Chapter 180 – Angels’ Lance

Gran Maria’s group is using spear in the form of a lance. They use it with their straight charge.

It is an attack that using their own weight and speed to power up.

Though it looks powerful, it can only lightly penetrate an iron shield.

It was useless during our death ball encounter.

It might be able to do something with the death ball’s hard shell if they attack with all they have but it will be hard since they are rolling.

Though the death ball is not a treat because of the spiderlings, will it be okay for Gran Maria’s group to stay as they are?

「No, we want to be strong! 」

That’s what their group says.

Maa, you will eventually be if you put some effort….

But I will be able to help them with their weapons.

「Can you use something other than lance? 」

「We can use most, however, considering how we attack while flying, lance is the best choice. 」

Sword is for melee battle and there are very few advantages in air attack if they were to use them instead.

Now that it has come to this, should I make them new lances?

Let’s consult Gutt.

「The raw material of the tip is the most important thing to consider. 」

That’s what he said.

Gran Maria’s group’s lances are made from common iron so they can be considered as relatively poor.

「As of now, the materials available in the village…. 」

The scales that Hakuren and Rasuti donated.

「Umu, if we powder this and mix to iron….we might be able to do it. 」

Gutt gathered all the free high elves and started working.

I silently made the pole of the lance.

「Finished! 」

Lance’ tip mixed with powdered dragon scales and wooden pole.

A normal lance.

I gave it to Gran Maria.


Something is wrong.

The others might have noticed it too.

I took the lance back.

Gran Maria, I’m sorry.

I’ll give it back later.

「It would be nice if Gran Maria’s group will be all equipped with lance. 」

「Lance is it…..but we don’t have that much material in this village. 」

「Is that so? 」

「We can’t afford to use more iron, but if we lessen the amount, it will become brittle. 」

I see.

Now…let’s think of another plan.

「How about using their previous equipments and just change the lance’s tip? 」

「That will surely lessen the amount of iron but….will it be alright if we can’t get the tip after stabbing? 」

「Ah….right 」

The piercing power of the weapon is dependent on that part.

If their opponent is big, there is a possibility of the tip being left behind its body after a stab.

That’s something we can’t afford to happen.

When I was thinking about it, one of the kuros came with a sorrowful face.

I immediately felt uneasy after seeing it.

It is already an adult but it has no horn.

I asked it about what happened and it gestured me what happened.

It found a prey but slipped when it was chasing it….making its horn pierce a tree.

It couldn’t move so it struggles but the horn broke from its root.

I left Gutt and the high elves and had the kuro guide me to the place.

Its horn was stuck at the base of a tree.

I can’t pull it with my hand.

Get off….looking at the struggling me, the kuro looks sadder.

I took out my AFT with its knife form and used it to remove the horn from the tree.

Even though I managed to pull it….there is no way to put it back.

Just think that you’re the first one who molted his horn this year.

I pat the hornless head of the kuro.

「You don’t have horn so you’re easier to pat. 」

It was a slip of tongue.

Ah, you guys, don’t horn that rock.

You don’t have to break your horn.

I went back to Gutt and the others.


The kuro’s horn.

Can’t they be used as lance’s tip?

Let’s try using this recently acquired horn as a lance’s tip.

There’s no need to process it since it already looks like one.

Now, we only have to test how good it is.

I, along with the blacksmiths, experimented in a wide area.

The target is an iron shield.

I’m the one who’ll test it first.

I held the lance and charge….

Piercing it is unexpectedly difficult.

Running while keeping the lance parallel to the ground is already hard for me.

Gutt and the high elves weren’t able to do it too.

Well, they are living in either in a mountain and in this forest so they are not used on using lance.


Though it’s frustrating, I had to call someone from Gran Maria’s group to test it for us.

Kuudel came.

「Isn’t this the kuro’s horn? 」

「Yeah, we want to check its hardness so can you attack that iron shield using that lance? 」

「Understood, however since this is a common lance…. May I throw it?」


「I’m good at throwing things.」

Like a javelin huh, I think that’s alright.

Since there is no problem, I let her do it.

Incidentally, let’s test the power of the spear with powdered dragon scale too.

I already intended to give it to Gran Maria earlier but I still would like to test if it is good to use.

「What is this made of?」

「Iron mixed with dragon scale.」

It was tested first because everyone looks at it favorably.

