Chapter 199 – Trouble Visit

Trouble suddenly comes.

Though I already know about it, I forgot it until we encountered it.

That’s the only time I remember to deal with the trouble.

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Trouble came from the sky in the southeast.

It looks like a castle on a bedrock with a slim tetrahedron on top.

My first impression is it a flying soft cream.

Wait a minute, soft cream? I feel like I’ve seen one before.

A castle flying in the sky overflowing with romance.

I remember an anime I watched when I was a kid.

I would like to go there if possible.

Maa, even if it is impossible to go there, looking at it at a distance is already exciting.

That is.

If that thing is harmless.

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Its existence has already been confirmed 10 days ago. Gran Maria’s group reported that it is approaching Big Tree Village little by little.

It certainly looks bigger and bigger as it approaches.

I think it is as high as 1000 meters.

Hakuren, Rasuti, Tier, and Gran Maria are considering to scout.

When we were assembling the group, the soft cream politely declares war on our village.

And by using a 3D image.

A 10 meter tall, slightly transparent man appeared in front of my mansion.

He has bat wings on his back that means he’s a devil.

「My name is Kuzuden! Foolish humans! Unfortunately for you, we are occupying this castle! Your hopes have been destroyed! You should despair! Fuhahahahahahahahahahahaha!」


First of all, I consulted the people around me.

Everyone recognized the soft cream as an enemy.

Because it is approaching the Big Tree Village little by little, it has been judged that it will be best to shoot it down immediately.

I transformed the AFT into a spear and threw it.

The spear flew in a straight line and hits the cone portion of the soft cream.

About a third of the cone below fell.

「Maybe you should hit the more upper part?」


I agree with Gran Maria so I’ll aim a little higher.

Then, Kuzuden’s holographic image in dogeza appeared.

「I’m sorry. Please forgive me.」

Isn’t it too early to surrender?

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Kuzuden told us his story using his holographic image.

The name of the flying soft cream is Sun Castle.

A long time ago, according to written documents, the castle has been recorded to be roaming in the sky for at least 2000 years.

It is said that there was a race called godkins who attacked demons along with humans.

The devil race became something like the arrowhead against them.

That happened a thousand years ago.

Afterwards, the godkins and the devils clashed several more times with the sun castle as the stage and the devils finally kicked out the godkins after 500 years.

And they are now the occupants of the sun castle.

Though he said that they already occupied it, they only seized about a 20th of the sun castle.

In addition, because the godkins resisted until the very end, before they escaped, they managed to activate the autopilot so the devils were unable to control the sun castle.

Another thing is, the sun castle moved high and the devils that occupied it were not able to return.

At first, they thought of various ways to escape but after 10 years of trying, they gave up and tried to adapt to their new place.

Kuzuden seems to be a devil that was born on sun castle.

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「So, why did you suddenly declare war with the village?」

「A-according to the ancient rite, we must do that as soon as we saw humans …」

There also seems to be an announcement in the castle.

Announcement in the castle ………

In my point of view, this castle was downgraded from overflowing with romance to a tourist attraction.

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In other words, it is moving towards Big Tree Village because of autopilot.

Because of that, the devils have to declare war since it is like their ancient rite.

「Yes, that’s correct.」

「Are all the devils in the castle strong in battle?」

「Ha-half…, not even a quarter.」

「Only a quarter can fight?」

「They are the old generation, the generation of my grandfather, that occupied the castle. There are almost none of them left.」

「Can you fight?」

「I’m really sorry.」

Kuzuden performed a very smooth dogeza.

To think that tension rose sky high during the declaration of war.

And after a single attack from me, he completely surrenders.


That’s good but…..

I looked at the villagers a little far away discussing something.

They are currently discussing where to drop the sun castle.

Their battle mode is still “on”.

It seems like they did not accept Kuzuden’s apology.

They want him to apologize in person.

There are some things that need to be asked.

「Kuzuden, is it impossible for you to come here?」

「Ehto …we can’t leave the castle.」


Can’t leave the castle?

