Chapter 187 – Catapult

There are a lot of things to do in autumn.

After harvesting, it is time to prepare for winter.

And in Big Tree Village, there is the need to prepare for the martial arts tournament.

There is also the matter with the new centaur migrants.

We’re really that busy.

However, even though I know that we’re busy, why did I make something unnecessary?

I don’t really remember why.

Presently, there is this huge catapult before me.

Of course, this is something I made together with the mountain elves.

It all began when we are thinking about how to harness the power of the waterwheel.

Presently, waterwheel is mainly used for drawing water and threshing so the villagers requested to have more ways of using it.

As the result, we thought of a device that can harness the waterwheel’s power to send something in the air.

We were truly reckless at that time.

I really don’t remember why we’ve decided to make a catapult….maybe it was when we are thinking of how to send something to a distance.

Catapult already exists in this world and the mountain elves know how it looks.

As for me, I have never seen one.

Did they take that chance to run wild?

I don’t know where I should measure its size but it is probably about 5 meters.

Since we’re thinking about “transporting things”, it has wheels.

It looks like the common type of catapult which has a counterbalance.

That thing is in front of me.

And this probably has no use.

That might be the case but since we have already made it, we have to use it.

I know that everyone’s busy….

I and the mountain elves move the catapult to the south part of the village.

We set it up in the racetrack and the target at the forest in the south.

「The target is about 200 meters. Can we hit it?」

「Let’s us show you how.」

I can see the overflowing confidence of the mountain elves.

They’re reliable.

For the time being, let’s notify the kuros and the spiderlings first.

I don’t want any accident to happen.

Ursa and the spectators should leave too.

And in case something unusual happened, there shouldn’t be anyone on the back line too.

Who knows if it’ll fly back if something failed?

Though we should have prepared rocks for this catapult, we changed it to wood.

A one-meter cube.

I shaved down the edges to make it rounder.


There are three cubic ammo including the spares.

It took us a long time to set it up.

If you want a simple explanation with this catapult, I should describe it with a seesaw who’s fulcrum is not positioned on the center.

The counterweight is attached on the short side of the seesaw while the projectile will be loaded on the long side.


First shot.

It draws a parabola….

It hits the ground 10 meters away from the target.

That’s too far.

However, the spectators are very excited.

They shouldn’t be.

They look like they want to ride it and use it to fly.

Let’s just go with the second shot.

Second shot.

It looks like the adjustment was successful.

There are shouts of joy.

However, the mountain elves are not satisfied.

They silently prepared for the third shot.

Third shot.

It hits the middle of the target.

The mountain elves raise their arms in rejoice.

The board that supposed to be the target….was crushed.

It is quite powerful.


However, this is something unnecessary for farmers.

This is a siege weapon.

I’m hesitant to sell it. While I’m thinking of what to do with it, the wine slime came.

Do you want to use it to fly?


What is it?


Gather the cubes we used as projectile earlier.

And put a parachute on it.

I think that’s what the wine slime is trying to say.

We did just that and tried using it.


After going up for about 100 meters, it falls.

The parachute opened.


That looks exciting.

Though it looks exciting, it flew with great force.

I don’t think it should be used to living beings.

Wine slime, give it up.

It won’t matter even if you sulk.

You can just ask Rasuti next time….or even the angels.

We had Kierbit, who came to check us out, carry the wine slime on a parachute to the sky.

It looks happy.

Ah, it was blown away by the wind to the forest….ah, the spiderlings have attached a web to it.


It looks like playing with a kite.

It landed safely.

Get it.

Ursa, stop.

It won’t matter even if you sulk.

No matter what, you won’t be the ammo of the catapult.

In addition to Ursa, the spectators are surrounding the catapult.

They requested to set up more targets.

They requested to mass produce the ammo too.

The parachuted cube is surprisingly accurate.

Is this thing really useless?

For instance, we can probably use it to deliver a lunchbox for someone at a distance….no.

The mountain elves look like they are thinking about how to improve the catapult.

Aren’t you supposed to be thinking of harnessing the power of waterwheel?

Why did you suddenly became serious?


The civil servant girls are staring at us.

Okay, let’s get back to work!


You want to try the catapult?

You can certainly do that.

The people who are enjoying it are probably satisfied now.

Still, I think it’s dangerous to play with it.

Someone needs to supervise.

I understand.

I’ll go back to work alone.

But let me remind you.

Don’t try shooting a living thing using it.

Also, improve it moderately.


If you don’t fold the parachute neatly, it will be dangerous.

I know that you find it interesting but don’t go overboard.

Wine slime….ah, it looks satisfied already.

During dinner, the mountain elves are thinking of how many catapults are needed to capsize a rampart.

Don’t just plan to attack a castle.

Let’s just eat this mushroom nabe.

Twin angels and Kierbit’s POV

「Kierbit-sama, is it always like this?」

「Yes, it’s always like this.」

「They suddenly took out a catapult so I thought something is happening…they did not use it for training but for playing.」

「There is no planned invasion. In addition, that catapult is unnecessary since we have that spear.」

「Certainly. Kuudel really loves it.」

「It’s because that girl is absurdly accurate. Maa….I absolutely don’t want to fight against this village.」

「Eh? Do you feel hostile against this place? If that happens, I can only do my best. I’m already part of this village after all.」

「O-of course not. I’m only saying it as a hypothetical story. I’m part of this village too.」

「Ahahaha. By the way, this mushroom nabe is…delicious desu.」

「Yes, delicious. I have to ask them to teach me how to cook this.」

Beastkin father and son POV

「Dad, is it always like this?」

「Yes, it’s always like this.」

「I never thought that there would be a time that I’ll be able to touch a catapult.」

「How was it?」

「It’s difficult to hit the target. I tried using my water as ammo but it was useless.」

「You’re the one who scattered those water? The ammo needs to be really durable to withstand that kind of catapult. 」

「Right. I will study a lot. I want to make a catapult too. 」

「Hahaha. Thought I never heard anything about sieging a castle, you can try making one. 」

「Is it alright? 」

「Yeah but you have to make it properly…..making the real thing will surely be hard. Make a miniature and show it to the village chief or the mountain elves for their opinion. 」

「All right. I will do it! 」

「Hahaha. Come on, let’s eat. Today is mushroom nabe. 」

「Yeah. 」



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