Chapter 192 – Third Martial Arts Tournament, Knight Section


The festival continues as we start preparing for the second day of the martial arts tournament.

Though I said preparing, there’s not really much to do since everything we only need to put back everything that the model matches have disturbed.

It was done immediately.

As expected, there’s not much racket that the model matches have caused.

Gulf’s son has repaired a number of stone pavement though.


「Martial arts tournament, knight section, start!」

Cheers of joy were heard from the audience.

There are many participants this year.

Vampire Loo.

Angels Tier, Gran Maria, Kuudel, Corone, Kierbit, Suaruriu, and Suarukou.

High elf Ria.

Oni Ann.

Lizardman Daga.

Devils Bulga and Stifano.

And five other devils who are here as Hakuren’s midwives.

Beastkin Gulf.

Mountain elf Ya.

Lamias Junea and Sunea.

TN: Chapter 190 says 3 lamias arrived and last chapter there are two lamias who joined warriors section and now there are Junea and Sunea. Let’s assume that the other one is here in the village as hired workforce (since its autumn). There might be more than four of them.

Two titans.

Three inferno wolves: Uno, Masayuki’s son, and Fubuki’s son.

Four demon spiders. Their sizes vary from one tatami mat to half tatami mat big.

It looks like Makura won’t be participating this year.

And one ghost knight.

Ancestor-san took it here using teleportation magic.

A total of 32 participants.

The number is totally convenient for the tournament because we had the devil midwives join in order to have the right number of participants.

Dors’ clan guaranteed their ability so there’s no problem having them fight in knight section.

This is a fair and square arrangement.

There’s no seeded participant.

From morning till night, 31 matches will be held.

As for the first 16 matches, the first round, the strength of the devils was highlighted.

Aside from Bulfa and Stifano, four of the five midwives won and went up to the next round.

The defeated midwife’s opponent is the ghost knight.

The ghost knight’s weapon is only a wooden sword but it still managed to take out the devil midwife using its sword art.

I even felt its killing intent for a moment.

It was a good match.

And there’s also an unexpected defeat, Uno.

He fought against one of the devil midwives and was defeated because of illusion magic.

Similarly, Masayuki’s son and Fubuki’s son were defeated in the same way.

Is inferno wolves’ compatibility with devils that bad?

Or maybe, the devils got information form Bulga and Stifano on how the kuros fight and the kuros, on the other hand, don’t know how the devils fight.

The two lamias and two titans were not able to pass round one either.

Gran Maria, Kuudel, and Corone are also defeated.

I’m not sure if I can say that Suaruriu and Suarukou are lucky or not since they are each other’s opponent.

At the end of a mud fight, Suarukou won.

After their mud fight is a match between Loo and Tier.

However, contrary to expectations, their battle is also a mud fight.

Tier managed to win somehow.

Alfred, who’s watching next to me, looks disappointed.

Kierbit fought against Gulf.

It is a high-speed match.

It looks like a match on who’s going to hit first. Kierbit managed to knee Gulf’s stomach.

That decided the match.

Mountain elf Ya vs high elf Ria

Ya persevered but Ria won technically.

It was a complicated battle.

16 participants remain for the second round.

Angels Tier, Kierbit and Suarukou.

High elf Ria.

Oni Ann.

Lizardman Daga.

Devils Bulga, Stifano, and four midwives.

Spiderling A, B, and C.

Ghost knight.

Given the previous round….my money is with the ghost knight.

But Tier, Ria, and Ann have my support.

Ah, I’ll cheer for Daga and the spiderlings too.

I’m a bit disappointed with what happened to Uno.

Are you okay?

Are you scared of Kurosan? Masayuki and Fubuki are already waiting there.

I’ll go with you.

You did your best but disappointed with the result?

It’s fine it’s fine….ah, Kurosan, Masayuki, Fubuki….take care of him for me.

Masayuki is not that angry.

It looks like the angry one was Masayuki’s son’s partner.

Let it be, let it be. Just treat it as a learning experience.

You’ll probably lose too if you’re the one who’ll fight there.

Don’t you think you’re overreacting…..ah, but if you think about it, in the wild, once you lose a battle, you’ll die.

It is probably the reason why they are like that.

Second round.

The devils are unfortunate in this round. There are two matches where they’ll fight against each other.

One of the battles is Stifano against a midwife and Stifano advances to the third round.

In the battle between two midwives, one wins.

TN: Who would have thought?

Bulga fights against Ann.

She was hit by Ann repeatedly.

「Each of you blows is too heavy….」

Tier is still affected by her mud fight during the first round so she’s a bit lifeless and was defeated by a spiderling.

By the way, Tiselle is sleeping soundly during that time.

The battle of Daga and Kierbit is like a replay of Kierbit’s battle against Gulf.

However, it was not Kierbit who won but Daga.

「That move, I’ve seen that a while ago.」

That’s a cool line.

Ria fights against a spiderling.

She skillfully evaded the webs and approached the spiderling. The spiderling surrenders when she got her hands on it.

「I think you are trying to imitate Makura-san’s moves but given you characteristic, it is not suitable for you, don’t you think?」

The spiderling seems to be struck by Ria’s words and is now seriously thinking about it.

The ghost knight one hit KO Suarukou.

