Chapter 179 – Death Ball

1 meter balls are rolling in the forest.

And there are roughly….about a hundred of them?

They can evade trees dexterously and dash to monsters and demon beasts without hesitation.

It looks like they are attacking monsters and demon beasts.

With that, their identity was confirmed.

A ball suddenly breaks and limbs appear out of it and beat monsters and demon beasts on its way.

As for my impression when I first saw it….

Vicious armadillo?

They are monsters called death ball.

And they are heading towards Big Tree Village.

「With their speed, they will reach Big Tree Village in about three days.」

Gran Maria is carrying me while we are observing them from the sky.

As for the ones who received the most damage, it is the fanged rabbits.

The wild boar can endure a hit….then run away.

「It’s good that we found them.」

They are in the southeast direction of the village.

This place is not within Gran Maria’s group scouting scope.

「After the festival, the lamias have warned us about a large group of death balls.」

As a precaution, Gran Maria and the harpies went out to scout on places further than usual.

「It is easy to see them because they caused a monster stampede.」

I see.

「What happened to the lamia? Did they managed to exterminate the death balls in their place?」

「It seems like they blocked the entrance of their dungeon.」


Good move. It might be better for them to wait until this event dies down.

「Only a few parts of them are edible so they won’t take the risk.」

So the risk is not worth the reward.

However, Big Tree Village can’t do something similar.

If these go to the village, the fields will certainly be destroyed.


I won’t let that happen.

I asked Gran Maria to bring me down in the front line.

I brought out the AFT.

I have to exterminate these destructive vermin.

Even if the death balls has the shape of a sphere, before the AFT, they can only turn into fertilizer.

As expected, after exterminating a few of them, the others ran away.

There are not a lot of them so I think it is okay to overlook them.

As long as they don’t approach the village, I don’t care what happens to them.

「As expected of the village chief. It’s a shame that my lance can’t penetrate them…」

「Their shell is that hard?」

So that’s why the fanged rabbits can’t do anything against them.

However, it is good that the problem is now solved.

They are a troublesome enemy.

While I was thinking of that, Kuudel hastily comes to me.

「We discovered around 2000 death balls! They are about five minutes away from here! They are heading towards here!」



Not two hundred?

「2000. Divide the place they are in squares and count the number of enemies in a square….then multiply it with the number of square.」

「Village chief, we know how to estimate the number of enemies in battle. Are you doubting us?」

Is that so?

No, I’m not doubting you….

So 2000 huh.

I already know their capabilities when I fought the 100. I can say that they are not stupid.

They know that if they can’t beat, they have to retreat.

After I defeated 10, they did not even come close to me so I had to chase them.

It was quite difficult.

I had Gran Maria bring me to the front line of the death balls a number of times.

And after half a day, I only took down 100.

Even if I fight against them day and night….I don’t think I can kill half of them.

Though it would be nice if they change course after I exterminated half of them.

Or, did I made a mistake?

Should I have not tried beating them down but strengthen the village’s defense instead?

No, I probably need to evacuate the villagers….

Damn, the sun will set soon.

A large crowd of death balls appeared that made me more irritated.

They are already here?

「Gran Maria, Kuudel! Have the villagers evacuate! I’ll buy some tim…..」

Black shadows suddenly jumped out of the forest as if trying to stop my order.

Did they come from the village?

Ah, they are the spiderlings.

Dozens, no, hundreds of them.

But they are moving in an orderly manner.

A group of four bungee jump from a tree.

They greeted me by raising a leg and then went straight to the horde of death balls.

And I only need to watch after that.

The spiderlings make instant nets using their webs to catch and lift up the death balls.

Since death balls have high defense, it will take time to kill them so this is a good solution.

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The sunset and rise again.

Before me are countess….no, about 2000….death balls hanging on trees.

Those who are in their ball form are not moving while those in their monster form can barely move.

What a strange scene.

While thinking of what should I do with them, the fanged rabbits and wild boars are eating them!

In addition, monsters and demon beasts that are not often seen are eating them too.

As long as they don’t roll, they are vulnerable.

As expected of the spiderlings, they managed to beat them all without even getting close.

「Can you eat them?」

When I asked the spiderling near me, it gestured that potato is better.

All right.

Let’s have a potato party when we return.

「Gran Maria, Kuudel, how’s the situation?」

Because the spiderlings came, the village evacuation order was canceled.

But they still need to check the surroundings the whole night.

We have to make sure if there ever be a death ball reinforcement.

「It looks like everything is okay.」

「I’ve seen some of them fleeing but they are moving to the opposite side of the village.」

At one point, she tried to pierce one with her lance but sadly, it didn’t pierce through.

Let’s consider this as settled.

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I asked the spiderlings to take back several death balls home.

I had a feeling that we can’t use their hard shell but I think that armadillo is edible.

I remember a program I’m watching before. It was a farming idol program that introduces strange foods around the world and there is one episode that he ate an armadillo.

Maa, I don’t know how it tastes and I don’t even know if this is similar to a true armadillo.

Seeing monsters and demon beasts swarming at the hanging death balls, they might not taste bad.

However, even if they swarm at them, the net made by the spiderlings can’t be torn easily.

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As we arrived at the village, I explained the situation to the other villagers.

The villagers don’t seem to be particularly concerned but I want them to have a little more sense of crisis.

When I was thinking of that, a pup came and took a bite at one of the death balls we brought home.

It pierced through the shell.

It showed off proudly.


I see.

After that, Rasuti came and pulled the death ball’s shell with her hand.

I seemed to have worried too much.

I thought that we can use them as material for something but they are complete trash.

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For the time being, I had a potato party with the spiderlings.

Raw, steamed, roast, fried.

I prepared a variety of them.

Potato salad is popular.

Having only potatoes seem awful so I added some sweet potatoes too.

I made some candied sweet potatoes.

Though I didn’t put some black sesame seeds.

I made it mainly for the spiderlings but that didn’t stop others from eating it too.

People gradually increased and it became a banquet.

Yes, I cooked meat too.

I gave them to the kuros.

Should I cook death ball meat too?

Ah, Ursa.

For once, don’t chop everything to pieces since they are hard to clean up….she swings the sword again and Hakuren yells at her.

That sword, it’s pretty sharp.

Keep it to a safe place before you hurt anyone.

Though she replied energetically, can you at least try to sleep early from now on?


What should I do with the death ball’s shell….I thought of making durable bags first but it doesn’t seem to be too hard.

Maybe I should do something about the lances of Gran Maria’s group since they can’t pierce through it.

Let’s do it next time.

The death ball’s shell….after I remove it, it has the right size for a ball.

I’ll make them as toys for the kuros.

As for the death ball meat….it’s simple and it’s similar to chicken.

It is not bad.

However, the quantity is too little.

Even if I have the AFT and can hunt them, the death ball’s meat is too little.

It is better to hunt the big wild boar.


So that’s the reason they were not worth hunting.

The lamias are correct.

As expected of the race who have lived here for a long time.

I should take some time to hear stories from them next time.

And the titans of the northern dungeon too.

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Was I overeager this time?

No, I was wrong to think that I should do it alone.

I should cooperate with the other residents more.

I went to sleep while reflecting.

I am different from Ursa.

I know when it is time to sleep.



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