The iron shield, which was facing sideward, is now facing up.

Kuudel flies high in the sky.

She descended from a high altitude towards the iron shield and throw the lance when she’s about 30 meters above the ground.

Kuudel did not slow down but she was able to change direction to fly up again.

What a beautiful flight.

The lance she threw beautifully hit the middle of the iron shield.

The lance pierced through the iron shield as it made a dull sound and continued to deeply pierce the ground.

After pulling it out from the ground, the tip was not missing.

The result seems good.

The only problem is what will happen after it was thrown?

Kuudel is good at throwing so she’ll definitely throw her lance.

It will be bad for her to change her fighting style just because of weapon.

Let’s attached something to the spear that will make her retrieve it easily.

Now, it’s time to test the lance with kuro’s horn tip.

Kuudel made the same move earlier and threw the lance.

The lance hit the iron shield…..

There’s a big explosion.


Explosive flame and thunder rise 20 meters above the sky.

I, Gutt, and the high elves were blown away because of the sudden explosion.

The damage.

The lance tip was gone but the pole was safe with only some minor burns.

The iron shield was blown away completely without any trace.

There is even a shallow crater at the place where it was.

Kudel is fine.


We were blown away so we suffer some minor scratches.

There is no problem in the nearby field.

Several spiderlings fell because of the impact but they are safe.

Alfred, Tiselle, and Torain, who were taking a nap at my house, which is quite far, woke up in surprise and started crying.

Ann arrived a little after to complain.

Maybe I should go to Ririus and the other’s place to apologize.

「What happened?」

Kuudel said that she did not use any magic.

That means that the main reason is the kuro’s horn….

If that is the case, does it mean that the horn is a hazardous explosive material….but why didn’t it explode when it hit the tree?

Now it became a mystery why it didn’t explode.

I don’t get anything at all.

I’ll just ask someone who probably knows.

After complaining, I asked Ann to call Loo.

「That is a magic item.」


「When it grows in their head, it plays the role of a magic wand. After it molted, it will become a permanent magic item that has a fixed effect and attributes…..I thought you already knew about it because you are keeping all of them.」

I’m only collecting them for decoration and commemoration of their growth.

「Ehto….isn’t it dangerous?」

「They won’t explode unless you treat them violently. You should use it with the intent of activating it like magic or else….it won’t explode. Therefore, even if you throw it in fire, it won’t explode.」

I see.

We just made an outrageous weapon….No, it seems like we found an outrageous weapon.

I have kept quite an amount of horns in the basement of the dog area.

Given the power of one, If all of them somehow…..

「It looks like an advance tier magic but let’s confirm its power.」


I asked the kuro’s permission to take out a horn from their storage.

I bound it to a new pole.

Next target is Hakuren’s scale.

Let’s lay this like the shield.

Now….Kuudel, please.

Kuudel descents and attacks.

She splendidly hit it.

A big explosion occurred.


This time, I prepared in advance so I was not blown away.

Before I was aware, there are a lot of people around us.

Dwarves, mountain elves, lizardmen, beastkins, civil servant girls….

As for why they are here, they want to know what will happen to Hakuren’s scale.

After the detonation has subsided, we carefully check Hakuren’s scale.


Hakuren’s scale is shining.

However, it suddenly gave off a cracking sound as it cracks.

Shout of joy covered the area.

「It broke a dragon’s scale….it is not an upper tier magic, it is like a special tier magic. The attributes are fire and thunder….it is the same as the inferno wolve’s attribute, so if it is the cocytus wolf’s horn, will it be ice and thunder?」

Loo looks delighted.

「Ehto, village chief. It has great power but, are we going to make weapons from it?」

Gutt asked.


「We won’t.」

It’s dangerous.

Imagine the damage if Ursa happens to smuggle them.

Let’s power up Gran Maria’s group by making lances with tip mixed with powdered dragon scales.

However, since the explosion rises, we can use it as a signal of the start of a festival or the martial arts tournament.

The supply will replenish every time the kuros molt so it is alright to use them like that.

I entrusted the rest to Gutt.

By the way, Ann has been looking at me with her angry eyes since earlier.

Though I apologized the first time, it happened again the second time.

My bad.

However, it was Loo who requested….ah, yes.

I’m sorry.

I’m really sorry.



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