Chapter 193 – After Festival Impression?


「Fuka-san, what’s wrong?」

「Is this a mythical country?」


「Is this place a mythical country?」

「Wait wait…..ehto. Calm down.」

「I’m calm.」

「Then what are you suddenly asking?」

「Dragons…this place is full of them.」

「Full of them.」

「The arm wrestling, the tug of war? Aren’t they there? I saw them join.」

「It was fun.」

「Yes. It was fun. The food is wonderful and delicious too. In other words, THIS IS A MYTHICAL COUNTRY!」

「Ahaha….it is really really close to being one but it is not.」

「Glueworld-san, I would like to join the martial arts tournament when I grow up too. First, I’ll join the common section and win.」

「Ahaha. In order to do that, you must do your best to make your body bigger.」

「Yes, I’ll do my best.」

The beastkin Gulf and the lizardman Daga and looking back at yesterday’s matches while doing some physical exercise.

「I thought that my battle with Kierbit-san will be a little more formal.」

「Fighting against an angel has too many unknown factors.」

「Mou, I would have had a better chance if there’s a couple of my before my fight with her….」

「But that will also apply on her side. Don’t you think that you have certain habits that you usually overlook?」

「Habit, you mean attack pattern? If that is the case, I can fix that by increasing my derivation.」

「Even if you increase your derivations, your root is still the same. You were even smashed before you shown that increase of derivation of yours. Isn’t that the reason why you lost to Kierbit-dono?」

「That’s because I never thought that she’ll use her lance as a decoy and suddenly perform a kicking technique….」

「Kierbit-dono might have thought in advance that unarmed attack is almost non-existent if you talk about angels’ way of fighting.」

「That might be the case….haa, in short, I only lack the ability.」

「Maa maa, good, now that our body has warmed up, let’s do it.」

「Okay, let’s stop talking about Kierbit-san.」

「Umu, let’s think about it as a story of the past. I’ll beat you up now.」

「Let’s go.」

「This year was amazing too.」

「I agree. You too….you almost had it.」

The demon king’s kingdom’s four heavenly kings member, Randan and Beezel, are muttering while eating at a table in the inn.

「The matches are…..on a level where you can’t plan ahead.」

「That can’t be.」

「No no, all participants are preserving their physical strength because it is a consecutive battle. I tried my best to win and even if I can win once, it is impossible to win the next match. And you have seen the result.」

「Though you’ve fought individually, you brought the prestige of the demon king’s kingdom with you.」

「And because of that, my pride and confidence were shattered. Can’t you just draw Gulf to the demon king’s kingdom?」

「That’s impossible. He migrated to Big Tree Village a while ago.」

「It is already too late huh….When I met him in Shashaato City, maybe I should have been more forceful.」

「He seems to have a warrior’s character. He could have been a general or an instructor for the demon king’s kingdom.」

「Right……By the way, how about the lamias and the titans?」

「There is a possibility….if we can have the lamias and titans lead a unit, do you think we might be able to gain their knowledge?」

「I’m not sure but that’s possible.」

「I will try to consult them but don’t expect anything.」

「Ask them as much as possible.」

「It seems like my daughter has some sort of friendship with the lamias. Speaking of which, has your little sister’s matter been settled?」

「Oh, that? It will take a little longer.」

「Religion leader, calming prayer is now over.」

「Thank you for your hard work. Yesterday was exciting.」

「Indeed. Those matches are simply this world’s best battles.」

「Hahaha, since the matches are really at the level of being the best in the world, even Dors and Girar wanted to participate. What do you think of the demon king? He was not gutsy at all.」

「That’s because even us non-participants are…..we can feel how great the participants are. Even my own body tense up.」

「Do you feel your blood boiling?」

「Sort of. However, the me now can only manage the common section…..I can’t win in warrior’s section.」

「Is that so?」

「For now, my subordinates…I want to push my son there in the future.」

「Hahaha, your subordinates aside, I feel sorry for your son for deciding for him without permission.」

「It’s okay because he is my son. Once he watches the matches here, he’ll surely aim to be part of it.」

「Don’t just talk about the matters in your own house. Also, don’t cry later once he decided to leave home.」

