Chapter 172 – Gutt

My name is Gutt.

I am the son of the village mayor of the Howling Village and the village chief candidate for the next term.

I was.

Is it because I was married to a human from a human village?

Of course not.

Nashi is a human but she’s a wonderful woman.

Unfortunately, she caught a mine cough.

On the night of the day when it was decided that Nashi has to leave, I was not able to sleep because of crying all night.

After that, I tried to visit her many times but I was not able to see her.

I didn’t even know that Nashi was pregnant when she left and that she had given birth.

It is certainly my child.

She’ has become pretty big.

She’s already four years old.

That time, I regretted being the village chief’s son and decided to follow Nashi after abandoning that position.

I’m glad that she’s an obedient child.

I must absolutely protect my daughter Nutt.

Of course, Nashi too.

We will always be together from now on.

I’m now at the Big Tree Village, the village Howling Village is indebted to.

I’m not here as a customer but as a resident.


To be honest, I’m scared.

The forest of death is a place I was told to never approach ever since I was a child.

Even Gulf, the best warrior of Howling Village, says that he will die once he let his guard down.

We’re in the middle of that forest.

In addition, inferno wolves and demon spiders……

They are monsters and demon beasts that if you met, you’ll surely die so you must run at the opposite direction from where your village is located in order for it not to be destroyed.

This village is full of them.

Full to the point I can’t count how many of them are here.

It’s alright.

Hang in there.

I must hang in there.

In contrast to the frightened me, Nashi is positively getting familiar with the other villagers.

As for Nutt….she’s playing with an inferno wolf.

Ha-hang in there, me.

The world.

If you can drink good alcohol and eat good food, all is well.

I managed to recover.

I can’t stay down forever.

My little sister Senna is a good example.

She’s working hard so I must do the same.

First of all, I must remember my and Senna’s position ever since I migrated here with my family.

I’m above Senna in Howling Village but not here.

My position here is below Senna.

I must keep that in mind.

She’s not my imouto but my senpai.

That’s should be it.

Looking at how Senna and the other beastkins do their job, I can only lower my head.

I helped with the work that Senna and the others are doing and all of them are difficult.

Also, Senna is doing well fighting as a woman too.

I admire her for her growth after not meeting her for a while but at the same time saddened by my lack of growth.

No, I grow too.

I take pride in being either the number one or number two blacksmith of Howling Village.

But will that be useful in Big Tree Village…..areh?

That’s the sound of hitting iron.


The high elves have a forge and they are processing iron.

The forge is smaller and looks poor compared to the one in Howling Village.

But to me, it looks shining.

I lowered my head to the high elves for them to let me use the forge.

It seems like smithing is done by several high elves as their hobby.

I’m technically better than them.

Because of that, I’ll naturally work as the master blacksmith in Big Tree Village.

But working full time will be difficult.

Given this forge, I can only do some small repair works or small iron products like nails.

But that’s fine.

Because I can do a job that suits me.

Spring has come and I become familiar enough to the inferno wolves and demon spiders to greet them good morning.

Humans will be living in Village One, a village west of Big Tree Village.

They are all migrants.

It was said that we should teach them various things so I decided to teach them blacksmithing.

It was said that a craftsman must never let his technique be known to others but I feel like I owe a lot to this village that even teaching my technique will not be enough.

After all, it is nothing more than teaching.

Being taught doesn’t mean that you can immediately become a blacksmith.

It will take at least five years to be one.

Even if they came to the smithy every day, it will take them at least 20 years to catch up to me.

Well, I don’t mind teaching but….how can I teach them?

It will be difficult for them to learn if they don’t have a forge nearby.

Does that mean that they need to go to Big Tree Village every time?

While I was thinking of that, my high elf blacksmithing workmate muttered.

Why don’t we make a forge in Village One?


Nice idea.

Let’s do that.

Let’s make a splendid forge at Village One.

The construction skills of the high elves are amazing.

Originally it took months to complete a forge but it was completed in about ten days.

Drying magic is a great help.

This is a splendid forge.

It is almost similar to the one in Howling Village.

Oohh, I got carried away.

