Chapter 185 – Autumn and New Residents


The harvest season.

Everyone who’s free will have to harvest.

「This will be another good harvest.」

One of the civil servant girls said so as she joyfully records the harvest.

I’m glad too.

Having a good harvest makes you feel good.

The problem is, we might need to increase the number of warehouses again.

But I think that is a good problem.

There are also a lot of it that need to be threshed.

The mountain elves’ water wheel plays an active part in that job.

The only problem is the noise.

To make wine, we need to mash grapes.

A lot of it.

It can be said that it is a major industry.

Should we make supersized barrels?

No, we can’t lift something like that.

This year, we employed the lamias again to make wine. They are in charge of peeling grapes and removing their seeds.

Their number increased to twenty.

The payment is the same as last year, food, clothing, and accommodation while they are working and crops.


You want the white wine you made last year?

Everyone wants to taste the fruit of their labor.

Of course, you can.

There are also new faces this year, the titans from the northern dungeon.

We hired five of them and they will be in charge of squeezing work in short, squeezing oil.

The payment is the same as the lamias, food, clothing, and accommodation while they are working and crops.

I was worried about where will they stay first but I managed to build them a place to stay by digging a cave.

It is like a basement so will it be alright for them to light fire there?

Ah, magic?

Spirit magic?

It looks like there will be no problem since it will always be ventilated with the help of wind spirits.

I see.

Also, they brought me something unusual when they came.

Bloody viper’s egg.

It is about the size of a basketball.

About a hundred of them.

They brought them here because they feel like they are indebted to us.

You don’t have to mind it.

Ah, will the lamia be okay with it?

Let’s just make sure not to give them any.

How do you eat them?


Titans can do that but it is impossible for us.


Let’s boil them like normal eggs and eat them.

This is it.

After boiling, I peeled it and a transparent something came out.

So even if you boil it, the transparent part will not turn white?

But why is it that there’s no yolk?

Now, it’s time to taste it.

When I tried getting some using a spoon, the texture feels like a hard jelly.

I put the spoonful in my mouth….thick.



Amazingly delicious!

I haven’t tasted anything this delicious without seasoning!

Seeing my expression, the surrounding people immediately participated in a war for my spoon.

Everyone is surprised and pleased.

Even the titans.

Why are they surprised?

Ah, you never tried boiling it before?

Swallowing it raw smells fishy so it is better eating it this way.

I see.

Since you’re here, let’s have you learn how to cook before going back.

I’ll give you some seasonings too.

Ah, yes, you have to share with the lamias.

With that, our dinner will be bloody viper’s eggs…let’s continue harvesting.

I asked some high elves to harvest the mushrooms.

Though I already harvested matsutake earlier, I also raised several kinds of mushrooms.

Shiitake, hiratake, enoki, shimeji, maitake…….

Though I can raise more of them again using the AFT, let’s leave some of them for the time being.

I marked the places where I raised truffles so I know where to dig.

I took one of the pups so I will surely not miss any.

At the same time, I’ll also cut some bamboo.

They are not for eating but for winter work.

The bamboo grove….I don’t know where it is.

The spiderlings are working hard in harvesting fruits.

They are quite lovely to look at since they look like they are having a bucket relay when they are harvesting.

It took us 20 days to harvest everything.

Wine making, threshing, and squeezing work are still ongoing.

In addition, fermented foods are also being made and along with the wine, alcohols are also being brewed.

Let’s work hard.

After those works are complete, we’ll prepare for winter.

We will still be busy.

This is Rasuti’s busiest year.

Hakuren’s pregnant so she can’t transform into her dragon form.

All of the long distance delivery were shouldered by her whether it was for Dors or Raimeiren. I had the lamia deliver things to Doraim since it’s not that far.

The problem is the trade with Howling Village.

When I was thinking of a solution, Doraim came to help.

「I was asked by aneue. Please use with without restraint.」

Thank you.

I asked him to carry goods to Howling Village.

Our trade representative is Tier.

My best regards.

While we are still doing various things, we also have to check the state of Village Two and Village Three.

I had them farm on their own. How did it go?

I discussed it with the person in charge of the minotaurs, the lizardman Nuff, and the person in charge of the centaurs, the civil servant girl Rasshashi.

「The harvest of Village Two….is slightly less than expected. As for the reason, I receive a report saying that they are not yet that accustomed.」

「The harvest of Village Three is not bad. However, there are some crops that are still not harvestable. We are currently working with Village Two in taking measures regarding it.」

「I see. Then, can each village harvest on their own?」

「It won’t be hard for Village Two. With their current manpower, they are even hoping to expand the field more.」

「The same can be said for Village Three. Please expand their field next year too.」

「Alright. Next year, let’s expand the field.」

Presently, all the crops of Village Two and Village Three belong to Big Tree Village….or rather, mine.

To put it simply, the residents of Village Two and Village Three are like farmers I have hired.

For now, I have accepted that because their lives have yet to stabilize but in the future, I want them to be independent.

Therefore, I want them to harvest to the point that making a profit is possible.

