Chapter 186 – Pig, New Livelihood, and Peerage

「I also wanted to participate.」

Michael-san’s fork shook in regret for not being able to attend the harvest festival.

「You have a new dish too.」


Perhaps he’s regretting more about the bloody viper’s egg.

It was so popular that the hundred pieces that the titans brought have disappeared.

「When new stock comes, I’ll send you some.」

「Please do. This is an unrivaled item.」

Michael-san is eating it like a pork cutlet.

This is Michael-san’s latest favorite.

Though I personally want him to use chopsticks when eating something similar to a pork cutlet, I don’t want to be unreasonable.

After eating, Michael-san discussed this year’s purchase with the civil servant girls.

Because seasoning is popular, it seems like he wants to purchase more.

That’s in addition to his already large amount of purchase.

I’m grateful.

He even brought truffles with enormous price, are you fine with it?

I’m watching the piglets that Michael-san brought.

There are twenty of them.

They will be the newest addition to our village.

It finally arrived after asking Michael-san for some time.

However, unlike cows, horses, and chickens, they are considered as food.

I know how pig tastes but if I’m the one who’s breeding them, I don’t think I can eat them.


As the result of discussions, it was decided that Village One will be responsible for breeding them.

I didn’t do it to escape the ordeal.

I did not escape.

Big Tree Village can secure enough meat by hunting, courtesy of the kuros and the high elves.

The same can be said for the other villages that are guarded by the kuros.

Thinking about it, is it alright to continue hunting like this?

They are resources of the forest like timbers. Hunting a lot like this will probably cause future problems so we should take proper measures.

Because of that, I ordered pigs.

Once the meat supply from hunting diminished, we’ll secure meat from Village One.

As for Village One, they like it because they always wanted to increase their responsibilities.

I introduced our latest companions to the kuros and spiderlings.

They are looking at the piglets with sparkling eyes. I realized something looking at their eyes….

Because of that, I asked the high elves to fence up the breeding area and make a coop for the pigs.

Let’s focus on increasing their number first.

After they increase, let’s have Village Two and Village Three breed them too.

The new migrants, Gulf’s family, built a house in the residential area of Big Tree Village.

I thought that Gulf’s wife has some issue at Howling Village that’s why she agreed to migrate here but…

It seems like there’s no problem since she’s getting along with the people here.

That’s good.

Gulf’s son has left the person in his heart at Howling Village but he wants to call her here soon.

That’s nice.

However, there is also a chance that he’ll leave this place and return to Howling Village.

It seems like persuading the parents of the other party is going rough…..

Are they against their marriage?

Are they really against letting her live in Big Tree Village?

But why?


It seems like the parents of the girl also wanted to migrate in Big Tree Village but their village chief has not permitted them to do so.

Ah, her father is one of the bosses in the mines? The person in charge?

So that’s why they were stopped.

I understand.

She’s also the only daughter so she can’t go….

She’s in charge of the household chores so her parents will find it hard if she leaves.

How about the mother?

When Gutt left, she became the supervisor of the forge….


I don’t think I can help you but if you need my help, just let me know.

By the way, Gulf’s family is under Senna’s supervision because they are beastkins.

I thought that there would be power trouble but Gulf said that it’s impossible for him to be the leader.

Senna will still be the one.

Gulf’s daughter is slightly older than Senna.

They are acquainted with each other and she accepted that arrangement without problem.

She’s also positive about adapting to life here.

If you have any problem, please let us know as soon as possible.

The other new migrants, Kierbit, Suaruriu, and Suarukou, lived in the vacant rooms of my residence.

It is impossible for them to live alone without any subordinates.

I thought it is because they can’t do any housework but Kierbit can cook and can do any housework skillfully.

In fact, she’s even helping with washing the laundry when she started living in my house.

Why did she refrain herself in having her own house?

What is it that makes her want to stay at my house?

Is the food served at my house that good?

Yeah, it seems like it.

She’s really punctual during meal time.

Suaruriu and Suarukou too.

It looks like their sparkling eyes are saying “delicious, delicious”.

Even though they are twins, their favourite food is different.

Maa, their personalities are different too, is the only thing they have in common is their appearance?


I have a strange fantasy to twins.

In any case, it seems like they are quick in getting used to life here.

Presently, Suaruriu and Suarukou joined Gran Maria, Kuudel, and Corone in patrolling the sky with the harpies.

I’m glad that Gran Maria and the others will have it a little easier.

……..Suaruriu and Suarukou were beaten up?

Loo and Flora, heal them.

It seems like they were jumped at by demon beasts when they were flying low.

It seems like they managed to survive with the help of the kuros.

Several kuros, the ones who helped them, look proud.

I patted them for doing a job well done.

Only after our transaction with Michael-san will Beezel come.

This time, he’s a little late. Did anything happen?

「Socializing with other nobles. Though I’m in the position where I can refuse, it is impossible to decline everyone.」

「That would be awful.」

「Yeah. Aside from socializing, there are also some requests….how about a little…will it be alright if we increase the amount with this much?」


I avoided committing to his request and passed it into the civil servant girls.

