Chapter 184 – Volgraf

My name is Volgraf.

Young master of viscounty of Gofrir of the demon king’s kingdom.

I’m not boasting but I’m the next head of the household.

And though I’m not really boasting, it is not an exaggeration to say that I am the Gofrir house’s hope.

TN: Arrogant young master detected.

My father is not incompetent, but he is too kind.

I’ll be the one who’ll make up for his fault.

I am the person in charge of strictness in Gofrir house.

I’m the heir.

There are parties and meetings that we can’t help but attend.

I have to make sure that my father won’t promise anything strange during meetings and parties so accompanying him on those times has become my duty.

Though father already said that he’s going to hand me the position as the head of the family, he is still full of vitality.

That is disappointing as expected.

It’s not like I have ill intentions, I only want him to retire and live comfortably.

As I am the person in charge of the strictness in Gofrir house.

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One day, father returned in high spirit.

His schedule for today, dinner meeting with Count Chrome.

Something really good was probably served.

It is a well-known story that Count Chrome’s dishes are all delicious.

Now I understand why he’s in high spirit but I begin worrying if he had a proper talk with Lord Beezel.

Ah, let’s look at the memo.


……it doesn’t look too disadvantageous to Gofrir house.

I’m relieved.

However, there is something in the memo that I can’t overlook.

「Father, this is?」

「Ah, that. You still have to face each other first. We want to avoid making it in public for now….but we are likely to go with it.」


I’m troubled.

The content is about marriage.

They talked about me and the girl who will be my marriage partner.

This kind of talk is not rare.

There have been discussions like this before.

But those did not go on.

However, something about this talk is troubling.

The other party is the little sister of one of the four heavenly kings of the demon king’s kingdom, Randan-sama’s little sister.

Randan-sama is a commoner but he is a brave that got a seat of the four heavenly kings of the demon king’s kingdom with his ability alone.

It can even be said that everything related to domestic affairs in the demon king’s kingdom is managed by him.

As for his younger sister.

Once I meet with her, it will already be too late to refuse the engagement.

In order to refuse, sufficient reason is needed.

How about using her being a commoner as the reason?


I wouldn’t be troubled if I can use that reason in the first place.

Besides, even if Randan-sama is a commoner, the four heavenly kings are treated like dukes.

Even if they retire, the former four heavenly kings are treated like marquis.

The excuse of her sister being a commoner is not valid.

How about age?

The other party is three years older than me.

That is also pointless.

Even if she’s older, it will be almost negligible after a long time.

Damn it.


How about the maid?

How about marrying one?

Why am I saying nonsense?

I already have someone in my heart!

Right, I’m yearning for a woman.

It is Count Chrome’s daughter, Fraurem-sama.

The woman who’s the embodiment of beauty and brains. The woman who excel in both literary and military arts. The one who is admired by men of my generation.

She suddenly quit school and was transferred to a place I have never heard of…

There’s also a rumor about marriage but….

I don’t believe it!

Fraurem-sama is mine!

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I ran away for the time being.

This is something I never thought I’ll do.

Let’s relax for a while in Shashaato City.

There is a martial arts tournament in Shashaato City.

If I let several of my subordinates participate, I’ll have a reason to stay in this city.

As for my maid.

What are you looking at you rotten thing?

You think we only came here as a delaying tactic?

I should stop it?


Listen to my words.

「It’s alright, everything’s all right.」

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Shashato City has developed a lot in these past few years.

The reason is because of the amount of money being invested by Goroun Company.

How envying.

Could you invest in a city in my territory too?

I wouldn’t mind even if you invest one-tenth of what you invest here….



There’s no point in envying.

I don’t have any connection with the Goroun Company.

However, I am interested in the products handled by the Goroun Company.

There is also a rumor that Fraurem-sama is involved in it.

Maa, there is no need to panic.

The inn….

Are all cheap inns full?


Ah, result of the martial arts tournament.

I see.

It can’t be helped.

My Gofrir family is not poor but it is not rich either.

My stay here will cost me my pocket money.

I can’t waste it but….accommodation is essential.

Let’s just find a place that cost a little more…

I have to look for a place that I can afford to have me, my maid, and my subordinates to stay.

As expected, we might need to stay at a stable.


You have a relative here?

….the others too?

I never thought that our party has such members.

I see.

What about my subordinates who’ll join the tournament?

……..there’s a cheap place for the contestants?

What a generous tournament.

We’re saved.

However, I can’t stay there…..though that’s already expected.

As for their relative’s houses……

Then, does this mean that I alone have to stay at an inn?


I will manage if I’m alone!

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It didn’t happen.

My clothes were not even prepared.

My subordinates and maids are present during the day but not at night.

This is inconvenient.

But I can endure trials like this.

I’m alright.

As long as there is lamplight, I can sleep alone.

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I asked where I can eat and they said in the dining room.

If they bring it to my room, the price will be a little more expensive.

Let’s be stingy on things like that.

I can expect prize money by sending my subordinates in the martial arts tournament….but that will still be unsure.


Don’t think of me as a sloppy man who takes his subordinate’s prize money.

Their food, clothing, and shelter while participating in the tournament are being taken care of and they even have armors.

I’m not taking all their prize money, just half of it.

I talked to them about this and there is a mutual consent.

Thus, there is no problem.

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The food was delicious and I can’t say anything against it.

