Chapter 202 – Controlling Sun Castle

Second day of the execution for controlling the sun castle.

Kuzuden will return with them too.

The main reason he came here yesterday is to apologize to me.

I don’t know anything about the sun castle so I can’t decide anything about it.

Like yesterday, I carry a table and a chair in front of my mansion and sit there to look up at the sun castle.

The sun castle is closer now than yesterday but still far away.

I wonder if Hakuren and the others have already arrived there.

The sun castle shook violently.

I guess they are.

Surrounding me are Ursa, Nutt, Guraru, and the beastboys.

Are they going to throw javelin today too?

I don’t mind but you should warm up a little.

Just immediately doing it is kind of reckless.

The high elves brought the javelins I made yesterday.

……but their number decreased a lot, did they broke them?

The oni maids have taken them.

Ah, I remember Ann saying that she wanted to make sure that these should be always available at the mansion.

I didn’t make more for them so they took the used ones.

Anyway, since the number dwindled, let’s make new ones again.

A javelin class started under the guidance of the high elves.

The dwarves, the lizardmen, and even the mountain elves are participating?

When did you get here?

No, I mean, okay…..

It’s the same as yesterday, they can’t hit the target.

What will they do then?

After making javelins, I started making ax.

They can’t throw javelins well but the dwarves boast that they will never fail to hit the target if they are using an ax.

I don’t want them to throw a real ax.

I can already imagine how things will escalate if I let that happen.

I’ve completed 10 wooden swords and axes.

The dwarves are checking the balance.

There doesn’t seem to be any problem.

Holding the wooden ax with both hands, the dwarf checked the target 50 meters away. He swings it in his right and throws it with his left.

It splendidly hits the target.

If the target is humanoid, I feel like he would have hit either the neck or the head.

Ursa looks at the wooden ax with sparkling eyes.

Is this the end of the javelin boom?

Ursa tries to throw the wooden ax.

It didn’t reach the target.

It seems like she doesn’t have enough physical strength.

The others tried it too but failed.

One of the beastboys and Guraru managed to make a good throw.

But it was entirely off course.

To their regret, they returned the ax to the container.

They are now using javelin again.

After lunch, I’m looking at the sun castle while thinking of what afternoon snack should I make.

Its altitude has recovered.

It is now about 500 meters.

By chance, does this mean that they’ll come back early?

When it comes to it, we’ll be busy.

I’m sorry.

I’ll make the same snack as yesterday, small pancake.


Ursa’s consciousness has been completely taken over by the mansion’s kitchen.

Her attention was not only drawn by the smell of pancakes but also to the sweet smell of strawberry jam.

There’s no art yesterday since it was already late afternoon when I started cooking.

I’ll add whipped cream on this too.

Since there’s nothing new compared to yesterday aside from the freshly made, warm jam.

The beastboys are the one’s making jam….wait, isn’t that the job of the beastgirls?

I’m sure they’ll be surprised at how delicious a freshly made jam is.

The oni maids are helping too since they are really anxious about the taste.

Everyone, let’s do this.


I wonder if there will be enough jam.

It will be surprisingly lesser once you boil it down.

The pancake was not enough.

After all, they all feel hungry after exercising.

I was told by the oni maids to do my best.

I’m seriously considering if we should make more jam.

The sky castle, that had just regained altitude, was descending again.

And I thought that it will continue to do so until it reaches the ground….

It must be barely hanging on.

Rasuti and Hakuren suddenly swirl under the base of the sun castle…..ah, they attacked.

They are breaking the foundation.

Why are they doing that?

Anyway, they must pay attention to where the rocks are dropping.

They should make sure that there’s no one under them.


When I threw my spear at the sun castle, I haven’t thought of that.

Beezel has come.

I never thought that he’ll personally come after I reported what’s happening via the small wyvern.

「You are attacking it so I’m here for verification.」

「It will be annoying if it sits down right above the village. Ah, by chance, does the demon king kingdom own that castle?」

As far as I know, devils are occupying it so there is a possibility that they are part of the demon king’s kingdom’s army.

Although I already met one yesterday, I did not hear anything about it from him.

What a blunder.

「No, if you want to hear our opinion about it, it is an enemy castle.」

「…..but the devils have claimed that they have already taken over it?」

「Look here, we don’t have any records about it. And even if the ones occupying it are devils, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are citizens of the demon king’s kingdom.」

「Is that so? Once we’ve gained control over the castle, we’ll check the archive to verify it.」

「My best regards」

Beezel then packs a freshly made jam in a bottle and leaves.

A little later after Beezel left, the small wyvern from the Howling Village arrives.

They express their gratitude for informing them about the sun castle and requested to gift them rare metals from the sun castle if we found some.

I see.

Maa, I’ll entrust that to Gutt.

I’m sure Gutt is tempted too.

Ah, the pancake with jam is running out of stock.

I better take my share too.

However, if I eat too much, I can’t eat dinner.

After the contacts from Beezel and the Howling Village, I thought that there will be a report from Doraim but nothing has come.

He’s a dragon so he’s probably not taking the sun castle seriously.

After eating snacks, everyone started resuming their respective activities.

A ray of light lights up above the village.

It came from the sun castle so I thought that it was an attack from the sun castle.

But that is definitely Hakuren’s breath.

Will it reach the sky directly above the village?

Is the situation that terrible?

No, it probably means that they don’t have enough time to destroy it given the distance.

In short……it is something like a signal to the village…..

I looked at the sun castle and Hakuren.

Hakuren and Rasuti are marking something at the base of the sun castle.

Looking from the village, it has now become a big target.

I felt like they looked at me.

Hakuren and Rasuti took shelter.

I see.

I put out the AFT in its spear form and threw towards the mark that Hakuren and Rasuti had drawn.

A straight line.

Ah, that’s refreshing.

After that, the base of the sun castle collapses from the place I hit it.

It falls to the ground.

I can’t hear any sound since I’m too far but…. The ground shook after a while.

Now Ursa, don’t look at me with sparkling eyes.

Even if I teach you, it is impossible for you to do it.


The foundation of the sun castle, the cone of the soft cream was lost.

I’m worried about the sun castle but it seems like its fine.

It only flies because it sticks to a part of the castle.


From where the foundation was broken…..I can see something like a half sphere.

The material is the same as the castle so it is probably part of the castle.

Perhaps its present appearance is what the sun castle really looks like.

The sun castle, who has lost its base, is now stably flying at an altitude of 2000 meters.

I also feel like it has stopped moving towards here.

Were they able to control it?

Yeah, it looks like they were able to do so.

I was able to confirm it when the control unit flew towards here.

Rasuti is also carrying the pups.

The suppression unit has also withdrawn.

They arrived just before dinner.

Let’s wait while dinner is being prepared.

What’s on today’s menu?


I see.

They remember to use the shrimp.

The control unit and the suppression unit has returned and I received the report about the complete control of the sun castle.

Kuzuden did not accompany them this time.

It seems like the devils will be deciding their future plan with the dream demons.

Also, the suppression unit that remained in the sun castle will not come home today.

It seems like they managed to exterminate the monsters and demon beasts but there are still some that are hiding so they are hunting for them.

I see.

Then, I, tomorrow.

I will go to the sun castle and verify the result.

May I go?



Ursa and the others will come with me?

Ah, you’ll take us there.

Since Hakuren will take care of them, go ahead.

During dinner, we heard about what the control unit has done and the heroic adventure of Rasuti.

She’s telling it like she hunting for prey.

What monster that can absorb magic power?

It can’t do anything against overwhelming strength.

I see.

Anyway, it was good that no one got injured.



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