Chapter 204 – Sightseeing at the Sun Castle

The sun castle… not a complex place like its name.

You can even talk to it in person using the crystal which represents its consciousness.

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The sun castle is roughly divided into nine blocks.

First, the castle in the center.

The courtyard is there and that’s where we landed earlier.

The castle …is not your usual castle.

It is a multi-layered structure. You will not be able to imagine what the inside looks like unless you take a walk inside it.

It has about, five floors?

There is an opening on the ceiling that looks like a passage but I don’t know what it is for.

Aside from that, there is the throne room, residential area and meeting room for the lord of the castle, a soldier standby place, guest room, kitchen, and bathroom.

The interior is very luxurious but …

There is a sense of incompatibility because the immediate periphery is fields.

It is probably the field of the dungeon that Kuzuden said before.

The dungeon potato is on the dark room… seems like it is some sort of potato that doesn’t need sunlight.

As for its taste …though it can’t be considered as delicious, if you dry it and turn it into powder, it is possible to use it as a substitute for flour. Because of that, it has become the staple food of the devils who are living in the sun castle.

As it was explained, the sun castle was besieged by the devils they became trapped afterward. Although there are water sources here, food is not secured so they don’t have a choice.

However, thinking that 260 people will have to divide with the harvest, it is quite harsh.

Speaking of which, I only heard that it is the staple food of the devils but what are the dream demons eating?


The dream demons seem to be able to live by eating love in their dreams.

What a romantic race.

Let’s not think of it deeply.

Let’s just cook the food we brought for the devils.

I think they have a really harsh diet.

It will be good for these thin guys.

The food we have are mainly pork, garlic, and eggs.

Next time, I’ll ask Michael-san to buy eels.

Hang in there.

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However, the dream demons.

All of them are females.

And young.

They are also only on their undergarments…..not really undergarments but fashionable undergarments.

Their gestures are also erotic.

I have to walk straight, STRAIGHT.

I should not curl down.

Ursa and Guraru must not notice.

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As for the devils…..there are both males and females and majority of them are males.

There are also elderly people.

However, they might even be younger than both Bulga and Stifano.

It just hit me again that the races of this world have different lifespans.


Ah, just eat without worrying about anything.

You should eat citrus too.

Nutritional balance is important.

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There are three urban areas; the south, southeast, and southwest of the castle.

It is one level lower than the central castle district.

It was occupied by monsters and demon beasts so it is mostly in ruins.

The waterway that passed through each district stands out.

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The east block is also an urban area but there seem to have been a lot of ateliers there.

It is also in ruins but there are sturdy buildings that still somewhat retain its shape.

That sturdy building seems to have been the nest of demons and demon beasts.

A fierce battle….or should I say, slaughter? There are a lot of traces left here.

The face of a kuro has an “I’ve done my best” expression so I pat its head.

Ah, yeah, I’ll pat all of your head.

I pat them firmly.

Hakuren and Rasuti, I’ll also pat you later so there’s no need to line up.

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The north, northwest, and northeast block are forest area.

It is one level below the urban district.

The waterway in this place is fine but most of the trees are dead.

Maybe, this place has been a nest of monsters and demon beasts as well.

There are several trees left but they are miserably broken.

Since this place has become like this, how does the air in this flying castle circulates?

Are the trees here for ornamental use only?

Now that I think about it, the angels were supposed to be living here….the possibility of this place being used for ornamental purposes is higher.

Even though almost everything already withers, I don’t feel bad air.

There’s a huge hole in the northwestern block.

It seems like the hole continued to foundation part of the castle which is the earth that was attached to it before.

So now, it is a hole to drop on to the ground.


I don’t want to go near it.

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The remaining west block is a huge pond.

A water reservoir?

It is one level below the forest area.

It seems to be designed to be the end of the waterways of each block.

The water is purified here but I can’t find something like a pump….is it using magic?

It is said that the water is drawn up internally to the castle where it will flow down again.

The waterway function is working well so the devils and dream demons have secured water supply.

I think they’re lucky.

According to Hakuren’s group, it was safe because there’s no water type monster here.

Even I don’t expect a water type monster in a castle flying in the sky.

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We return to the big hole in the northwest block.

Many of the monsters seem to have invaded from here.

To be precise, the large foundation under the castle is a result of the devil’s attack.

The earth under the sun castle is full of monsters egg and it is said that the devils will take action at the same time the monsters attack….that’s their plan.

But the truth is, they don’t know when the eggs will hatch so they really don’t know when to attack.

Because of that….the add more earth at the lower part of the castle.

It only made the sun castle’s movement sluggish but it was like a low-level harassment that only aims to annoy.

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Given that issue, the devils decided to change their method and invade the sun castle.

「How did you break into the sun castle?」

I asked Kuzuden who’s accompanying me.

「From what I am told, they invaded by hiding in the packages sent to the castle.」

I see.

There were times when the angels who are living here go out to make a sortie. Since the number of angels decreased, the dozens that invaded fortunately managed to sneak in it.

During that time, the angels that remained don’t have the authority to control the sun castle.

In addition to that, the monster eggs laying on the foundation under the castle hatch when it was being besieged by the devils.

「I heard this story from my grandfather that the dungeon potatoes were luckily included in a luggage they sent as harassment.」

I understand where the monsters came from but what about the demon beasts?

They were caught by the angels in the wild and were breeding them.

I see.


What about the dream demons?

Did the dream demons invade the castle with them?

Could it be…..they are like angels who’s a female only race.

I feel a little stupid for thinking that dream demons is a female only race since I only see their females.

「The dream demons are the godk…..the angel’s servants.」


I can’t believe that the dream demons were serving as servants of the godkins.

Especially because their fighting power is low. They immediately surrender when the devils occupied the sun castle.

It was said that they were forced to live with the devils since they were cornered by the monsters.

Is that so?

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I looked around the sun castle and there seems to be no place that I need to worry about.

Though that might sound heartless of me because everything is in ruins except for the castle.

It is a deserted place.

I thought that they were able to maintain this place especially with the existence of the crystal but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

「Though I did not become the lord of the castle, I’ll still help you.」

「You’ve already done a lot. You’re really magnanimous.」

Maa, if a monster invades the castle now and goes on the rampage, the crystal is done for.

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After my sightseeing in the castle, I found no place to be worried about….

Except for one.

There was actually a strange place in the castle.


Kuzuden, who’s accompanying me, asked me back.

There is a useless passage that I don’t know the meaning of.

I thought that its purpose is to confuse invading enemies.

It leads to a dead end.

That’s what I thought….

There is a passage that leads to a dead end and at the dead end, there is an ornament.


Could this be….

If I touch this base….will there be a room behind it?

After thinking a little, I knocked it off.

A loud noise of a passage opening resounded and the wall opened up.

「Eh? W-what kind of trick is this!」

Aside from the surprised Kuzuden, the kuros charged.

I hope there’s no monster.



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