「I wasn’t able to do anything.」

The last match is a battle between the remaining devil midwife and a spiderling.

At the beginning of the match, I thought that the midwife’s illusion magic on the spiderling had decided the match but who would have thought that the spiderling is only acting.

It tied the midwife when it lowers its guard and won.

「Eh eh eh? What’s thiisssss」

Thus, the second round has come to an end.

There are eight participants left.

High elf Ria.

Oni Ann.

Lizardman Daga.

Devils Stifano and a midwife.

Spiderling A and B.

Ghost knight.

There will be a break at that point.

Cheer dance and song will be performed by volunteers.

The harpies don’t seem to be that enthusiastic during their turn.

Fushu can sing huh.

Her voice is really beautiful.

Michael-san too?

I’m unfamiliar with that song but it is okay.

Glatts and Ronana intrude and sing something like a love song.

Yeah, it has become something like a karaoke tournament.

During that break, I eat.

I am basically in charge of the martial arts tournament so I can’t afford to eat while watching a match.

I’m a bit envious of the audience who can eat and drink anytime they want.

Ancestor-san, who’s serving as a referee, also came to eat.

Thank you for your hard work.

Third round.

The first match is a battle between Ria and the devil midwife.

The midwife, who’s ability has now come to light in her previous match, was played by Ria and defeated as it is.

It seems like illusion magic is only deadly when used in an unaware victim.

Next is a match between a spiderling and Stifano.

Though I thought that the one with the advantage is the spiderling, Stifano avoids the webs as she approaches it. Victory was decided when she got the spiderling.

「We’re also getting stronger.」

Ann and Daga.

It is a battle between senior villagers.

Daga’s sword art was evaded and Daga’s body floats because of Ann’s blow.

Yeah, the whole match continued to be like that.

Daga did his best but he wasn’t able to do anything.

The last match is the battle of the ghost knight against a spiderling.

The ghost knight slowly swings its sword as it approaches the spiderling. The spiderling surrenders when it was close enough.

When I was wondering what was happening, I heard Raimeiren explains it to Kwon.

Apparently, the spiderling is attacking as it threw web against it however, it seems like it gave up because it felt that the power difference is so great since everything it did was cut but its sword.

Web is it….looking at the place closely, there are countless of needle-like things on the floor.

It’s throwing something like that to attack?

That’s pretty scary.

And the ghost knight repels all of it.

So strong.


First match is Ria versus Stifano.

Since they both have seen each other’s abilities during the previous matches, I wonder if they still have hidden cards in hand.

Ria attacks using her bow and arrow and she also uses throwing technique.

In addition, she can also grapple but….Stifano overpowers her and wins the match.

「Try to be this year’s champion.」

Next is Ann versus the ghost knight.

Ann’s blow and the ghost knight’s sword art clash.

Unlike the previous battle with the spiderling, though still visible, its speed is astonishing.

Both sides stand their grounds while exchanging non stop attacks.

Dodododododo the sounds of clashing continues, then, a sudden dull noise settled it all.

The ghost knight’s sword breaks.

It is not its usual shiny sword but a wooden sword for this sparring.

It became something that pulls it down.

I also felt bad because I’m the one who gave it to it.

I’m sorry.


The fact that the sword breaks means that your technique is still unpolished so I shouldn’t be bothered….

Ghost knight.

Thank you.

I’ll make you a shield next time.

At any rate, Ann is in the final.

Final match.

It is a battle between the devil Stifano and the oni Ann.

Unfortunately, the final is not that exciting.

Immediately after the start of the match, Ann charges.

She delivered a straight punch. Her charge even breaks the stone pavement she steps in. Stifano evaded Ann’s punch and counter-attacked at Ann’s jaw.

Ann is down. That ended the match.

Knight section, the winner is Stifano.

「Ahaha, I’m happy to win….excuse me, please have someone heal me.」

One of Stifano’s arm was dangled.

It seems like she wasn’t able to fully evade Ann’s attack.

「It’s not broken. It’s only dislocated.」

Flora is still treating Ann who had been down.

After that, she healed Stifano’s arm.

Magic is amazing.

Ann, who had been down, wakes up.

「That the attack I’m saving for the final….to think that it will be evaded.」

You have worked hard so I should probably….her head……I patted her on her back.

「I’m glad that you’re thinking about me but I would prefer if you pat me on my head.」

I got scolded.

And the award ceremony.

It will be time for the banquet. The tournament ground now will be open for free matches.

「The referee should be ready. It won’t start unless both sides agree. No one will force anyone.」

There are also rules for free matches.

I left it to Dors as he’s going to be the referee but….I want you to stop any matches between dragons.

The civil servant girls began giving off an “it’s finally finished” atmosphere and began eating.

「Ahhh…..this alcohol is delicious.」

「This food….I’m finally able to eat.」

「Right. We still have to clean up tomorrow so we should relax. Don’t drink too much.」

I’m also eating while observing them.

After eating, we head for my residence and put Alfred and Tiselle to sleep.

Afterwards….maa, what do you think?

There were some people who are fighting against each other via arm wrestling at a part of the hall.

That’s good since they’ll unlikely be injured that way.

Peace is great.

「Flora-saaaannn, m-my arm is broken.」


I will soothe Flora later.

Yes, I will especially soothe her.

This year’s martial arts tournament ended.



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