Chapter 203 – Lord of the Castle

We’re on our way to sun castle on Hakuren’s back.

The control unit, Ursa, and Guraru are with us.

Rusti’s back is loaded with food as present.

Sun castle.

I thought that it will be cold since it is in a really high place but I guess I’m wrong.

I can’t feel any wind blowing either.

Is the whole castle surrounded by something magical?

Now that I think about it, it won’t be able to go to a place as high as this if not.

The temperature is like spring.

Is the castle always feel like this?

Hakuren lands to a place that looks like a courtyard.

Then, I saw something like a drama.

「This child is safe. It will never hurt anyone.」

「It’s a monster. All monster must be killed.」

「No, what did this child even do?」

「Don’t think of us badly but …」

Several girls are surrounding one girl.

I can guess what’s happening.

I somehow sympathize but …this drama.

How long are you going to do it?

Why does it feel that you only started as soon as we arrived here?

Looking behind them are several adults and behind those are with several pups.

Why does it look like you are watching over them? Aren’t you supposed to be protecting them?

This sight.

Girl, don’t look at me with your hopeful eyes.

You adults too.

I know that you want to pass me the baton of deciding the faith of that monster.


「Let’s hear what you have to say.」

It was exactly what I thought.

The girl hid from everyone that she’s keeping a monster at the sun castle.

So far there has been no problem… It was overlooked because the sun castle has enough problems to deal with when it was still confined.

They probably don’t feel the need of exterminating an unhostile monster.

There might be even something to gain if they keep it around.

However, the situation changed when the kuros annihilated the monsters and demon beasts.

Now they don’t know if the monster should still be kept….

She has a strong desire to protect the monster but everyone is scared of the wolves who annihilated the monsters.

She’s alone and was waiting for someone of a high status to depend on.

As the result, that drama earlier.

No, isn’t it okay to honestly speak what’s on your mind?

I’m sure some will sympathize.

Maa, I understand how you feel though….

If you really want to keep it here, I think that there will be no problem as long as the representative of this place permits it.

The representative of this castle is Kuzuden, right?

「We have to talk about it a little more.」

Let’s go back to what we’re here for and look for Kuzuden.


It seems like it was possible to control the sun castle to some degree.

However, to efficiently control it, a lord must be registered first.

I said that then someone just needs to be registered quickly so I was taken to a place similar to a throne room.

At the throne…..there is a human size crystal enshrined.

「I’ve waited. Who will be my liege?」

It was not moving but I know that it was that crystal who spoke.

「Its existence is like a spirit who controls this castle. I will not recognize any devil or dream demon as my liege so no one has been able to control the sun castle.」

「Then, Kuzuden will not be able to be the lord of this castle?」

「That’s right.」

「Is it fine as long as he is not a devil or dream demon?」

「No, that is …」

「I will only serve a godkin.」

「That’s why.」

「I see, then, Tier or Kierbit, will either of you register as the lord?」

In addition to the two of them, Gran Maria and the others are here too.

「Village chief, I’m not a godkin.」

「Me too.」

The two of them turn their face away as they reject my proposal.

The same is true for Gran Maria and the others.

「Oi, ehto…..what is your name?」

I talk to the crystal.

「Introduce oneself first before asking others.」

「Ah, my bad. I’m Hiraku. What’s your name.」

「You? Are you possibly referring to me?」

TN: Hiraku is talking with the crystal in an informal way while the crystal has been talking in an archaic manner.

What a troublesome guy.

However, if I don’t compromise, the talk will not advance.

「My apologies. May you please teach me of your name?」

「My name is sun castle. Glorious sun castle.」

「Can I call you glorious sun castle-sama?」

「G-glorious is self proclaimed…..I don’t mind if you omit it and call me sun castle.」

「Is that so? Then, sun castle-sama, it seems like the angels dislike being called godkins so it will be very helpful if you change your way of addressing their race.」

「Godkins are godkins. What nonsense are you saying?」

The moment the crystal answered so, Tier and Kierbit exploded.

「Godkins are extinct.」

「We are angels. We only resemble them.」

A part of the crystal turned into dust after getting hit by the two of them …will this be alright?

「I-I’m sorry. I’ve mistaken the angels as godkins, how scatterbrain of me.」

It looks like it’s alright.

Ah, it’s restoring itself.

That’s quite convenient.

Let’s get back on registering Tier or Kierbit the lord of the castle.

However, they still refused.

Tier said that she cannot push me, her husband, aside so she can’t be the lord.

Kierbit’s reason, on the other hand, is nonsense. She said that she’s indebted to the village so she can’t be the lord.

However, both of them said that they will accept it if they are only acting lord.

In other words, they want me to be the lord of the castle.

Now, this is between me and the sun castle.