「I understand. However, if my son says that he wants to be strong, I hope you can cooperate.」

「I will not spare any effort for that.」

「Thank you very much. Well then, religion leader, we should slowly….」

「Yeah, we have to prepare for seven more places.」

「Okay, I’m looking forward to it. By the way, before we go, can I ask a question?」

「What is it?」

「Is a hot spring break included in our schedule….」

「That’s the reason why we brought towels so you can rest assured.」

「Is that so? Are we going to visit the hot spring every time we finished our job in one place?」

「What are you saying Fushu? It is a proper act to cleanse one’s body before worship.」

「Indeed. My sincerest apology.」

「It is good that you understand. Have you prepared the bento?」

「Yes, it’s here.」

「Then, let’s go. Ah, let’s go to the hot spring first. I have to take the ghost knight back to the hot spring.」

Dors and Girar had been taking a bath since noon.

「What do you intend to do with Guraru?」

「I’ll have her stay here.」

「If the village chief will permit it, it will be great but if not…..clan head will just have to come here frequently.」

「I’m thinking of living here too.」

「You think you will be permitted to do so? And how about your territory?」

「I’ll leave it to you.」

「Don’t….and why did you even thought of that? Isn’t clan head fighting for his territory for a long time because you don’t want to part with it?」

「That’s right but…..even I don’t know why I’m so particular with that place.」

「Did you find something there?」

「I really don’t know. Suddenly, my mind becomes enlightened. After that, I don’t get irritated easily anymore and I became healthy too. I also hate to see the sun before but now, basking in the sun has become my hobby.」

「Did your attribute change?」

「No, it’s still dark.」

「Is that so? Maa, you don’t have to give up your territory even if you live here.」

「Are you sure you’ll let me enjoy that much?」


「What if you retire too?」

「When I said that to Raimeiren before, she became incredibly angry.」


「Don’t laugh. She said that if I’ll retire, there’s no reason for me to live anymore. I was seriously prepared to die at that time.」

「Rather than you, I think Raimeiren is the dragon king.」

「I think so too…..but only males can inherit the dragon king title.」

「It was a rule that was selfishly decided, right?」

「That’s right but we can’t take it down since we have been protecting it for a very long time.」

「Certainly. Hey, how about having the village chief inherit the dragon king title? He is Hakuren’s husband so he’s qualified to be the dragon king.」

「That joke is…..surprisingly a good idea.」


「This time, let’s take to Raimeiren. Clan head will propose it.」

「Wai, stop. I don’t want to be targeted.」

「No no, if the village chief succeeds, who do you think will be the next one? Raimeiren will easily accept that.」

「Hiichirou as the dragon king? Thinking about it, once Guraru marries him and I’m sure that child can do it….dragon king…. But what will happen to the bloodline and title of dark dragon?」

「Don’t call him dark dragon king. It stinks.」

「Then how about dragon dark king?」

「You just changed the arrangement.」

「Does dragon king dark dragon sounds weird?」

「That’s weird. Think harder.」

「Okay. But are you sure you should be saying that? Just look at Doraim and Domaim.」

「I’m always told that it was unpleasant for the ears…..when I tried consulting Suiren’s husband before, he rejected them while laughing.」

「…..let’s get out of the bath. Yeah, let’s have a drink.」

「Demon king-sama, just now, I heard an incredible conversation….」

「Glatts, we have not heard anything. You. Didn’t. Hear. Anything.」

「…..hahaha. That’s right. It might be some sort of auditory hallucination. Okay, let’s wash our body. Let me wash your back.」


Michael-san and the civil servant girls are holding a ledger and seemed to be troubled.