The purpose of building this is to teach the migrants blacksmithing.

I will teach you with all my power!

I feel like my enthusiasm is frightening.

Probably because even in Howling Village, there are a lot of villagers that want to learn blacksmithing but the forge is limited.

Though I’m really enthusiastic, I know that this is difficult.

The workplace is hot regardless of the season.

It’s heavy labor too.

Why I’m I doing it?

It is because of the sense of accomplishment. When you complete something, you’ll feel joy and fulfillment.

It will be great if they’ll experience that too but… is impossible to have them strike iron suddenly.

This is their first tour of the workshop.

Let’s have them try some work after that.

No one was able to do it.

The man who worked the hardest fainted because of heat.

I should have paid more attention to them.

I must reflect.

But for now, let’s use this forge effectively.

It’s a new forge.


This is easier to use than the one in Big Tree Village.

However, I would like to have a furnace dedicated for melting iron.


No no.

Let’s use this forge to its full potential first.

Since I’m here, it means I can use this at night.

The work of a blacksmith heavily relies on the temperature of the fire and the temperature of the fire is judged by its color.

Because of that, work is done at night since it is difficult to see the color at daytime.

However, there were complaints in Big Tree Village about the noise during the night.

It can’t be helped since the forge is close to the residential area.

However, I’m here so I can surely work at night!


No, I must also not bother the residents here.


I consulted the village chief about working at night.

With the support of the high elves, it has been decided to make a new workshop outside Big Tree Village.

In addition, the high elves even took out five reward medals to ask for the reinforcement of the facility.

I’m…..I’m sorry! I only have one left!

The rest were already traded for gifts for my wife and my daughter.

Three impressive furnaces.

Various ideas floated on my mind.

In addition, the workshop is larger.

There is also a place where we can display our works.

If my blacksmith companions in Howling Village were to see this, I won’t be surprised if they want to move here.

I am moved.

Let’s lit the first fire….

I made a fire god statue. It will be the guardian of the workshop.

I also made one for the Village One’s forge before.

The fire god statue must always be the first product made in a smithy.

I asked the village chief on what would he like to be the next product.

「Then, katana……I mean, sword.」


That’s unexpected.

I was expecting a farming tool since it is the village chief….


Maybe he knew that I’m good at making one?

No, it may be for the migrants in a Village One.

He wants to give them good weapons.

If that is the case, it should be spear….

Does he want this to be a symbol?

If it’s for Big Tree Village, I think a farming tool is a better symbol.

Thinking about it, Ursa was playing with a sword.

It was a splendid sword.

Can I even forge something like that?

Fortunately, the village has a mountain of materials.

「Hnn? Shouldn’t it be?」

Oh, it seems like I put too much thought about it.

I bowed.

「Understood. I’ll forge a sword.」

The sword I forged is a great sword.

At a later date.

With the new furnaces, the village chief consulted me on how to deal with Howling Village.

He wants to know how to compensate for the decrease in the amount of iron products we purchased from Howling Village….

He thinks more about the Howling Village than me.

……this is embarrassing.

But what he said is true.

For Howling Village, Big Tree Village is their best customer for iron products.

Ever since I became the Big Tree Village’s blacksmith, I have become Howling Village’s rival.

I’ll just make sure that the amount of products I made are to the bare minimum.

How about doing something for the Howling Village? Like buying a steady amount of mined ore….

There are apprentices that came over here?

Two of them?

What’s their gender?

A male and a female….Ah, they’ll get married once they became full fledged blacksmiths?

The village chief called the two apprentices.

Should I really take in these apprentices?

I don’t want to give up my position as the blacksmith here to anyone.

If we all smith here, the amount of iron products purchased from Howling Village will be reduced.

In other words, these two are leftovers.

So it is like putting us out in business by sending immature and unskilled people….maybe these two are the best apprentice for me.

These apprentices are people who know the fun of smithing and will surely protect it as much as possible.

The two of them will be delighted to see this workshop.

I’ll show them the sword I forged too.

Maa, I’ll have to tell them how to get along with the inferno wolves and the demon spiders before anything else.

I laughed as I recall how I acted the first time I came here.



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