Chapter 183 – Summer Pool

If you want to describe summer in one word, “pool” would be the most appropriate.

This is a chance for Ursa, Nutt, and the beastboys to swim in the reservoir.

They are wearing the fit swimsuit that Zabuton made.

However, the reservoir is a reverse pyramid so it will be dangerous for them since the center is deep.

In addition, though we don’t drink water from the reservoir, we are still using it for various things so we can’t just let them swim there.

Therefore, I made a proper swimming pool on the west side of the village.

It is built at the waterway from the reservoir to the river.

It is alright since it is already purified by the slimes.

The pool is 1 meter deep, 15 meters long, and 3 meters wide.

I cut several bamboos into 30-centimeter pieces and tie them with Zabuton’s thread. It will serve as lane separator.

With this, it is now complete.


….let’s make it bigger.

The depth is not a problem so let’s expand it to a four-lane, 25-meters pool.

TN: 1 lane = 2.5 meters

Now Ursa will surely be satisfied.

It took me two days to complete it.

Thinking about how I made the waterway and the reservoir back in the old days, I feel my own growth.

When the pool has become large, not only Ursa’s group but the others also came.

However, the current pool is too deep for small children such as Alfred and Tiselle which are way smaller than Ursa and this is also too shallow for adults.

No, this is actually too deep for Ursa and Nutt but they are playing without reserve.

And they drown.

Let’s build a new pool.

First of all, build a round pool for small children.

The depth is 30 centimeters and the diameter is 3 meters.

This will be completed immediately.

None will use it alone.

An adult must be there first to supervise.

That’s my order to Alfred and Tiselle.

Next, deep pool.

The depth will be 2 meters on both ends and 3 meters in the middle.

It is 50 meters long and has five lanes.

I made it in about five days.

The lizardmen are swimming on it pleasantly.

Ah, so they swim with their tail.

I heard about it but I was surprised by seeing it.


I realized that something’s missing.

I built some starting blocks.

Now, this is a swimming pool.

Everyone knows where the starting place is.

However, there’s no place where the winners of a match can stand on.


Let’s make a podium.

Let’s get it on.

I also thought of building a diving platform but that will be dangerous if the pool is not deep enough.


Let’s forget about it.

A considerable number of people have started to gather.

Everyone also changed into the swimsuits that the spiders have made before diving into the pool.

The high elves have built a changing room before I noticed it.

The kuros are also swimming.

They are good at it.

The horse too.



Has it escaped?

It broke out?

There’s a rider….ah, a high elf is riding it.

She just took it here to take a bath.

「Village chief, can you make the pool bigger?」

The pool is getting too crowded.

There is not enough space to swim.

However, the problem is not the size of the pool.

The problem is, there are those who wanted to swim and there are those who just wanted to chill.

It can’t be helped.

I must help those who need help.

I build another swimming pool.

Ten days later.

A race course like swimming pool is now surrounding the pools I made.

It is two meters deep and five meters wide.

As for the length….I don’t really know because it is curved.

However, it is long enough to surround a 50-meter pool and a 25-meter pool.

Pouring water….

Ah, can you do something using magic?


After water has accumulated, the adults entered the pool and walked in a certain direction.

They are making it flow.

Now that the water is moderately flowing, time to use a float….there’s nothing else we can use as a float other than a tub.

The villagers who came to the pool did not seem to understand what I’m trying to do but Ursa seems to get it.

She stepped into the tub and went to sightsee the course.

After seeing her, the others also….as expected, it sank.

Just enjoy and relax.

Should the people who want to swim and the people who only wanted to chill be segregated?


The flowing pool is very popular.

No, that should have me happy.

And spiderlings, you don’t have to worry about me.

You can swim there too…..ah, here I go.


I’m swimming leisurely in the 50-meter pool…..


I’ll go to the flowing pool too.

Aside from the changing rooms, there are restrooms around the pool. In addition, there are several stalls that are crowded with people.

The stalls are manned by the oni maids and civil servant girls.

They are cooking while wearing swimsuit with apron.

You look great but be careful with the fire.

The stalls are making curry, ramen-like something, yakisoba-like something, iced persimmon, and juice.

Alcohol is also available but it is dangerous to drink and swim so those who drank decided to not enter the pool.

After all the dwarves enjoy the pool, they started to enjoy drinking and eating at the tables near the stalls.

Maa, as expected.

The most popular food is curry.

I know that it’s delicious but it is sticking on your face.

Wash your face first before going to the pool again.

The ramen-like something and yakisoba-like something are something that I tried to reproduce based on my memory but eventually failed.

I think it will be better to call them soup pasta and yakipasta but not because they are unlikable.

They are even popular enough to become stable dishes during festivals and martial art tournaments.

However, I can’t help but think about the real ramen and yakisoba I know.

「Village chief, your ramen with additional soy sauce and meat is here. Sorry to have kept you waiting.」

For the villagers, this is what real ramen and yakisoba look like.

I don’t really mind.

Yup, delicious.

At the poolside, in a place where they won’t get wet, there are Hakuren, wine slime, and cat.

What a strange group.

Hakuren is pregnant.

Because of that, we won’t let her cool her body too much.

As for the wine slime….drink as much as you want.

The cat is stretching next to the wine slime.

Let consult Gutt about making an iron hair brush later.

The angels are enjoying the pool in a slightly different manner.

They are hovering above the pool first.

After that, they rush into the water diagonally, dive, and float up at the surface of the water again.


They are like waterfowls.

They are making me worry when their dive takes too long.

And please be careful not to hit the bottom of the pool.


You want something like a target?

Okay, let’s make a cloth ball.

Loo is chilling out at the shallow pool while taking care of Alfred and Tiselle.

How motherly.

I want to be fatherly too.

Ah, yes.

I’ll get you some juice.

After some time, it has been a habit for everyone to go to the pool in between work hours. It can be considered similar to taking a bath or eating food at home.

Cold beer has also become popular.

The dwarves demanded to increase the barley planted next year.

Summer pass just like that.

It is almost autumn so I’m a bit sad about closing the pool.

After consulting the civil servant girls, we decided to hold a pool closing event.

Even though it is an event, it is just the usual barbecue that the whole village does.

An event like this also serves as an effective emotional switch.

「Thank you for cooling us, pool.」

See you next year.

The barbecue was delicious.

Well, even though it is closed, water is still flowing there since it is connected to the waterway to the river and the drain. You can look at it as the second reservoir.

The lizardmen are enjoying it in the pretext of managing reservoir number two.

I’ll just pretend that I did not see them.

「Ursa, don’t!」




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