Chapter 182 – Gulf’s Adventure(Ended Too Soon)

My name is Gulf.

Howling Village’s best warrior.

I was really proud of that title of mine but I recently learned that it is something not worthy of being proud of.

The world is big.

I accompanied Gutt’s apprentices from Howling Village to Big Tree Village.

It is a really good village.

The food is delicious.

Alcohol is delicious.

And people stronger than me can be found anywhere there.

I already accepted that I can’t win against either of the inferno wolves or demon spiders. However, if it is a humanoid opponent… I can’t win against them too.

I have never been this helpless in a long time.

My current goal is the lizardman Daga.

He’s seriously strong.

Even if he doesn’t use his tail, I can’t win against him.

However, that’s fine.

After having fun at the festival, I accompanied the merchant Michael to Shashaato City.

Aside from seeing the world, I have two other purposes.

The first one is registering as an adventurer.

I had been registered before but because of my inactivity, my membership was revoked.

It is possible to not to be revoked of your membership as long as you can let them know your whereabouts regularly but it was difficult to leave Howling Village so I’m not able to do that.

And I’ve also forgotten about it…

Therefore, I’m going to register again.

I’ll start over again.

I can register as an adventurer anywhere but thinking about the future, Shashaato City will be my best choice.

I have been thinking about it twice already but…

Compared to the last time I was here, this place is now livelier.

New buildings have increased too.

「How about staying at my house?」

The merchant Michael offered me but I declined.

I am not refined.

For me, living there will only disturb his business.

「Is that so? Then, how about staying at that inn.」

Michal pointed at a splendid inn.

It’s a brand new building.

「I own that inn so you don’t have to pay.」


Michael seems to be doing quite well.

I’ll accept your grace gratefully.

When I enter the inn, everyone looks at me suspiciously but when I give Michael’s letter to the receptionist, I was politely treated.

And it looks like they let me stay in the best room?

I asked them if the adventurer’s guild is still located to its original location. They told me that they’ll just call the adventurer’s guild executive.

No, please don’t.

Calling an executive for re-registration….that’s embarrassing.

The place where the adventurer’s guild is located has not changed.

The interior has become a little luxurious.

It looks like business is doing great.

I went to the receptionist in order to complete my task here immediately.

I stand in line and there will be three more before my turn.

It is unusual for someone to re-register but it’s not like it never happened before.

The receptionist processed my request as if used to it.

Rank one.

The lowest.

By completing tasks, one’s rank will be raised and he will be able to accept bigger requests.

In short, you have to prove that you’re reliable first.

By the way, this is not the only adventurer’s guild in the world.

There are many types of guild in the world.

Though what they are doing is the same, there are guilds that use symbol as rank indicator and there are those who use mineral too.

In addition, because the condition of raising ranks differ in each guild, it is hard to say which rank is equivalent to which.

The adventurer’s guild here in Shashaato City is one of the major guilds that extends over a large number of countries since it is managed by Korin religion.

After my re-registration ended, I was disturbed when I was about to go out.

「Oi oi, you have not greeted us.」


It is a famous member of the adventurer’s guild.


They are those who think of themselves as testers. If they consider you as someone who is not suitable as an adventurer, they’ll trouble you.

This is like the very first trial of beginners.

But I am not a beginner.

「Get off my way, I’ve re-registered.」

「Oi oi, did you really believe that you can get through me because of such a reason?」

….thinking about it, the line I used became popular when I work as an adventurer.

That time, I also laughed at the beginners who claimed to re-register….

Do I really look like a beginner?

Or is this thug before me so strong that he can crush me anytime?


I can’t feel it.

I can’t feel his power at all so let’s give it a try.

「Alright, prepare to have some broken bones.」

I’ll do it.


I did not break any of his bones but I disjointed four of his joints.

I only disjointed four because the guild staff intervened.

If you’re going to intervene, do that at the beginning.

You know that I’ve re-registered.

And the thug.

It looks like he’s calling for his comrades.

They’ll waste more of my time

On my way from the adventurer’s guild to the inn, my time was continuously wasted.

I was attacked by a group of three a number of times and there are 12 of them in total.

This sucks.


The question is….do I really look weak?

This is shocking.

I eat at the inn.

Yeah, I don’t like it.

No, this is probably something delicious.

It’s just that, my tongue is already used to Big Tree Village’s food.

Even in Howling Village, we use crops and seasonings from Big Tree Village.

It’s hard when you’re used to it.

But I have a secret weapon.

When I left Big Tree Village, the village chief gave me some pocket money.

Soy sauce, miso, and mayonnaise.

Though this might look offensive to the inn’s chef, I’ll use them.



Oh, the customer next to me is watching.

Too bad, I won’t give you any.

I will not yield.

It is pointless even if you look at me with those eyes.



Just a little.

Hey, don’t abuse my kindness. That miso is enough.

The next day.

I think about my second purpose.

It is participating in the martial arts tournament in Shashaato City.

Though the martial arts tournament already existed before, it more looks like street fights.