Seasoning is popular.

Alcohol too….checking the requester, it seems like it was Hou, one of the four heavenly kings.

There are also from the demon king, Yuri, Randan, and Glatts.

Ah, Glatts’ letter for Ronana.

I’ll give it to her.

Though his planned purchased is lesser than what he got, Beezel was still satisfied when we talked about the new centaurs.

As of now, there are 41 of them who wanted to migrate here.

That is considerably more than what I heard before.

For the time being, let’s listen to what Village Three’s Glueworld and its caretaker Rashaashi’s opinion.

When I asked Beezel, it seems like aside from having their acquaintances here, it was to reduce the mouths to feed this coming winter.

Centaurs are moving in other towns and villages to evacuate from the battlefield….

And because of their body sizes, they cannot stay in an ordinary house aside from the children.

It was still manageable during this summer and autumn but the consumption will surely increase during winter especially that they are still looking for a place to stay. I’m sorry to say but they are nothing but baggage.

This might be selfish of me but, we could have used them as manpower until now…..even accepting one centaur now can be considered us being generous.

That’s how it is.

For the time being, the migrant applicants also understand their position so they are taking the attitude of “will follow any condition”.

The condition in question is to follow the rules of the village and recognize Glueworld as their representative.

But there’s one problem.

One of them has a peerage.

It seems to be a baron and one who has served the demon king’s kingdom well.

Glueworld is only a relative of a retainer of a viscount.

In short, a commoner.

If a titled noble follow her, what will happen in the future?

It has become a talk of removing that noble’s peerage then gave it back later but it was rejected.

Though there are various things that should be said, Rashaashi summarized it easily….

It is impossible to remove that title then give it back because it was a title that was gained in war.

What a bother.

By the way, the peerage holder is a 10-year-old girl.

It is impossible for a child to accept a war merit title.

What should we do….

The next day.

「Are you fine with being a viscount?」

「Even being a baron is already too much.」

「Okay. Well then….cough. Glueworld Rabi Cole, you are now a viscount of the demon king’s kingdom. Work hard.」

The demon king showed dignity that he does not usually show and bestowed Glueworld peerage.

「Looking at it, can peerage this easily obtained?」

「Normally, it’s impossible.」

Rashaashi answers my question.

「Once you become a noble, your family will have duty and obligations…no one is exempted of them.」

To think that one will actually lose most of their rights once he becomes a noble.

On the other hand, though I’m not sure, it seems like nobles receive salary from the kingdom.

I don’t like that kind of arrangement.

But given our current situation, peerage of at least a baron is necessary.

「My apologies for troubling you to come here for only this.」

After the ceremony, I served the demon king and Beezel tea.

The ennoblement earlier was performed at the hall of my mansion.

「Hahaha, it’s the village chief’s request. We don’t mind.」

As for me, I don’t have any peerage so won’t there be any problem?

「I’ll say it again, you don’t need to do something about Viscount Cole. Her title is only in name.」

「I understand.」

I also want to refrain from being confused.

「Can you also explain it properly to those troublesome guys?」

「Troublesome guys?」

I looked at where the demon king is pointing at.

I saw Dors and ancestor-san.

I explain everything to them.

By the way….

Is Glueworld, who stopped moving, still okay in the hall?

After muttering that….

「If I guess it right…..when she became a viscount, she was not able to handle it and her innermost self collapsed.」

Let’s leave her to Rashaashi.

「Even I have things that can’t handle.」

The new centaurs will migrate soon.

Currently, the high elves are building new houses in Village Three.

Dors had come here to check Hakuren’s condition.

When I was thinking if Raimeiren will get angry, I heard that Raimeiren is already on her way here.

To put it simply, she is about to give birth.

Soon, Doraim will come with some devils to prepare for her birth.

Thanking you in advance.

Ancestor-san came here simply to enjoy the hot spring.

There’s no accommodation in the hot spring so he’s staying at my mansion.

Teleportation magic is really convenient but I think it would be better for him to go home….

I can’t tell him something that cruel.

Ah, he also took Dors who can’t hide his aura because of his excitement for his grandchild.

There’s already this strange pressure even before Hakuren gives birth.

The demon king will come too?

Even Beezel?

Then, I’ll go with you too….

I was surprised when we arrived at the hot spring.

The ghost knight increases to three.

What happened?

Did those two got her normally or were they invited by the first one to help with managing this place?

Maa, they are not hostile so there’s no problem.


This is a hot spring, won’t their armor corrode more here?

Let’s make wooden armors for them too.

Their swords are still shiny.

Were they processed in a special way?

Maa, those won’t be useful in managing this hot spring….no, they’ll definitely useful in defeating the monsters here.

There’s a mountain of monster corpse nearby….that reminds me, I found a panic caribou here before.

It seems like I’m not that lucky this time.

I, Dors, ancestor-san, the demon king, and Beezel enter the hot spring and relaxed.

I was asked about the bloody viper’s eggs.

Like what I told Michael-san, I can only ask the titans in the northern dungeons for more.



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