ball, and hunting.

During hunting, I only played the role of a supervisor.

Each of the pups shows off so I praise them.

Whenever a fanged rabbit rose, it will be instantly killed.

As for the huge wild boar, it will take four of them to take one down.

Honestly, I think they’re pretty strong.

This has gone on for several days to have every one of them take their turn.

A lot of ingredients was secured for the festival.

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As for the spiderlings, we have also done various things.

We did something like a fashion show and we also hunted.

I also sculptured life-size model of the spiderlings.

It was impossible to make one for each of them so they carefully selected their representatives.

After that, I carefully reproduced life-size figures of those representatives on their selective pose.

I’m going to use them as decorations in my residence.

Will these surprise people who don’t know of them?

By the way, I put a title on my last sculpture, “Sergeant Zabuton’s Command While Drinking Coffee”.



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