「Oi oi, can’t I be the lord of the castle?」

「As expected of the god …how impolite of me. Despite the recommendation of angels, the lord of the castle can’t be an ordinary human.」

The crystal seems to agree at first only to shoot me down.

「Hou? To complain about my husband, can you still say the same thing after completely turning into powder?」

「Let’s experiment if your opinion can change.」

Tier and Kierbit seem to have an opinion of their own.

I have no choice but to arbitrate.

「Sun castle-sama, who do you think is good enough?」


The sun castle checks the surrounding people.

Hakuren, Loo, Tier, Gran Maria, Kuudel, Corone, Kierbit, Daga, Gulf, Ya, Rasuti, and Guraru.

There are dozens of kuros too.

In addition, Kuzuden.

「Areh? Eh? Ehto …my apologies. Kuzu-san, Kuzu-san, what’s this?」

「What do you mean?」

「The people gathered here, aren’t they the ones who exterminated the monsters and demon beasts who are residing in the castle? 」

「Yeah, except for the village chief and the little girls. 」

「I-is that so…. Are they the ones who destroyed the rock clinging at the bottom of the castle? 」

「It was the village chief. It’s really terrifying.」

「Village chief …you mean the man named Hiraku who spoke with me earlier?」



The sun castle thought a little and made a conclusion.

「The new lord is Kuzu-san. I decided that it will be Kuzuden! Yes, registration complete. It can’t be revoked anymore!」

「Eh? Is that okay? I’m a devil.」

「I was a fool to be concerned with something like race. It was my past crime. I’m very sorry. Ah, Hiraku-sama, my apologies for not giving you something to sit on. Kuzu-san, chair.」

Kuzuden became the lord and carries and arranges the chairs.

Is that okay?

Let’s help him since he’s only one man.

Ursa and Guraru are helping too.

Not bad.

Everyone carried chairs.

Of course, they would since even little girls are doing it.

Chairs are lined similar to an audience.

「Kuzu-san, in front of me. No, not there …yes, there. In front of me. That’s good. You are the lord of the castle. You should be in front of me. Thank you very much.」

Kuzuden carried the chair in that position but I feel like it shouldn’t be that way.

「You are the village chief so it is normal for the arrangement to be like this.」

I am alone and everyone is behind me.

The kuros are standing on guard on the back of each person.

To be honest, I feel lost.

To me left and right are Loo, Tier, and Hakuren lining up.

Since Hakuren is there, so does Ursa, and Guraru too….

The rest are lining up on equal distance to the left and right.

The kuros are between each chair.

I’m in the middle.

Why is it that I look like the lord?

「If the lord of the castle permits it, I would like to ask on behalf of a girl to keep the little monster she has on the castle.」

I requested that to Kuzuden.

「Eh? OK.」

Okay, solved.

Because Gulf is not that useful in discussion, I had him report that to others.

「Then, let’s discuss the future of the sun castle. I heard that sun castle-sama took the course towards the village due to an ancient rite or something.」

「Hiraku-sama, you don’t need to add “sama” for me. Please just call me sun castle. You can even call me stone if you want to.」

「Why did you suddenly became servile?」

「No no, I was rude earlier because I don’t have a liege to serve. However, I will not inconvenient my liege now.」

「Oh, I see. Then, sun castle, what is the reason for you to head to the village?」

「An ancient contract.」

「May I hear the content?」

「If there is a place where there are more than 10 dragons, go there and ally with the humans.」

More than 10 dragons …Is it during the last martial arts tournament?

Hiichirou was also born so everyone assembled.

However, why with humans?

「If there are dozens of dragons, there should be a human which certainly plays the key role.」

That’s certainly true….


Isn’t that me?

No, could it be Hiichirou?

「This is a top-of-the-line contract that has been established 1,200 years ago. I thought that it will never happen but when the condition was met, I started moving. To my regret, there was a weight under the castle so I can’t speed up….. it took some time.」

I see.

「However, the contract was suspended because of the contact with dragons. Maa, times are different. Now, humans even have the support of demons…..」

Kuzuden looks behind after hearing the sun castle’s explanation.

「Oi oi, if you wanted to ally with me, why did you threaten to destroy us? Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about it?」

「It was a really foolish action of the past me. Please forget about it.」

「They thought that I was the one talking on that holographic message. That is the reason why I had to dogeza in the cold.」

「I’m really sorry. I will give you a lot more apologies later but can you please ask the guests to ally with us now?」

「You are the main reason I have done that to them. I really don’t know anything …」

「It’s okay now. My heart is calm because you are here. Be sure to be a firm shield …how impolite of me. Please make sure that our guests will ally with us.」

「You just said shield! You said shield!」

「My liege, stop. Please don’t act violently in front of our guests.」



Ehto….can we move on to the topic?



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