Chapter 173 – Alcohol, Festival Executive Committee, and Kurumi

A certain drinker said,

「If you leave sweet things, it will naturally become alcohol. In other words, god wants to drink alcohol.」

A dwarf said that.

「Noisy. Let’s just drink.」

Is that dwarf Donovan?

「No no, I’m not being noisy. It is normal to act like this when drinking.」

Donovan and I have come to the research center in the corner of the residential area.

Like what the drinker said, if you leave sweet things, it will naturally turn into alcohol.

That drinker is fermenting sugar to turn it into alcohol.

Though the theory is correct, we’ll have to rely on luck for the fermentation.

Majority of the result: rotten.

However, they are still data that we can use for the next one.

Especially when controlling temperature for yeast fermentation.

Yeast can be obtained by fermenting grapes but I can use the AFT to clear that hurdle.

Thank you, god.

At the research center, we are doing various things to make alcohol from the fruits that can be harvested in the village.

Me having come to this place means that it is time to decide whether to continue the production of the newly made alcohol or not.

However, they are carefully selected by Donovan first.

I’m only doing the final confirmation.

「From the right, pomegranate, tomato, and watermelon.」

These are all Donovan’s recommendations.

I tasted them using a small cup.

To be honest, I’m not that particular about alcohol.

I can say that it is bad or good but that will only for my taste.

As for these, they are all delicious.

It tastes like pomegranate.

This watermelon…is a little….

Tomato is good but it is not suitable for regulars.

Since there is no point in saying compliments, I will tell my review honestly.

And with regards to production issue, I’ll give it an OK.

Donovan nods satisfactorily and puts out three fingers.

「Then I ask for a steady supply of these three fruits.」

「Alright but pomegranate supply will not increase anytime soon. Tomato and watermelon supply will increase next harvest.」


「After we’ve seen the market’s reaction, I’m going to decide if we need to increase or decrease the amount of production.」

「The taste is alright but the problem will be the price.」

「Let’s consult Michael-san when he comes.」

「Okay. Anyway….there’s one more reason why I requested you to come here.」


Donovan presented me a small cup with a full smiling face.

It is smaller than the one I used for the taste test earlier.

「It looks like you’re confident.」

I took the small cup and put it in my mouth.




「This is … honey wine?」

「Yes. It is made from the village’s honey.」

「Michael-san absolutely requested you to stop, didn’t he?」

Honey wine is an alcohol that should not be brew without permission.

It is because our harvested honey is limited.

In addition, although it is easy to make, it is quite pricey.

Honey is already pricey and the village’s honey is the finest honey in the market so Michael-san begged us to sell it to him as it is and don’t brew it into honey wine.

Because of that, the honey wine in the village is usually purchased from Michael-san.

「Don’t you think this will be our best seller?」

「I think rather than selling, you plan on drinking it.」

「We’re not brewing it so it can’t be helped. Honey is also used for cooking so it might look like I’m picking a fight with those maid girls.」

「Right. But our honey is certainly insufficient. We can only make a certain amount that might not even be enough to drink for ourselves so selling to others is impossible.」

In addition, excluding Michael-san, we are also supplying honey to Beezel, Doraim, Dors, and Ancestor-san.

「I know. This time, I used the honey I traded for my reward medal.」

It’s a self-funded study, and you let me drink it?

In other words…..

「What is your request?」

「I want to brew one for “village consumption”.」


「One large cask per year.」

…..hmmm. That’s a lot.

However, the taste is exquisite.

It doesn’t taste like alcohol at all.

「Understood. The honey will be prepared however, this will be strictly confidential.」

「I know. Women’s weakness is sweets.」

The power of sweets rivals the power of alcohol.

Therefore, we must do this in absolute secrecy.

「They will be silenced by the taste.」

Then, I ask Donovan.