That reminds me….

「What about the part of the castle that you are not occupying?」

「They have become monsters and demon beasts’ territories.」


Apparently, Kuzuden and the other devils are trapped inside the sun castle.

If that is the case, why have you said something that aggressive?

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The proposal of making the sun castle fall is canceled.

Kuzuden and the others will die but the troublesome part is what if the monsters and demon beasts survive?

I don’t want to solve it on our own if that happens… According to Kuzuden, there is a possibility of the castle being on standby once it reaches the sky above Big Tree Village.

That’s troublesome.

Who wants something above their head when they don’t know when it will fall?

We decided to “control” it.

It has become troublesome on choosing who should go.

Really troublesome.

In the end, it has become draw lots.

I wanted to use “raise your hand if you want to go” method but Alfred and Tiselle are here with Loo and Tier.

With that, I had no choice but to not say anything.


「I’m sorry.」

I swear I won’t go.

However, why are Loo and Tier raising their hands saying that they’ll go!

It is impossible for me to win against them with words.

Tell me why, god of draw lots!

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Since they will also be the means of transportation to the sun castle, Rasuti and Hakuren will automatically join.

They are full of motivation too.

Loo, Tier, Gran Maria, Kuudel, Corone, and Kierbit will also have the priority to go since they can fly.

What happened to the draw lots!

That’s dirty!

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The lizardman Daga and the beastkin Gulf were nominated.

They are pleased.

There are also several lizardmen and high elves.

Ria seems to have been left out.

The mountain elf Ya has been nominated.

Several other mountain elves have announced their participation as the draw lots continues.

It is rare for mountain elves to take part in something like this.

「We want to know how the mechanism of the floating castle works.」

「I understand how you feel but don’t overdo it.」


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First unit: the control force.

Hakuren, Loo, Tier, Gran Maria, Kuudel, Corone, Kierbit, Daga, Gulf, and Ya.

There are also four lizardmen, three high elves, and eight mountain elves.

A total of twenty-five people.

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Second unit: suppression force.

Rasuti and 100 kuros.

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The first unit will invade the upper part of the castle.

After meeting up with Kuzuden and collecting information, they’ll put the sun castle under their control.

The second unit will invade the lower part of the castle.

They exterminate monsters and demon beasts as soon as they meet them.

However, Rasuti can only safely transport 50 kuros in a single transport.

It will be hard for Rasuti but she’ll have to transport 40 first and 30 for the second and third.

The first 40 will be composed of the best. Even Uno and Kurosan are mixed in that batch.

I hope everyone will come back safely.

Once they get the information about the monsters and demon beasts from Kuzuden, it will be Loo’s turn to judge if it is safe for assault….

But I’m still worried.

「Don’t do anything unreasonable」

Loo came to me before leaving.

「My knowledge might come in handy in controlling the castle. Therefore, I must go.」

She’s probably right.

But don’t get hurt.

「Trust me.」

Next is Tier.

「I must be there in order to open the key.」


「Yeah, according to what Kuzuden says about godkins…. he’s talking about angels. It might be necessary for an angel to be there in order to control the sun castle.」

「What? Eh? Is that so?」

「The ancient angels are somewhat conceited because of the respect they got….. I will wash away that shameful dirty past of us.」

「Shameful dirty past?」

「Presently, there’s no one using the word “godkins”, right?」

Ah, so that’s what she means.

Hearing us, I can see Gran Maria and Kierbit blushing.


「Protect Kuzuden’s group. 」

「I know. We have to bring them here to he could properly apologize. However, it is still unknown whether we can really do that.」

Gran Maria smiles.

I can only nod to her.

Though Kuzuden is only a holographic projection….. At least he’s smart enough to apologize immediately.

Let’s treat him as someone understanding.

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Even though it is cold outdoors, the villagers gather and raise their hands in the air as they raise their voice.

In response to that, Hakuren’s Unit One and Rasuti’s Unit Two were dispatched.



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