Chapter 176 – Night of the Quiz Tournament

Evening, we held a banquet as planned.

However, this might overshadow tomorrow’s event.

None of our guests returned home.

I am sorry for the sudden schedule change.

I met the guest from the demon king’s kingdom Hou once again….

She looks like a taciturn woman.

As for her age….I don’t know.

She looks like in her twenties.

Compared to the bright red wings, her clothes are not eye-catching.

She was the last member of the four heavenly kings that is in charge of finance that Beezel said before.

If you think about it, all the four heavenly kings are currently here, is that alright?

Hou is presently sitting on the main table for the dwarves and is drinking silently.

She’s not talking to anyone.

No, it seems like they are having a conversation.

But instead of words, they are using their eyes.

She’s also drinking alcohol at a quite good pace, will she be alright?

It’s not good if you only drink alcohol, you should eat too.

Glatts is sitting on the main table for Village Two with Ronana.

Their relationship is quite good.

Beezel is sitting on the main table for Village Three.

The centaurs of Village Three were introduced here by Beezel.

Though they are already here for some time, I still haven’t talked with the residents how much they progress here.

Is this a good opportunity to ask them?

Speaking of which, I still don’t know what happened to the acquaintance of Village Three’s residents after they left.

Let’s ask after the festival.

While I was thinking of that, Beezel came to me and tell what happened himself.

He said that there are still 20 people who wanted to migrate here and they will come in two batches.

There are those who can migrate immediately but there are still those who live too far.

There are only 20 so I don’t mind.

There is no problem at all.

With that, they receive the final permission to migrate in Village Three.

Yuri and Frau are with the civil servant girls….. They are 2 parts eating and 8 parts talking.

The content…..a lot of complaints.

I decided to listen a little.

They want to increase the ratio of sweets.

You shouldn’t eat too much sweets at night.

They are certainly the type who don’t care.

But girls, you better not stay up late because we still have work tomorrow.

As for Randan…..don’t drink while playing chess and talking with Michael-san.

Their conversation is diverse.

Conversation of two drunk men.

I don’t even know how they connect one story to another.

Their chess match is also bad.

Why are the two of you no longer have kings?


I gave them iced water.

The real thing will be tomorrow.

Fushu is sitting on the main table of Village One.

Though Fushu was not able to easily enter their circle of conversation, Jack, the leader of Village One’s villagers, leads the topic that made everyone talk to her.

Examples of the topics are how to survive and teaching them the art of battle.

Are you sure you should be asking her those?

Isn’t she a priestess?

Maa, she must have an abundant amount of knowledge.

Fushu happily answers their questions.

Doraim, Dors, Raimeiren, and Rasuti are sitting around a table.

Because I put a ban on Hakuren’s night owl tendency, she’s not here.

Their main topic is the gender of Hakuren’s child.

And the name too.

After that…..Dors talks about the dragon Girar sending her daughter on his nest.

It is unusual for the dragons to be quiet so I’m not sure if that girl is only looking for a partner or if there is something else.


I better stay away from that table.

As for ancestor-san…..he’s chilling out with some unusual members namely the ghost knight, the cat, and the wine slime.

Yep, they are indeed chilling out.

I will not disturb you.

Gulf joins the beastkin circle and drinks and eats normally.

He saw the sword Gutt made and say some commentary….

It is dangerous to handle sharp objects while drinking so stop that.

The lamias and titans are interacting with each other as residents of dungeons but of different locations.

They seem to go along well.

Speaking of which, what do the lamias think about bloody vipers?

Ah, they don’t care at all.

It seems like the reason is similar to how a wolf has four legs and so do cow and pig.

I see.

Now, looking back at what happened during the day… was clearly the management’s fault.

Especially those food-related issues.

The oni maid’s food place is as flourishing as always but this time, I requested Village Two and Village Three to have a food stall of their own.

Of course, the food ingredients came from Big Tree Village.

I don’t know the minotaur’s and centaur’s hometown dishes so I wanted each of them to open a stall.

The only thing that the Village Two’s minotaurs put in display is stir fry vegetables.

Because of the oil used for frying, it was lightly seasoned so it is not bad.

That oil is specially ordered from Michael-san and it might have played an important part.

The problem is volume.

Glatts monopolized the stir-fried vegetable cooked by Ronana.

As for the centaurs, whole roasted beef.

There’s no available cow in the village so it was also ordered from Michael-san.

It seems like they also want to secure a place for it.

They want to roast it in an open fire while rotating it and flavoring it.

Since the original seasoning seems to be salty, soy sauce and miso were used to make it taste better.

And it was really delicious.

They have prepared six heads of beef but it was all gone after one night.

Perhaps it was eaten by the kuros.

While the centaurs are roasting them, they made a line while watching them and they are even wagging their tails. That disturbed the centaurs a little.

I have not asked Village One to open a stall.

They are not that familiar with the life in the village yet and this will also be their first time to participate in the festival.

I want them to feel the atmosphere now before asking them to open a stall next year.

Village One’s villagers agreed but it seems like they feel pain for only enjoying the show and not contributing to it.

The show is a play.

It seems to be a famous story but I don’t know anything about it.

However, it is easy to understand because it has a plain introduction, development, build up, climax, and ending.

Those who feel the story rose.

Mito ● Gate of Struggle ● why does it sounds like it is related to military.

It seems like they have practice a lot.

The costume they are wearing is suitable but it is difficult to imagine what kind of situation they are in because there is no BGM

The mountain elves and the lizardmen are in charge of changing the set and the background.

Though the costumes were made by the spiders in a rush, the high elves and the beastkins wearing them increased the favorability of their performance and it is certainly a proper play.

Ancestor-san, isn’t using illusion magic an overkill?

Finally, a rainbow appeared on the stage and it was beautiful.

It was a good play.

It is a story about a human brave challenging a dragon so the faces of Dors’ group is a little complicated.

「Isn’t this the story of my father?」TN: This is Dors talking.

「What? Don’t tell me your mood is ruined because of this opening performance?」

「Of course not. I have never lost to a human.」

However, we spent too much time on the pay and the quiz tournament that came after and we were not able to start the real festival which is mountain toppling.

Our time estimate for the quiz tournament was completely wrong.

We thought it will be over in an hour but….

The difficulty level is the problem.

It is now late at night.

There is still a festival tomorrow.

I hope the children are all sleeping.

The adult must refrain from staying up all night too.

Arm wrestling and chess tournament are good but we still have to do something tomorrow.

You shouldn’t get exhausted.

Also, stop the mock battle.

It will be unfair for the kuros but work hard as security.


I’ll sleep too.

I’m somehow busy and need to bring Ursa back to her bed.

Ursa is moving around all day and after eating dinner, she seems to run out of battery and sleep.

You are still a child but you can’t just jump on someone’s back and sleep.

Maa, let’s just say that it is a sign of trust.

Therefore, Loo and Tier, there’s no need to look at her with jealous eyes.

After bringing Ursa to her bed….seems like I still need to do something.

And I can’t refuse.



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