Chapter 178 – Evaluation Meeting and Villages

The festival is over.

Cleaning up was done from morning to noon and after that, each one returns home.

Dors, Raimeiren, and Doraim also left at noon.

「Please take care of Hakuren.」

Raimeiren said that as their representative and left.

Michael-san rides on Doraim as he’ll go to Doraim’s nest too.

Michael-san’s subordinates are waiting for him there. They’ll also be guarding him as he rides a carriage on his way home.

The beastkin Gulf will also accompany him as a guard.

He’s going to Shashaato in order to experience more in life.

I’ve been taken care by Gulf so I passed him a little pocket money.

The visitors from the demon king’s kingdom, the four heavenly kings and Yuri, also return home past noon.

Hou and the dwarves get along well.

The dwarves even secretly gave her a barrel of alcohol as souvenir…..

Glatts said goodbye to Ronana full of regrets while Beezel and Yuri are saying goodbye to Frau and the civil servant girls.

As for Randan…..why don’t you say something to the lizardmen?

It is good that they were able to enjoy this year’s festival.

I gave them some souvenirs and of course, I didn’t forget demon king-sama’s share.

Ancestor-san sent Fushu back using teleportation magic and then went to the hot spring with the ghost knight.

It seems like he plans to relax there.

Ursa waved her hands to the ghost knight.

The lamias and the titans will stay for another night before returning home.

Moreover, I asked the lamias to work for us again this autumn.

The titans also wanted our village’s crops so they asked if I need their help.

I’ll have to think of something first.

The residents of Village One, Village Two, and Village Three also started moving.

They move in groups.

It will be alright since they will be escorted by Gran Maria’s group and the kuros.

After the number of people in Big Tree Village decrease, the evaluation meeting of the festival executive committee will now be held.

「The quiz tournament took more time than planned.」

That is our biggest blunder this year.

Although it was great, it took a long time because there are too many participants.

Moving takes time considering their gender and age differences but the largest time consumer is the participants’ race difference.

Some races are naturally fast but some are not.

In addition, when a race with large build is moving, it will cause trouble to all other race.

Some of them even move around the venue a few times before being able to settle in an answer….


Maybe I should restrict the quiz tournament and have each race their own…..just like what we’ve done during the race.

However, that would mean that there will be a definite set of question and we can no longer draw questions by draw lots.

The second half is focused on small issues that might cause trouble if we did not change anything.

「There was a request from the guests to expand the quiz questions to guest-related ones.」

Though I don’t know if there will ever be a second quiz tournament, let’s prepare for that just in case.

The next big point we need to review is about mountain toppling.

「Was it not good enough to have team battles?」

「Should we make it more strategic?」

「I think we should no longer use a die and let each team decide how many logs they’ll pull per turn before the start of the match.」

「I think we should do something about the board on top. It made me feel disappointed especially during the first few matches.」

「You mean we should make the symbol more unstable?」

There’s almost no problem with regards to the progress of mountain toppling.

It was done considerably smooth.

It is probably because of the things we learned from the previous festival.

Because of that, the only thing we need to revise or improve is the content of the match.

Though I don’t know if there will ever be a second mountain toppling festival, let’s prepare for that just in case.

Next, we discussed about the evening banquet and the cleaning up the next morning. After that, the evaluation meeting ends.

「For this year’s festival, thank you for your hard work.」

We did not disperse when the meeting ended.

「Then, let’s not discuss the situation of each village.」

It is bad to talk about work right after a festival but I need to hear the state of each village from their representative.

「There is no considerable problem with farming in Village Two and Village Three. It seems like even though they are not expecting to have a good harvest, they will at least have a moderate harvest. As for Village One….they haven’t started yet. Let’s expect next year.」

It looks like everything is okay.

When the residents of Village Three returned, they reported that new centaur migrants will come.

When they saw the names of their acquaintances in the list, they were really happy.

However, I wished that Beezel should have given me that list too.

「My apologies but there are still people on the list that we are still looking for.」

I thought that the list possessed by Beezel was the list of migrants but it turns out that it was a name list made by Glueworld and a few others.

Thinking about it, we don’t have a name list for villagers.


If I ask the villagers to write a name list like that, there is a possibility of increasing the number migrants.

TN: The name list is the list that Glueworld and the others made are names of people they want to look for not the name of those who’ll migrate. However, since their name is already on the list, they’ll probably migrate when Beezel find them too.

Another thing.

It seems like there are several centaur emigration applicants who are not listed in that list.

I would like them to live in the same place as their race.

However, I’ll trust Glueworld’s judgment so I’ll let her decide.

I gave Glueworld my authority on that matter.

That made Glueworld uneasy but I believe in her.

To put it simply, no matter who’ll come, Glueworld will be my representative.

I told her not to forget that.

At a later time, Beezel took Glueworld to that place to conduct an interview.

Fushu requested something from the migrants of Village One.

There are some people who are worried about those who moved in Village One so they want them to be informed on what they are doing.

A letter is enough so Jack, as the representative of Village One’s migrants, will write one.

「Village Chief, is there something I can’t write about the village?」

「It might be good if you write honestly so you don’t need to conceal anything.」

What a strange question.

I was going to send the letter later but Jack finished it the night before the second day of the festival.

The letter is addressed to Jack’s acquaintance.

He wrote about how well they are doing in the village.

Hey, why are you reading it to me?


That should be fine.

There’s no typo…no, there is. Here too.

I have no complaint about the content.

I don’t have complaint about the letter but…..Jack.

He asked me if he should write more about his wife or about the other migrants.

Why are you asking me that?

It will be fine as long as you say that you are all doing well….

Why am I telling him what to write?

By the way, the paper used for the letter was made in Village One.

Anyway, let’s continue the story.

「How are you going to send the letter?」

「By sending a messenger. A letter is a way for the rich to communicate.」

「Is that so?」

「Paper is expensive so there are only a few people that can read.」

Come to think of it, before the paper production in Village One starts, all our paper came from Dors….

Even Beezel and Michael-san communicate with us by writing in parchment and letter from Howling Village is written on a board.

Even if we don’t print, we can still have a paper business.

「It will be hard to communicate with Fushu-san unless ancestor-san will relay that.」

As for other methods.

I can pass it to Michael-san but it will take a number of days before it arrives.

The fastest would be for two months.

Worst case scenario, it will be lost along the way.

If you send a letter in a distant place, it is natural for it to have a number of routes.

As a digression, we talk about migrant-related stories that led to making a roster starting at the centaurs.

As the population increase, it will be necessary in various ways.

I want to make a system that migrants should be registered first and registration will not be complete until the moment they greet me.

As for the one who’ll be responsible for making a roster, it should be me….

No, isn’t this a job for the civil servant girls?

They’ll do the details and I’ll only partake in the final part?


I will do my best.


Thinking about the population of the village, I feel a little dejected.

「Then….today’s main….about the third martial art tournament.」

「What should we talk about it?」

「For instance….」

We continued our discussion until night.

Since the festival is now officially over, I want to relax the next day.

I persevered while stroking the cat sleeping on my knees.



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