Chapter 177 – Mountain Toppling


The festival extended to two days but there’s a little confusion.

While preparing for the festival, those who drank too much and are sleeping were moved away from the venue.

When the venue was finally prepared, the festival begins!

「Apologies for making you wait! This year’s festival, mountain toppling, begins!」

The mountain is prepared in the middle of the venue. The diameter of each log is about 10 centimeters and is two meters long each arranged to a height of 20 meters. There is also a flat board placed on top of it.

TN: Yes, I’m also wondering why it is called a mountain () when it is obviously a tower.

The flat board is only supported by logs.

There are symbols on top of the flat board. They are three, one-meter round cushions that Zabuton made for the competition.

The competition is a Team match. A Team will lose if at least one cushion falls from the top when they pull a log. Each Team will pull a log alternately.

The rule is simple but there is one additional rule that will break it all….the opponent’s Team will throw a dice and the result will be the number of logs you need to pull out.

The die is special since it only has one to three. As for your turn, it will not end unless you pull out the same number of logs as the result of the die.

The result of the die will be announced by the emcee but we made the die large enough for the result to be visible to the audience.

「Now, let’s introduce the participating Teams!」

Team Kuro

Team Yuki

Team Zabuton

Team Vampire

Team Angel

Team High-Elf

Team Lizardman

Team Oni

Team Beastkin

Team Dwarf

Team Mountain-Elf

Team Harpy

Team Civil Servant Girls

Team Devil

Team Village One

Team Village Two

Team Village Three

Team Dragon

Team Four Heavenly Kings

Team Lamia

Team Titan

Team Irregular

Team Village Boys and Girls

Team Village Chief

There are 24 participating Teams.

There is a team for each race and each village.

The nyunyu-daphnes are part of Team Village One.

I thought that ancestor-san will be part of Team Vampire but he joined the Team irregular.

The members of Team irregular are ancestor-san, Fushu, wine slime, cat, and ghost knight.

Team village boys and girls consist of Ursa, the beastboys and a girl.

Alfred and Tiselle are still small so it is impossible for them to participate.

As for Team village chief, it is yours truly and two of Ursa’s clay doll.


I will definitely win!

I made a hard handshake with the clay dolls.

There are 24 Teams. After a round, it will be 12. After another round, it will be 6 and then three.

Now, let’s see what will happen.

First match.

Team Zabuton vs Team Harpy

Team Zabuton takes the first turn.

Her spiderlings including Makura are only directing things at the back.

The first turn of both sides is smooth.

However, due to bad luck with the die, Team Zabuton eventually win against Team Harpy.

It made a really loud noise when it falls over.

The audience seems to be enjoying the show.

Be careful everyone. I don’t want anyone to get injured.

Second match.

Team Lizardman vs Team Village One

Compared to how aggressive Team Lizardman in pulling logs is, Team Village One is really cautious.

Blessed with luck in dice throwing, the Team Lizardman wins.

Third match.

Team Vampire vs Team Lamia

Team Vampire think carefully before making a move while Team Lamia solely relied on their instinct.

The winner is Team Lamia.

Rather than bad luck, Team Vampire seems to have lost because of thinking too much.

Fourth match.

Team Mountain Elf vs Team Yuki

As no one from Team Yuki can throw the dice, the referee acts on behalf of them.

The referee’s result is always three that let Team Yuki to victory.

Maa, let’s also say that Team Yuki had considerately calculated which log to pull….

Fifth match.

Team Dwarf vs Team Four Heavenly Kings

Team Dwarf managed to pull out a performance by knocking down a log with an ax.

I was wondering what will Team Four Heavenly Kings do about that but it seems like they are seriously discussing how to pull out a log.

「I’m sorry Beezel. There is a little voice….resonating in my head.」

「Hou, that is called a hangover. You are drinking too much.」

「Okay, I get it….now, let’s just pull anywhere. I don’t have power. Glatts, what do you think?」

「That’s okay.」

「Okay. Randan, just pull out something.」

Hey hey, why am I the one who should do that?」

The winner is Team Four Heavenly Kings.

By the way, Yuri is not a part of Team Four Heavenly Kings but a member of Team Civil Servant Girls.

Sixth match.

Team Devil vs Team Titan

The devils are obviously the three devils we know of, Bulga, Stifano, and Gucci.

「For us to participate because we were involved in the process also….you know it too, right? That I hate losing.」

「Hah, go for the gold Gucci.」

「Go for it!」

He self-destructed because of too much spirit.

「I feel like destroying the world.」

Gucci just muttered something dangerous.

Team Titan wins.

Seventh match.

Team Irregular vs Team Civil Servant Girls

When did ancestor-san, wine slime, cat, and ghost knight get along?

Fushu seems to be a little lonely.

「Eh? Isn’t that….a ghost knight?」

Team Civil Servant Girls are surrounding Yuri and Frau in an organized manner.

「Let’s win!」


It was a close battle.

At a critical moment, Team Civil Servant Girls managed to pull out one.

This made Team Irregular troubled but thanks to the wine slime, they were able to successfully take out one during their turn.

That assured their victory.

Team Irregular wins.

Eighth match.

Team Beastkin vs Team Village Three

Gulf, Mr. and Mrs. Gutt, along with his apprentices, joined Team Beastkin.