「By the way, do you have more?」

「Hahaha. That alcohol is so good, do you really think I still have some?」

「Surely. You must have prepared a certain amount for me.」

「Well, if that is necessary to persuade the village chief…actually, there should have been a glass full…」

「And you drink it?」

「….m-maybe god wanted it.」


「It can’t be helped.」

Donovan and I offer the new three different kinds of alcohol to the shrine in Big Tree Village.

Donovan apologized to god for using him as a shield.

By the way, the alcohol offering to god was drank up by the wine slime.

「Village chief, the wine slime should receive capital punishment.」


「Maa maa, it only means that those three alcohol are really good.」

If there is a delicious alcohol before them, the wine slime, like the dwarves, will not be able to endure.

However, you must not drink god’s offering.

I’m not sure if it listened to me.

I examined this year’s festival.

There is one word written “tower”.

It is a competition of piling up logs in a certain place and compete which one is the highest.

It is a festival that originated from a certain village with thriving forestry.

It was decided by draw lots again.

「Not good.」

I’m unaware since I’m using the AFT when logging but cutting trees of the forest of death is ridiculously hard.

The high elves only managed to take down one tree with a diameter as big as a human waist after a half-day.

The civil servant girls were not able to cut a tree at all.

「It is also fire resistant so we also can’t burn it with fire magic….isn’t this task impossible?」

It was decided that we should secure logs first.

It is important that we have piled up trees in advance.

However, now that we’ve done it….

「Even if we pile the trees up like a mountain, it will only scramble down.」

「Big trees are also hard to carry….should we ask the minotaurs?」

「We don’t know how to properly pile the logs. Won’t the high elves be the sure winner?」

The difference between races has never been this obvious.

Maa, just look at the harpies, they will not be able to participate since they don’t have hands.

What will become of this….

After various trial and error and brainstorming…

It became a game of balance.

It became a team battle.

The staff will pile up logs and put a symbol on the top.

Each team will draw one tree at a time and will lose if the symbol falls.

In other words, when the mountain of logs topples.

There is one problem.

「We’ll pile them up every time?」

That’s a big problem.

Since a mountain of logs will topple.

「Should we add another type of competition?」

「Let’s do that. Discuss it with others what should we add.」

「Understood. Let’s make it an opening performance for “tower”….This is a new festival, please give it a new name.」

「It’s “mountain toppling” so let’s call it like that.」

「Understood. Then, next is…..the dimension of the logs and how should they be assembled.」

「We have to think of it since we’ll pile them up high.」

「Of course.」

The festival executive committee continued to work for the festival.

TN: Maybe “tower toppling” game’s name is licensed.

Walnut is a famous hard nut.

There is a technique for cracking it.



How can this walnut be this hard?

One of the high elves taught me how to properly hold it and break it in two.

I see.

You should break it on that place.

Like this….


Thinking about it, I’m probably lacking in gripping strength.

But humans are intelligent beings.

Walnut cracker.

It looks like pliers or vice or an iron ball holder but you can tell just by looking that it is made to crack walnut.

This is the evidence of humanities’ battle with walnut.

I’m already thinking of making this state of the art industrial object called walnut cracker.

I’ll ask Gutt to make a walnut cracker.


After asking him to, he started to hammer.

I see.

He’s right.

It is better to use something existing rather than making a new one which is specialized in cracking walnut.

The process doesn’t matter, what’s important is fulfilling the purpose of eating the content of a walnut.

Let’s not worry about the details.

Oh, it seems like pliers will work so I’ll try it later.

How about vice?

It will be difficult to use this because the jaws are too apart.

By the way, excluding me, everyone here is eating walnut by cracking them with their hands.

The mountain elves and the dwarves are particularly fast in cracking them.

「It is a matter of life and death for us if we can’t crack them.」

「It complements the taste of alcohol.」

Looking at them who are breaking walnuts like tofu while I’m struggling, I’m a little sad of my powerlessness.

At a later date.

Gutt’s walnut cracker is regularly used in Village One.


「Eh? No, village chief, that…We’re not…」

Am I really alone?

TN: Looking for Kurumi? Kurumi = walnut. (ᵔᴥᵔ)



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