Chapter 201 – Nabe and Report

Dinner at the dining area of the mansion.

Though we don’t know when will the suppression unit come back, we are still preparing for them.

「You left the kuros there without food?」

The kuros are fine even if they don’t eat for a few days but I’m still anxious since I feed them twice a day when they are in the village.

「They can procure their own food there.」

Rasuti is telling me indirectly that it is pointless to worry.

But what if the monsters and demon beasts there are not edible?

「Jaa, let’s hear the report while eating.」

The food served is nabe.

The stock is seaweed base with soy sauce, cabbage, tofu, carrot, radish, shiitake, shimeji, enokitake, etc.

I’m a little troubled with the main ingredient so I put some prawn procured from Michael-san.

For some reason, a huge amount of human-sized shrimp has been sent …was there a mistake in ordering?

Ah, no, it is probably my fault when I gave the order that it should be big.

Yeah, common sense really differs depending on where you are.

I’ll have to remember this.

I was a little surprised at the size of the shrimp but it doesn’t taste bad so there’s no problem.

We peeled off the shell first before cutting them into pieces and putting them into the pot.

Though I’m a bit regretful since it doesn’t look like shrimp anymore…you’ll only recognize it with its taste.

Since it seems lacking if there’s only shrimp, I also add some white fish meat slices.

I also want to put crabs but some people are not good with crabs.

Let’s do that when there’s another chance.

You can eat it as it is but if you don’t think that it is good enough, you can try adding lemon and lime.

There’s also citrus fruit wine that can be considered as a substitute for ponzu.

There are also other seasonings like green onions, daikon radish, sesame, and red pepper.

Everyone, feel free to choose what you like.

There are about 4 to six people surrounding one pot.

Ursa is on the same table as Hakuren and Guraru.

Were the beastboys sent to their own house?

I don’t mind them eating with us.

Kuzuden, who’s done with apologizing, is also with us.

He’s on the same table as me and will eat on the same pot as me.

I also want to hear his story.

Alcohol is also served but it is in moderation because the sun castle has not been completely suppressed yet.

There might be a need to attack it again tomorrow.

「The control unit has secured the area where the devils are based including the surrounding area.」

Tier reports.

「Is it so wide?」

「Not really. If you think of it as a dungeon, it is kind of small. However, the monsters that are living there are troublesome.」

Though the degree of danger is low, there are monsters there that can absorb magic.

「If you accidentally touch them, they will drain your magic. Any type of magic attack is also nullified.」

I see.

The devils can’t escape the castle because of those monsters.

It is impossible to fly in the sky without using magic.

I’m thinking of how to root them out but that will be quite tough.

Also, is that the reason why Hakuren was forced to use her breath?

As for the suppression unit, their status is still unknown because there’s no report coming from them.

According to Rasuti’s report, they are attacking in a one-sided match so we don’t have to worry.


Also, will they continue to work hard all night?


「Won’t the pups attack the devils there?」

「I thought about it too when we were about to leave so we left village chief’s clothes on the place where the devils are.」

The mountain elf Ya, does she need them as material to bring them there?

「My clothes? Ah, they can certainly distinguish the smell.」

「Yes. In addition, it is also to secure that place. The inferno wolves are wise so they’ll likely guess our intent.」

「Indeed. Kuzuden, I did not hear about it but …how many devils are there in that castle?」

「Y-yes. There are 60 devils including me. In addition, there are about 200 individuals from the dream demons.」

「Dream demons?」

「Dream demons are well known as either succubus or incubus.」


The touch of lewdness in a fantasy story.

I know them even if no one explains.

The female is succubus and the male is incubus.

「So, a total of 260 people?」


Were they able to prepare enough food for 260 people in a confined environment?

Kuzuden is eating a lot of nabe with pleasure.

Will it be better to have them carry food before tomorrow’s reassault?

Ah, am I being forceful?

Let’s hear more details first.

「There are dungeon potato growing there so the devils have no food problem.」


「How about the dream demons?」

「Ah…ahahaha……th-they can manage somehow.」

They can manage? But why are you turning your face away?

cough However, you only have dungeon potato. It will be tough during winter if you don’t have extra food so I can sell you some if you need to. As for the price……I can trade them with dungeon potato or items.」

「Understood, I’ll prepare for it.」

The meal continues along with chattering.

Yeah, shrimp is popular.

Kuzuden seems to want more.

You should eat without reserve.

There is also a table enjoying udon.

There’s also white rice available on Hakuren’s table.

Ah, looks like Ursa is about to fall asleep.

Even if she’s naughty, she’s still a five-year-old girl.

Guraru looks similar but I guess she’s not a five-year-old girl.

She might even be older than me.

I don’t want to ask because I’m scared.

There’s a revelation during our chat.

The dragon’s followers, like the devils Stifano and Bulga, are different from the devils of the sun castle.

To be precise, it is said that the devils who are dragon’s followers are high devils or ancient devils.

When I asked about the difference, I heard that it is mainly on fighting power and longevity.

I see.

I thought that Kuzuden is as strong as Bulga because they are both devils but it seems like a misunderstanding.

Then, how powerful is he?

Though I’m curious, let’s leave it like that for now until we took over the sun castle.

The control unit is called as such but we really don’t have the intention of controlling it.

I just find it troublesome if it stays right above the village so I want it to go somewhere.

If we can’t send it away, let’s put it down now that we still can look at it from afar.

As long as the sun castle is intact, I don’t really care if Kuzuden’s group wants to stay in it.

But since they have been locked up in the sun castle for a long time, some may wish to return home.

Feel free to do so.

However, if we really drop the sun castle, it is necessary to think of the 260 lives in there.

Well, Kuzuden seems to be an aggressive person so it is okay to neglect them but …maa, he was able to apologize so most people living there might be milder in nature.

As expected, we can’t just throw them out…..

As of now, the village can temporarily take care of them before they migrate somewhere in the future.

There are 260 of them. We have enough food for them and they can spend winter here without a problem.

After all, using the AFT, it is possible to harvest crops three times a year.

We just need to think of food that does not rot easily.

The food is not a problem, the problem is military power.

If I assume that their fighting prowess is in the level of the humans in Village One, it means that the kuros need to guard them more.

It is impolite of me but I really have to know.


It is difficult to explain one’s ability objectively.

As the result.

「I’m sorry.」

「No, don’t worry. It is rude of me to say that.」

I confirmed it with the members who went to the sun castle later.

Just like the warriors of the village, they can use physical and magic prowess in battle.

Oh, they are more of a fighter than I thought.

Is it really necessary to escort you?

However, it seems like their actual battle experience is close to zero.

Zero actual combat experience?」

「It is because we stayed indoors in the castle…..」

「Aren’t you fighting against monsters and demon beasts there?」

「We’ve only done it at the beginning, during the first hundred years …」

I see.


I have to think of various things…..

Maa, what will happen now to the sun castle?

Let’s just decide what to do with it depending on the outcome of the control unit.

I put the dessert on the table.

Maa, it’s only sliced fruits.

But Kuzuden is eating it full of excitement.



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