But now, it seems like Michael invested gold to turn it into a proper tournament.

They held small tournaments every month and big tournaments every three months.

They also have a once a year comprehensive special tournament.

During that time, there are participants not only from the demon king’s kingdom but from other countries as well.

When I heard that from Michael, I became interested in the tournament.

The said tournament will take place in five days.

The tournament is over.

I won.

But I don’t feel anything at all.

The opponents are too weak.

I was speechless.

Isn’t the common’s section of Big Tree Village better?

By the way, my opponents met me even before our match.

I never thought that threatening someone is really popular.

It is good that the prize money is not that bad.

I was asked by some nobles to be their subordinates but I declined.

I met someone I know.

「Aren’t you Gulf? The one from Big Tree Village?」

It is Randan, one of the executives of the demon king’s kingdom.

We’re not close but we have spoken with each other during the festival.

He probably went to this city after the festival.

An executive’s job is really hard.

After thinking about several things, I lowered my head carefully.


He seems stronger than the guys there.

「If you joined, the tournament would have been more exciting.」

「Hahaha. Please stop. I’m just a domestic affairs official. By the way, isn’t it a foul for you to participate in the tournament? Do you like bullying the weak?」

「Hnn? Do I look like that?」

「Yes. Maa, just look at you, looking at your weapon is already enough… If I didn’t know you, I’ll say that you’re someone who doesn’t like peace. Do you really want to be targeted?」


I look at my weapon.

It is the wooden practice sword of Big Tree Village.

One of the works of the village chief.

I did not notice it because I’m already too familiar with it.


Can it be that this is the reason why the others thought that I’m weak?

Now that you mention it, I’m also wearing an ordinary plain clothes.

I don’t have any armor on.

It is because that is something meaningless if you are against the villagers of Big Tree Village.

They’ll simply outrun you.

Because of that, I never wore an armor and put more on speed…

Given my appearance, I indeed look weak.

That’s what I want to believe.

The others probably saw me as someone who needs practice because of my wooden sword….

Let’s just ask Michael.

I’ll have him arrange stronger opponents for me.

And the special once a year tournament will be held.

I also convinced Randan to join.

However, areh…you have a meeting so you can’t?

Now, my goal was achieved.

The rest is learning something new or seeing more to life….

I want to attend the martial arts tournament in Big Tree Village.

Maybe I should return there as Michael’s escort.

Let’s ask for the next schedule.

I still have a lot of time.

What should I do with it?

Should I go to the demon king’s kingdom’s capital….no, how about riding a ship and going to the southern continent?

Twenty days later.

I’m currently in Big Tree Village.

「You’re back already?」

「Ah, here’s some souvenir.」

I hand over a large number of local products I bought in Shashaato City to the village chief.

Dolls, toy boxes, stuff animals, and decorations.

I used all the money I won from the tournament to buy things for the village chief.

As for the review….Ursa and Nutt plead to the village chief for the dolls.

Alfred and Tiselle seem to be interested on the stuff animals.

And mountain elves, please don’t disassemble the toy boxes this to check its structure this soon.

Though I’m also interested in how they work.

「My apologies」

「Don’t worry. I’m receiving more than what I give.」

When I’m in Big Tree Village, I only need to help my daughter and Gutt and I get everything for free.

I’m also allowed to have a practice match with the lizardmen, high elves, and mountain elves.

And just the other day, I also practiced riding a horse.

On top of that, the food is free.

How can I ever return the favor?

「Is that so? Maa, Doraim came so we’ll have a banquet. Eat without reserve.」


I know he’s here.

He’s the dragon who brought me here, Doraim.

Actually, I’m already expected this to happen.

After all, the food here is delicious.

The alcohol too.

I recalled it.

My suffering in Shashaato City.

Soy sauce, miso, and mayonnaise.

Those seasonings accompanied me on that trip.

They make bad food edible….it is not an overstatement to say that I can’t eat without them.

Especially the soy sauce, it is the best partner for the seafood of Shashaato City.

I have run out of it.

Even though I brought enough.

I did not distribute it to others but it is wanted in every place.

Especially to Randan.

It can be said that he got together with me because of seasonings.

He took out a quarter of what I have.


To think that an executive of the demon king’s kingdom will act like that….

There is also that guy who pleads every time I eat at the inn.

He’s even making sure that we eat at the same time.

He also always sits next to me.

Before I noticed it, my time away from here equaled to the amount of seasoning I have in hand….

How careless of me.

But it is important.

I should really seriously consider migrating here.

My daughter is here, Gutt is here, and there are a lot of strong people too.

I’ll have to talk with my wife as soon as I return to Howling Village.


A request was sent to the adventurer’s guild.

“I want a secured supply of the following seasonings: soy sauce, miso, and mayonnaise. They even appear in my dream so please. If that is not possible, I would like to get in touch with a warrior named Gulf, the one who won the recent martial arts tournament in Shashaato City.”

The client is a noble boy.

The reward was huge.



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