Chapter 200 – Waiting for Sun Castle’s Suppression

Now that we are focusing on suppressing the sun castle, it doesn’t mean that the monsters and demon beasts of the forest will cut us some slack.

On the contrary, they might even take this as an opportunity to attack since out vigilance weakened.

Because of that, even though we’re only house sitting, we didn’t let our guard down.

Kuro’s group are still guarding the immediate vicinity while Suaruriu and Suarukou are scouting from the sky.

During this time, I thought of Zabuton.

No no, we have to do our best so she can hibernate in peace.

But there is nothing to do.

For the time being, let’s carry chairs and table in front of the mansion and sit there while looking at the sun castle and waiting for updates.

The sun castle is still really far.

I heard that it is about 3 km in diameter but from here, it is as large as a cup.

The altitude is a thousand meters.

Rasuti already carries the third group of kuros.

The next time she’ll be back is when they totally suppressed everything.

Though that is what to be expected….

I’m worried since the sun castle vibrating and several explosions are visible.

While I was absent minded, Ursa brought wood.

She made a spear.


By chance, was she inspired with the guy who had thrown a spear at the sun castle?

I don’t mind you making one but make the head rounder.

Also, don’t throw it against people or animals.


Did it just fly for about 60 meters?


The beastboys also brought wood.

Looking at it, they are making the same thing.


They also flew a good distance.

But not as good as Ursa’s.

I’ll make one for myself too.

I can throw the AFT in its spear form well but what about normal spear?


It falls after 10 meters.


I wonder if my timing is bad.


15 meters.


If I don’t have the AFT, I’m useless.


I have wisdom.

A javelin.

To put it simply, it is similar to a spear but with long pointed head.

Using this, it will definitely be further than a spear.

I made it at once.



The javelin fell in front of me.

It seems like I need to practice on how to throw it first.

I must reflect.


Ursa uses the javelin made by me and it flies for about a hundred meters.

I made more because the beastboys want one too.

Yeah, their flying beautifully.



It would be a lie if I say that I’m not annoyed.

Before I knew it, the high elves join us too.

Technical guidance is given by Ursa’s group.

It seems like they have shifted to hitting a target rather than flying further.

I prepared a bundle of straw as target and threw it out.

Because collecting javelin every now and then is troublesome, I mass produce them.

Since it has been started already, it will be safe to make the point sharper.

I mean, it is uncomfortable not seeing it stabbing something.

It is prohibited to use it if you’re alone.

If you disobey …what penalty do they dislike?

Can’t go out of the house, can’t eat snacks, increase the things to study….

Should I add Hakuren’s sermon?

Maa, she’ll probably defend them.

Ursa’s group is naughty but they understand what’s good and bad and do things properly.

They are also good at finding loopholes on what I said.

I am worried about the future a little.

Probably because I am working while thinking.

Before I notice it, I already made 100 javelins.

By the way, the high elves can easily hit the bundle of straw at 50 meters distance easily. Ursa hits it too but it doesn’t penetrate.

It seems like power decreases if you want to be accurate.

The beastboys are…..they can throw to that distance but their accuracy is bad.

I am pleased that we are doing something harmonious and happily even though it is cold.

Ann brought us some hot tea.



Is Ann interested in javelin too?

This will be troublesome.

Ann holds the javelin I made and throws it at the bundle of straw.

It hits the straw but continue to fly ahead until it broke a bunch of rocks.

「Good spear. The mansion must have 50 of them for immediate use.」

If a thief enters the mansion, it will be bad.

Maa, it is impossible to sneak in to the mansion because of the pups and the spiderlings.

Looking at it, the castle in the sky has fallen to an altitude of 500 meters.

I thought that it would fall as it is but it seems to be enduring it.

Ah …isn’t that Hakuren’s breath?

They’re doing something flashy.

Guraru wants to go but I didn’t permit her to do so.

You’re still a child so stay here.

In addition, if Guraru goes, Ursa will surely accompany her.

Is Guraru interested in javelin throw too?


It seems like I’m hungry from all of that.

There’s still time before dinner….

It can’t be helped.

Let’s make a light snack.

How about small pancakes?

Ah, yeah, I’ll also make some for you Ursa and the beastboys so don’t worry and continue the javelin throw.

I return to my house and mass produce small pancakes.

I put some honey and it’s ready to eat.

Yup, it’s popular.

I noticed that the castle in the sky tilted.

Will it overturn?

Ah, it turns back.

Do your best.

It is now at an altitude of 200 meters.

In the evening, just before the sun set, the first unit and Rasuti returned.

Kuzuden’s with them.

The second unit, the kuros suppression force, are still working hard.

The first unit, the control force, will report on the way before dinner.

Jaa, I thought that we will have dinner now but there was still something that needs to be taken care of first.

「I’m really sorry.」

Outside, in this cold winter, Kuzuden dogeza in front of me in his underwear.

He was about to get naked earlier but I stopped him.

I won’t be happy to see a naked man.

By the way, the children have returned to the mansion before he dogeza.

It is not something that they must see.

I really wanted him to stop his dogeza now but it might be inappropriate looking at the surrounding.

This is harsh.

After that, Loo and Kuzuden discussed something…..

Can you let him dress up first? He looks cold….

You’re choosing between cold and trouble?

Ah, there’s medicine and healing magic too.

Are you sure?

Then change your way of speaking.

I’m wearing clothes but I already feel cold so let’s round it up and eat.



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