This is the first time for me to tastes such good food.

If I was a little while ago, I’ll probably only ask for anything that can be eaten and will expect to receive burnt bread. I have grown.

Cooking is important.

Table manners should be followed so I can eat well.


Who’s that?

Someone is extorting someone next to his table.




I feel like I know that person.

Right, he’s a son of a baron.

Though they are lower compared to my father’s title, we lose by a landslide if we compare wealth.

As for the person being extorted….it’s someone I don’t know but it feels like I’ve seen him before.

It’s a rough looking beastkin.

Is he a martial art tournament spectator?

No, there’s no way a person like that will stay at this inn.

Then, a participant?

Looking at the food served, it looks like he’s a noble.

But that can’t be.

Let’s say hello then.

If he is competent, let’s employ him.


I stopped.

The beastkin was eating an extremely good food.

It looks like the specialty of this inn.


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The martial arts tournament of Shashaato City has begun.

I miscalculated.

This is the once a year special tournament.

Even demon king-sama pays attention to it.


He sent Randan-sama.

This is bad.

If we met each other, he’ll definitely talk about my view regarding the engagement.

Then, it will go straight to a marriage meeting.

Should I escape?

I shouldn’t think something that stupid.

I won’t be able to do anything unless I can get lodging expenses.

My three subordinates are participating.

As long as one of them reach the semifinals, it will be alright.

However, it will be troublesome if they win.

If they win, Randan-sama will give them the championship prize and…

「Aren’t you a talented person? How about serving me?」

If he says that, my subordinate will have no choice but to reply.

「I’m already serving the Gofrir family. The young master is even watching the tournament….」

He will know that I’m here.

Since I’m here, why didn’t I meet him to say hello.

What should I do?

This is bad since my subordinates are unlikely to be defeated.

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But my worry was unnecessary.

All my men were defeated immediately.


My subordinates are absolutely strong.

They are Gofrir house’s best.

I never doubted them being champion…

It made me realize my mindset about how many strong people are out there.

The world is wide.

Really wide …

One of my subordinates was defeated by an expert just by lightly swinging his wooden sword.

Moreover, he’s not wearing any armor.

Rather than fighting in a competition, it seems like he’s just taking a stroll.

It looks like he’s just twisting a hand of a baby.

He dodges then strikes at the opponent’s armor.

And it will end like that.

He purposely attacks the opponent’s armor in order to minimize the injury.

Even expensive looking armor is crushed. That hurts, economically….

That person won all the way to the championship match like that.

It is a male beastkin.

It was the guy who eats the best food at the inn.

Kuh, if I’m as powerful as him, will Fraurem-sama…..

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I was caught off guard.

Randan-sama found me.

I can’t escape.

It was when I was going to see the winner.

Randan-sama is approaching.

The champion… looks like they are acquainted.

As expected, he brought up the engagement talk.

There’s nothing I can do.

I decided to go to the marriage meeting.

As of now…..I can only hope that the other party hates me.

「Let’s prepared the best food in the marriage meeting. Gulf, how about giving me soy sauce, miso, and mayonnaise you have. Donate half of them.」

「Wa, no….」

「I am an executive of the demon king’s kingdom, are you going to decline my request?」

「Can’t you get those by asking Michael?」

「Everything’s already reserved. How about giving me one third? Please, consider this as helping this older brother send his wishes to his younger sister.」

「Kuh…..only one fourth.」

「Thank you. Shall I pay you in gold coins?」

「No need. It was originally given to me as a present.」

They negotiated right before me.

So the winner will get the good cooking ingredients?


Cooking is important.

I’m depressed with the marriage meeting but I’m glad I learned something good.

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At a later date.

My marriage has been decided.

The moment I tasted the dishes in that marriage meeting, I was completely taken.

I never thought that something this delicious exists.

I was absorbed with eating and the meeting ended before I noticed it.

After the marriage meeting, I, who had just returned home, took an arrow in the knee fell from my knees.

Maa, I thought I was in love with Fraurem-sama….

I wanted to dream a little more.


But I have no choice, it has already been decided.

There’s no other way….the food cooked by Randan-sama’s little sister is delicious…

Should I be honored to taste it?

Isn’t it a shame to let me taste it?


No, it’s alright.

I will be someone great!

And I will become a suitable husband for her!

I’ll work hard.

We will be married after I graduated from school.

That will be in five years.

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My name is Volgraf Gofrir.

12 years old.

Person in charge of strictness in Gofrir house.

A man who’ll carry the future of the demon king’s kingdom.

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「I didn’t win anything….all my money’s gone….」

「Areh? Did you not bet?」

「Hnn? What are you saying? Of course I bet. That’s the reason why I don’t have money now.」

「You didn’t bet on Gulf-san….didn’t I told you to bet on him?」

「I never heard you say that.」

「….Is that so? I’m sorry. Please forget what I said.」

「Wait. What were you going to tell me?」

「Ahaha….The champion, Gulf-san, is someone who participated with the recommendation from the Goroun Company. Even the president of the Goroun Company bet on him.」

「Where did you get that information?」

「My older brother works for the Goroun Company.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes. He’s working hard at the head office. Therefore, you can call me when you want to buy something from the company, it will be a little cheaper.」

「I’ll keep that in mind. By the way, did you bet? That smile….I’m jealous」

「Ahaha. I’ll treat you to a snack later.」



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