Chapter 181 – Dye and Firework


It is something that adds color to yarn and cloth.

Currently, most of the clothes in the village is dyed with grass and fruits that the spiderlings gathered from the forest.

Because of that, I didn’t have much admiration for dyes.

It is not even edible.

Dyes were bought from Michael-san.

Red, blue, yellow, green, black, brown, white, peach, and orange.

They look good but that’s all.

Though I’m the one paying for them, all of them will be given to Zabuton.

As for why, it is probably because of this one little spiderling.

All spiderlings have its own shape and patterns.

However, there is one thing common for all of them, they are all black.

So there’s this one unnatural spiderling because half of its body is red.

No, it is not the blood of a victim.

It accidentally fell into a jar of dye that we bought from Michael-san.

It’s good that it was not physically burdened in any way.

Its eyelids were even dyed….it now looks like it has contact lens when its eyes are closed.

It seems like the dye can be peeled off after 10 days so it only needs to wait.

Since I haven’t passed this dye yet to Zabuton, let’s do something first.

I treated the dye as paint and painted the other half of the spiderling red.

The result is good. There’s no uneven surface.

The spiderling in question likes it too so I guess this is alright.

Oh, it’s moving.

It’s fast.

The problem is…the other spiderlings are looking at me.

Red, blue, yellow, green, black, brown, white, peach, orange, polka dots, stripe, check, tricolor, camouflage….

After a while, the village is full of colorful spiderlings.

By the way, Zabuton was inspired by the jungle camouflage that I painted so she created camouflage patterned clothes.

The high elves like it enough to wear them from time to time.

Hakuren’s stomach has become noticeable.

Raimeiren had said something like dragons going crazy while they are pregnant but there’s no sign of it yet.

It has been calm so far.

She’s more careful now compared before so she’s healthier. Though she still takes some afternoon nap, she sleeps well at night.

She’s also doing some moderate exercise.

Well done.

That line summarizes what she’s been doing.

「Hakuren, is there anything you want?」

「Sweet cake」

「Sweet? I thought pregnant women prefer something sour?」

「Is that what others normally experienced? As for me, I don’t feel like eating meat.」

「Okay, cake is it.」

「”sweet” cake」

「yes yes」

I’ll make some sweet in the kitchen.

Am I pampering her too much?

Nah, I also did this with Loo and Tier.

There is an ongoing test at the south of the village regarding the usage of the horn of the kuros as fireworks.

Though I said we, there is only one angel dropping something from the sky and that is Kuudel.

「She has the highest hit rate?」

The hit rate should be more than 90% if the target is a one-meter square.

According to Tier, Kuudel is 100% accurate.

Therefore, she excludes Gran Maria and Corone.

Though they were excluded, their accuracy difference with Kuudel is not that high.

Up to now, I can clearly see how accurate she is when throwing lance.

Therefore, she….

「Ano village chief, I can’t get good enough sense when I’m only throwing lance….」

In short, Kuudel wanted to test the real thing.

「Give her the real thing. Be careful.」


Thinking about what happened last time, this is really dangerous.

My apologies.

Since we’re going to use the real thing, we contacted the village first.

I don’t want to see the angry Ann again.

We have to make sure that the children are no longer sleeping.

Naturally, I instructed everyone to not approach the test site which is on the south side of the village.

I instructed them but….why are they here?

There are even some of them who are drinking alcohol.

This is the real thing so I want to avoid anyone getting injured at all cost.

Even the kuros and the spiderlings came.


I’ll just tell them to keep a safe distance.

I wave the flag as signals to the angels in the sky.

Each of them…..they formed a beautiful formation.


No way….

After their beautiful formation, the four of them….nose dive

There are four targets on the ground.

They were blown almost at the same time.

Cheers broke out from the spectators.

It should have been a beautiful explosion but the flames interfered with each other.

「It would be good to widen their distances by 10 meters.」

Kuudel reinstalled the targets cheerfully.

Reinstalling them is good but….shouldn’t that be enough?

「I would like to test it one more time to make sure that every measure was properly done.」

They are already holding another one.

And they’re flying again.

Their smiles are scary.


The dropping test of the four angels….I mean, the fireworks display continued for some time.

How long will they continue? I can already see Ann’s anger.

Yes, I’m sorry.

It is my responsibility as the supervisor.

I know that she has a reason to be angry but everything is troublesome. Let’s just enjoy the show with everyone.

I’m really sorry.

20 lances that we had prepared were all consumed.

Maa, let’s just consider it as their stress reducer.

The four angels and all the spectators are smiling.

Ursa is also smiling.

Her eyes are also sparkling.


I thought for some time and decided that I will not give Ursa one no matter what.

Regardless of that, I should make sure that the horns will be strictly controlled.

At a later date.

Kuudel has been looking at the kuros with scary eyes for a while.

She’s definitely looking at their horns.


I’m raising them because everyone likes them but I don’t really like them that much.

I think that matsutake is better.

Since that’s what I think, I raised matsutake.

I raised them to a japanese red pine so it took time for them to grow.

Even so, I’m glad that matsutake grew as planned.

And it is already big enough to harvest.

Thank you, AFT.

However, I shouldn’t harvest them all in one go.

Given everyone’s reaction, matsutake’s popularity might not be good enough.

I enjoy how it tastes but I don’t want to force it on others.

That’s why I made sure that there will be enough truffles.

For every one matsutake, I planted 50 truffles.

But there’s some trouble.

The kuros who are accompanying me while harvesting them are wagging their tails really hard.

It is because I did not allow them to eat them.

Do you think you can….

Okay, I’ll let you eat one piece.

I returned to my residence and helped with cooking.

Truffles are popular as expected.

However, matsutake….was more popular than expected.

「This is delicious, why didn’t you raise more of them?」

The branding is not good.

While thinking so, I’m a little troubled whether I put out the matsutake I brought into my room.



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