「Gulf, you should know that you shouldn’t talk too much.」

「Of course. Senna is the leader. I’m only here to silently pull out a log.」

Team Village Three leader is Glueworld.

「I’m not good at things like this. Anyone of you has a suggestion?」

「How about pulling the one on the right?」

「…come here.」

Team Beastkin wins.

They are too careless, is farming done properly at Village Three?

Ninth match.

Team Village Two vs Team Kuro

Team Village Two examine things first repeatedly before making their move.

On the contrary, Team Kuro just pull out anything by force.

「Is this the one?」

「No, I think it’s this one.」

Team Village Two takes too much time to check things and they lost because of their die luck.

Team Kuro wins.

Tenth match.

Team Angel vs Team Oni

Team Angel consists of Tier, Gran Maria, Kuudel, and Corone.

Maybe because of their former boss-subordinate relationship, the three are only following Tier’s order.

On the other hand, Team Oni are consulting each other on which log to pull.

Like Team Angel, Ann was the one with the final say in Team Oni though the others don’t really need to obey her.

「This is a festival so we naturally must leave it to someone who best us in this aspect.」

I see.

Team Angel wins.

「Your judgment was bad」

「No, even if you say that….」

Are they going to have a fight?

「Don’t worry, whatever happens next, it will not affect tomorrow’s work.」

Eleventh match.

Team High Elves vs Team Village Boys and Girls

Team High Elf’s leader is Ria.

They are carefully checking the center of gravity of the upper plate before pulling out a log.

Team Village Boys’ and Girls’ leader is Ursa.


In short, they are only depending on their luck in order to win.

Team High Elf wins.

「Don’t you know what leeway is?」

Twelfth match.

Team Village Chief vs Team Dragon

Now, it’s my turn.

My opponent is Team Dragon.

Dors, Raimeiren, Hakuren, Doraim, and Rasuti

Hakuren is participating through conversation. She’s in a safe place.

Dragons has a rough image but they are surprisingly careful.」

「The more careful you are, the closer you are to victory.」

I did my best with my clay doll Teammates.

I have mostly seen how other Teams played.

If you pull the outermost logs, the inner logs will need to be left out and if you pull the innermost log, you have to leave the outermost logs.

It is easier to pull out the outermost logs first but as time goes by, the difficulty increases.

Also, if you can’t predict the center of gravity, you will definitely lose.

In short, I should pull the inner logs in order to maintain stability.

After all the inner logs disappear, the real battle will start.

It seems like we differ in tactics. The other party is only taking out the outer most logs while I’m taking out the innermost logs.

I don’t think this will be a battle of luck in dice throw.

How about trying to pull out the log on the other side that the dragons pulled out?

I think it will maintain the balance too.

The match goes on like that.

The eyes of the other Team shine.

I will not lose.


I lost easily.

Team Dragon wins.


「Isn’t it because you misread the position of the center of gravity?」


First round is over.

It will continue to the second and third round.

Second round.

Team Zabuton vs Team Lizardman

Team Zabuton wins.

Team Lamia vs Team Yuki

Team Yuki wins.

Team Four Heavenly Kings vs Team Titan

Team Four Heavenly Kings wins.

Team Irregular vs Team Beastkin

Team Irregular wins.

Team Kuro vs Team Angel

Team Kuro wins.

Team High-Elf vs Team Dragon

Team Dragon wins.

Third round.

Team Zabuton vs Team Yuki

Team Zabuton wins.

Team Four Heavenly Kings vs Team Irregular

Team Four Heavenly Kings wins.

Team Kuro vs Team Dragon

Team Kuro wins.

Semi-final match of the three remaining Teams.

Team Zabuton vs Team Four Heavenly Kings vs Team Kuro

In this semi-final match, a larger board has been loaded and the number of logs supporting it increased too.

Furthermore, there are now 10 cushions placed on the board.

They are piled up.

Only two Teams will remain and have a match in the final round.

Though intense tactics were performed in the semi-final match, it still resulted in the defeat of Team Four Heavenly Kings.

Team Four Heavenly Kings pulled a doubtful log arrangement trap during the match.

However, Team Kuro and Team Zabuton only got one as a die result during that critical moment.

Team Kuro and Team Zabuton managed to get through them and the game ended during Team Four Heavenly Kings’ turn.

Final round.

Team Zabuton vs Team Kuro

It became a battle of the oldest villagers.

It was surprising that the symbols on the board did not fell even though the logs have already been considerably reduced.

Until it has come to a final moment.

Everything is now either two outer or two inner logs.

And the result of the die is two.

It is Team Kuro’s turn.


Team Kuro had to think for a long time.

And finally decided something.

They pulled out two logs at the same time.


It shook slowly but it didn’t fall.

The symbols above did not fall either.

The match has already been decided.

Team Zabuton got one in die which makes their turn impossible to do.

Team Zabuton, who already partly gave up, pulled one.


Isn’t it going to fall?

The moment I thought of that, the board on top falls along with the cushions on it.

Winner, Team Kuro.

Runner-up, Team Zabuton.

Third place, Team Four Heavenly Kings.

After the awarding ceremony, we had a banquet.

The festival is a success.

At least for me since the relationship between me and the clay dolls has deepened.

「We’ll win next time.」


「You hate losing that much.」

「I only pulled the wrong log that time.」

We enjoyed the night while conversing about our impression of the festival.

Ah, and those who are currently pregnant, don’t overdo it.

Sleep early too.




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