Chapter 206 – Sun Castle’s Fuel Problem

The assistant to the lord of the castle, Bell Foguma, is at her wit’s end.

After being given a role, she had to stay inside the sun castle.

Therefore, she knew nothing.

The sun castle is occupied by devils and Kuzuden is the lord of the castle.

The monsters and demon beasts go on a rampage and most of the facilities in the sun castle have collapsed.

And the fuel of the sun castle is almost exhausted and most of its function is lost.

「A new ruler, I don’t care about the lord of the castle. I find it irritating that I haven’t been consulted about it.」

「Bell is kind of isolated so it is impossible for you to be consulted.」

Bell is complaining about the crystal of the sun castle.

This crystal is named as Gou Foguma.

Bell was the one who told us that.

I guess they are considered as siblings?

I heard that they are artificially-made living beings made to assist the lord of the sun castle.

There are 16 of them made in total including Bell and Gou but only the two of them are still active and alive.

It seems like the others’ activity has stopped because of the fuel shortage of the sun castle.

Gou is also in its crystal form in order to not waste fuel.

「Why is there even a serious fuel shortage? As far as I remember, we should have enough stock fuel that will make us able to fly for 5000 years.」

「Ah….ehto… really want to hear?」

「By all means.」

「This castle is originally supposed to be a village castle that a human king has poured his money into.」

「I know. We were created at that time to manage it.」

「Afterwards, the king, who was addicted to prophesy, gave Bell a role that isolated her.」

「I remember that disgusting thing happening.」

「After that, about twenty years later, the king died and a war for succession broke out. The castle was handed over to a certain noble.」

「Things really change.」

「That noble is troubled with money and sold off the sun castle’s stored fuel….」


「But he was still unable to pay in time to the godk….I mean angels. Bell, they’ll be angry if you don’t call them angels.」

「Understood, please continue.」

「The castle was eventually sold to the angels.」


「After that, the castle was remodeled for battle by the angels. Although the fuel was replenished, the fuels were used again as armament….when the devils sent the monsters as a sort of counterattack, the last storage bunker was attacked. A-and it somehow reaches to our present problem.」

「I see. For the time being, do you know what happened to that noble several hundred years ago? Is he still alive?」

「Unfortunately, after selling the castle, he seems to have died fifty years later on a bed surrounded by his grandchildren.」

「Tell me the noble’s name and his descendants’ details. I will make sure to curse them later.」

「Don’t. His descendants have nothing to do with it.」

The crystal soothes the raging Bell.

While speculating such a scene, we were enjoying the food we cooked from the ingredients that Rasuti brought.

I tried making curry so that I can throw in some native product of the sun castle, dungeon potato, to make it taste better and….

Curry is really versatile.

The bad taste was taken over.

The texture remains solid so it might be good to increase the amount.

However, I don’t want this to be the reason for them to continue raising dungeon potato.

What should I do?


But the devils have lived with this alone so its nutritional value might be high.

It’s a potato.

Can I turn it to alcohol?

Though the problem will still be the taste after it becomes alcohol….

If I can make tasty alcohol out of this, its value won’t decline.

The problem is I’m only assuming that the devils will continue to produce dungeon potato here.

「Kuzuden, what are your plans after this?」

I asked Kuzuden who’s enjoying the curry.

「Ah, yes. I consulted everyone and if possible, we love to continue living here as it is.」

Some people want to see if their acquaintances are still living in their hometowns so they would go but they’ll return after their visit.

「It has been 500 years, ah, I’m only about 30 years old.」

「And the dream demons?」

「Them too. Our symbiotic relationship is good.」

I see.

No one will be forced to do what they don’t want to do so I guess there’s no problem.

Now that it is almost settled….

Bell came to us and told me about her anxiety.

「When I calculated the remaining amount of fuel, I found that in about three years, the sun castle will no longer be able to work.」

Kuzuden panicked when he heard Bell’s words.


They were able to live in peace because they are flying over.

「If you can’t fly, then so be it. How about looking for a place to go down?」

「Eh, the ground….」

Kuzuden’s eyes gaze at the kuros.

「If we go down, we will fall into the monsters and demon beasts hands again.」

The defensive capability of the sun castle solely relies on its flying ability.

Is that so….


「If there’s a fuel shortage, why not buy fuel?」

How thoughtless of me?

If you run out of gas, you can just refill.

Kuzuden agrees with my proposal.

But Bell shook her head.

「The fuel of the sun castle is refined from rare minerals so it is not so easy to get.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes. It is a rare mineral that emits heat constantly and it is called sun stone. It is necessary as the mountain*.」

TN: Some sort of idiom that I don’t know the meaning of.

If it is a rare item then it cannot be helped.

No, I wonder if demon king, ancestor-san, or Dors have them?

「Hey, that’s not a problem.」

Loo nudges the thinking me.

「What do you mean?」

「The sun stone is the thermal insulation stone.」


「In the past, it was a rare item but a large vein of ore was found and its value collapsed….」

I looked at Bell.

Bell’s face was bright red.

Maa, of course she doesn’t know since she was isolated.

Yup, you need to study a lot.

If it is thermal insulation stone, it can be mined in the hot spring area and if I ask Michael-san, we can secure a moderate amount of it.

We showed her the heat insulation stone that we are using as a heating pad and was confirmed that it is the right material.

「As of now, how much do you need?」

「As of now, about 10 kilos….」

If it’s only that much, we can dig it in the hot spring in no time.

「Can you control the operation of the sun castle completely?」


「Then, north….do you have a map?」

To my demand, Bell moves her hand and the ground was projected on the floor.

Oh, high tech.

That part, that part seems to be the field…..

The sun castle moved towards the hot spring.

Though I already thought of Hakuren transporting them here, I think it is better if her flight distance is short.

At the same time, Kuzuden has offered to be subjects of Big Tree Village.

「This is for our future….. It will be hard for us to restore this place with only our power. Sun castle-sam…..Gou-sama also agreed to that suggestion. 」

「Rather than a rootless, wandering castle, it will be safer for us to belong somewhere. 」

Bell agrees too.

When she asked about the price of the thermal insulation stone, I have no idea what to say.

Because of those issues, they proposed that all technological techniques and items in the castle can be presented to us.

Though I want to decide immediately, I think I’ll have to talk about it with the villagers so I’ll go home first.

「Please take care of us from now on. 」

Along with Kuzuden, Bell also lowered her head.

Gou is a crystal so it can’t lower its head but I feel like he had done so.

I want to do my best to give them a good answer.



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