「If the same deal continues, all of the gold coins of the demon king’s kingdom will be sent here.」

「But we’re consuming them as much as….」

「It’s not enough. This might sound rude but you are similar to a noble house that’s hoarding money. The economy will break down if you don’t spend as much as you consume.」


「Yeah. This village is self-sufficient so….the demon king’s kingdom will be the one who’ll suffer.」

「That’s not our intention. Then, what should be done?」

「You will be most welcome if you buy something in large quantities….Even so, with the size of the village, there’s a limit to what you can buy. As a proposal…..I recommend building a facility that you can spend your village’s money.」

「A facility to spend money at?」

「Yes. For example, a shop similar to mine in Shashaato City or building a food factory or an entertainment facility.」

「Food factory…..that is something that Flora-sama said before in regards to seasoning. If we build that, won’t it be a competitor of your store?」

「It’s okay since I’m making enough money elsewhere. Of course, if you need a sales channel, I can provide that.」

「If you yourself is saying that, then I think it is fine….What kind of facility is an amusement facility?」

「A stadium, a stage, show booth, storytelling shed, etc. Though I don’t want to say this to women, there is also brothel. Ah, you don’t have to focus on an amusement facility, you can build a normal restaurant if you want.」

「If we build something like that, it can’t be considered as a facility that uses money, isn’t it? But if make the price cheap, the nearby shops will be destroyed.」

「You can consider the price to some extent….In any case, in a restaurant, just because you are selling doesn’t mean you’re making a profit. 」

「Hnn….there is a possibility of losing if an amateur will take care of it and it might even be destroyed and waste the capital….and that will be a facility that will use our money. 」

「That’s right. 」

「But the village will suffer one-sidedly. Is there any merit for the village? 」

「You can introduce the village’s crops and products….but those already have the best reputation. 」

「Reputation? 」

「Yes. Presently, Big Tree Village has zero reputation. It is only known by a few individuals. 」

「The village chief doesn’t especially need reputation in particular. 」

「Then you don’t have to think about it…. Sooner or later, this place will be known. In any case, if you have reputation, you can easily deal with those who’ll spread malice. 」

「Spread malice? 」

「It is a story that has been going on ever since…..just by having a lot of money will make others hate you. 」

「And if we are already reputable, we can offset those malicious intent. 」

「No. Please consider creating an organization that will make sure that Big Tree Village will remain hidden and will never be known to public. 」

TN: I’m not sure why but I remember that when Hiraku met Beezel for the first time and proposed that the village will then be a part of the demon king’s kingdom, everything was made public including the location of the village. That’s how Gulf and the others found their village.

「……I see. That method will keep out nuisance from the village.」

「Yes. And it can also be used as an information gathering base. Presently, me, demon king-sama, dragon king-sama, Doraim-sama, and Korin Religion’s founder-sama are the people who are collecting information for you….let me tell you this, it is a terrible way of gathering information. How rude of me. Me included, don’t you think that the informations sent to you have a speed problem?」

「If we do it in Shashaato City, will we be receiving your cooperation?」

「We will fully cooperate.」

「I understand. I’ll summarize our discussion and send a proposal to the village chief. When the time comes, will you listen to our requests?」

「I don’t mind. My best regards.」

「Ah, right. Now….about the consumption.」

「The marine products I brought this time is enough to last till winter.」

「I see. Ah, the village chief wants a lot of shrimp.」


「Shrimp. Not small ones but big ones. He said that it is for good luck.」

「Understood. I will stock up and deliver them before winter. After that…」


「Please do your best. This time, if you don’t use back the gold coins, Shashaato City will be in danger. So please.」

「If the worst is to come, we’ll lend it to you with no interest and no collateral.」

「I’m happy for your trust but that is something I can’t permit as a president of a company. Please. Please buy something. Buy anything.」


The kuros, they are behaving unusual this time.

They are running around the village with all their power.

From morning until now….and the sun is already on the verge of setting….are they okay?

「Village chief, please do it sloowwlllyyyy.」

「Hnn, okay.」

I shut myself in a cabin with Flora.

She has been continuously casting healing magic since the martial arts tournament so I’m here to soothe her since she had a really hard time.

I was thinking of massaging or cooking for her but I never thought that I’ll be continuously using the AFT to ferment something.

「So this is natto that village chief has been saying before….fufufu」

「I’m, not good with natto.」

「But a person you hold dearly likes it, right?」

「It is as you said but….how about we make cheese?」

「We already have cheese. And this is a food that I have never seen before….fufufu」

「Flora, given your characteristic, I’m not sure if you’ll like it.」

Though I said that, I can already see the completion of natto.


How about doing something to make it less stinky when you eat it?



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