INN Quiz 2

Like I said before, there’s a quiz every 100 chapters. This is just for fun so no need to take it seriously.


Quiz 2

Like the first one, here's the 2nd quiz. Coverage is from chapter 101 - chapter 200.

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  1. LongXi

    4/12 smh. i bring shame to our house

  2. Surya_Akira

    8/12 need some study :v

  3. dimas

    how make quiz like this in website friend ? use what ?

  4. markov37

    Hello! I make new account before is markov i think. This sites comments bugged i cannot write on phone, do not know why. If you see 3 of the same comment 40 chapters ~ back then you know it works now at least.

  5. markov37

    This comment is still not showing.. 5/12 is pretty good! I confused Riguru and all the names, they’re all so close i feel like!
    That civil girl question was a trick question though hahaha, i guess it’s 10 civil girls + frau = 11? Hope i didn’t spoil anyone, enjoying the book a lot! xo Markov

  6. blargg

    7/12 Not bad, but ugh!

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