「Once Village Two and Village Three are done harvesting, should we carry the crops here? 」

「Yes but let’s have them bring only half. The rest will be their food. By the way, is there anything they want from Big Tree Village….do you have a wish list?」


Each of the villages is planting certain kind of crops.

「Is that so? Aside from the wish list, we’ll also give them additional food. Inform them that every harvest festival. 」

「Are you sure? 」

「Unless they don’t want to. 」

Even if we already have a martial arts festival, we are still doing a mini harvest festival in Big Tree Village.

「Of course, I am not expecting much from Village One. 」

Village One is not farming yet so that’s what I said to the caretaker of Village One, the beastgirl Mamu.

「Really? 」

「It’s not like they are not doing anything. I know that they are trying hard. 」

「Of course. 」

Mamu talks about the efforts and perseverance of the migrants of Village One.

Although the result is small, I appreciate that they have been working hard nonstop.

When Rasuti went to Dors and Raimeiren, Tier and Doraim, who went to trade with Howling Village, came back so the mini harvest festival meeting is held.

It is more like a luxurious home party rather than a mini festival.

Since this is celebrating harvest, a portion of the harvest will be offered to the shrine of Big Tree Village.

Ancestor-san even put his every effort to divide the portion for some reason.

Should that really be done?

Isn’t that troublesome?

There’s no point in worrying since he has done his best.

After that, it will be time for an extravagant drinking party.

Cooked foods are lined up at an outdoor venue.

Alcohols are lined up too.

And, there’s a program too.

First, the opening greeting is fireworks.

In short, blasting off of the kuros’ horn.

This also serves as a practice for the performance at the martial arts tournament.

Seven angels line up in the sky.

Starting from the right, they are Corone, Gran Maria, Kuudel, Tier, Kierbit, Suaruriu, and Suarukou.

Kierbit came during the festival.

Suaruriu and Suarukou are twin angels.

They have accompanied Kierbit.

The purpose of the three, migration.

They’ll live in Big Tree Village.

Though it’s a one-sided notice, I accepted them.

When I pretended to want to refuse them, they almost cry.

Suaruriu and Suarukou are angels who Gran Maria invited to migrate before.

After eating the fruit from Big Tree Village that Kierbit brought, it seems like they quickly started their preparation for migration.

The seven, who are beautifully lined up, nosedived from sub stratospheric altitude.

Their targets are seven holes on the ground.

They release them on the holes simultaneously.

All of it went into their respective holes. Explosion!

Seven long explosion flames blew up vertically.

I think they even reached a hundred meters.

The girls had been practicing hard when they found out that the explosion height will rise if they detonated it inside a hole.

I proposed to enlarge the hole but that proposal seemed to have stimulated their pride.

Every one of them boasted that they can surely hit an 80 centimeters hole.

I didn’t mean it that way. It’s just that if the hole is too small, the explosion flame will not rise that high.

After several experiments, the depths of 5 meters is the best.

In any case, the explosion flames have risen beautifully.

The next program starts.

Harpies’ group dance.

Beastkin’s short skit.

Dwarves’ gymnastics.

Pups’ ball balancing.

High elves’ whole body spontaneous presentation.

Lizardmen’s sword dance.

Spiderlings’ shadowgraph.

Wine slime and cat’s healing time.

Mountain elves’ choir.

Civil servant girls’ interpretive dance.

And my favorite.

Ursa, Nutt, and the beastboys’ play.

Ursa’s stage presence as she delivers her line is wonderful.

Nutt is working hard.

The beastboys lost to Ursa in terms of presence.

Ah, Loo and Flora are part of it too.

Loo is the enemy.

Flora is….the hidden boss that is manipulating Loo.

The scene that talks about the plot is strangely familiar.

Zabuton and the clay doll are participating too.


Zabuton is a mysterious god that saved Ursa when she’s in a pinch.

The clay doll is on Ursa’s shoulder and its role is a fairy.

You worked hard.

Quite successful.

During this harvest festival came three angels, Kierbit, Suaruriu, and Suarukou.

And four beastkin namely Gulf, his wife, his son, and his daughter. They accompanied Tier when she came back from Howling Village.

There is a total of seven new villagers.

I was surprised when Gulf told me that he’ll move here. I’ll accept it if there’s no problem with Howling Village.

The happiest one is Gulf’s daughter who had migrated here earlier.

Ah, Daga is happy too.

His tail is beating the ground.

However, her wife is also here so he’ll probably be forced to stop his useless special training.

And I’m pleased too.

Gulf’s son.

He’s about 15 years old?

A healthy beastman!

As a man who gave up.

I want to thank you.

Thank you so much for coming.


He already has a woman in his mind and she’s in Howling Village?

You even promised each other to get married?

You only weren’t able to convince her to come here because you were not able to persuade her parents?

Do you best for your long distance relationship.


I’ll support you.

By the way, have you thought of getting a second wife….ah, unnecessary.


My apologies.


Maa, to the new residents, please get used to life here.

The seven migrants, aside from Kierbit and Gulf, have already fainted and changed their clothes.

The kuros and the demon spiders are not that scary.

It’s okay.

You’ll get used to them soon.

It’s okay.

It’s really okay.



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