Chapter 207 – Sun Castle’s Circumstances: Kuzuden, Gou, and Bell

—Kuzuden’s POV—

My name is Kuzuden.

I am the great-grandson of the devil Kuzupon who occupied the sun castle.

Nobody can hear it so even if I boast about it, I feel empty.

I am working as the commanding officer.

It is in accordance with the other 60 devils and 200 dream demons.

Maa, in truth, it was handed over to me because I’m the grandson of Kuzupon-sama.

Currently, we are confined in the sun castle without any outside information.

It sounds troublesome but I don’t feel any anxiety.

It is probably because I was born in this kind of environment so I thought of it as normal.

Only the elderly are uneasy.

Because of that, they request dream demons to make them sleep for a long time.

If you are in a dream, you won’t feel any anxiety.

However, the dream demons also warned them that immersing too much in a dream will make them difficult to face reality but it’s not like I can do anything about it.

The person in question has to face it himself.

I feel sorry for the dream demon but I’m still thankful to them.

My daily like is none changing.

In the morning, I work as a watchman.

Checking the situation outside the wall can’t be neglected.

Though I would like to refrain from seeing the monsters and demon beasts cause it hurts my eyes.

Noon, farmwork.

The advantage of dungeon potato is being able to grow in dark places.

The yield is not bad either.

The taste is not good but it has been our staple food since I was born.

Of course, I’m not dissatisfied.

Night, meeting with the crystal that introduces itself as sun castle.

To distinguish it from the sun castle, I call it sun castle-sama.

Both my grandfather and father told me to not do bad things with it.

After all, it was the one responsible for turning the castle into a field.

It’s our leader.

However, it’s so troublesome since it will sulk if you don’t constantly praise it.

That’s how I spend my everyday life.

I thought that it will continue as it is but “that” day was different.

It seems like that course of the sun castle suddenly changed a lot.

Honestly, I don’t even know our destination. It is embarrassing to say that even if we know, there’s nothing we can do about it.

I still wanted to know the answer so like what my father told me, I shower “it” with praises.

「I’m sure we’re moving towards a good direction.」

I praised it in order to know what’s with the change of course but I did not praise it openly.

But I never expected the answer of sun castle-sama.

「Kuzu-san, unfortunately, the change of course is due to the ancient contract. I have nothing to do with it.」


「The ancient contract of the ancient castle indicates that it must be friendly to humans. In other words, the possibility of coming to the ground then your group facing tragedy immediately will likely to happen.」

「Eh? Se-seriously?」

「What’s the point of lying? According to the schedule, we’ll arrive in 87 days. You should steel yourself till then. Do some battle training if you can.」


Such a thing, there is no way I can accept it.

I told the devils and the dream demons what sun castle-sama told me.

We spent several days at a meeting.

Naturally, the situation did not improve.

It even got worse.

Sun castle-sama’s words turned to extreme that I heard someone saying that we will be annihilated as soon as we reached our destination.

No matter what, we can’t do anything but to steel ourselves.

We performed combat training with our remaining days.

Can combat training really change anything?

I mean, weapons….we don’t even know how to use one.

I tried bringing out the magical tools that my grandfather said to be too dangerous to take out but I was stopped by sun castle-sama.

The only thing we can do is to run inside the sun castle when the time comes.

The meal has become delicious after sweating.


The ticking of the clock is cruel.

Especially when the time of arrival became a single digit.

Sun castle-sama shows our destination.

It looks like a village in the middle of a forest.

The number of inhabitants is about twice the number of the devils and dream demons of the sun castle.


However, sun castle-sama encourages us.


Let’s do what we can.

According to the proposal of sun castle-sama, we should declare war.

If it goes well, we might be able to avoid battle.

But I have never declared war.

Refer to a book?

Ah, the book I read when I was still small?

I’ll take care of it.

I rehearsed in front of sun castle-sama.

It even revised some words, truly a public performance.

The whole castle shook as it received an attack.

Sun castle-sama judges that we surrender at once.

Its logic is that we might be able to prolong our life if we surrender.

I agree with you.

Fighting spirit completely disappeared.

The next few days were turbulent.

Dragons from the village of our destination came.

Riding at the back of one dragon are inferno wolves. Their jet black fur and horns on their heads are enough to prove their god of death-like existence.

The moment I saw them, I lost all hope.

Most of our people also fainted.

Of course, I fainted too.

After waking up from fainting, the monsters and demon beasts in the sun castle have been eliminated. We devils and dream demons have finally been liberated.

To be honest, I don’t know the joy of freedom.

It was because I was born under such circumstances.

However, I’m glad that the horrible monsters and demon beasts are gone.

Though there are more scary existence now, dragons and inferno wolves….

There is still an ongoing negotiation.

As long as we don’t anger them, we’ll be safe.



Ah, the declaration of war?

Yes, I’ll apologize.

If I survive, I want to be given a course on etiquette.

The representative of the village, the village chief, is a generous person.

Currently, I’m now the lord of the sun castle.

But why?

—Gou’s POV—

My name is Gou Foguma.

I am one of the assistants to the lord of the sun castle.

Because the first ranking assistant to the lord is taking a special duty, I’m the top guy.

I’m the only one who’s awake.

The fuel shortage of the sun castle is serious.

And our current state is even more serious.

The ancient contract has been activated!

The automatic navigation towards a place where dragons and humans existed is now online.

My control over the sun castle is not working.

With my authority, it’s impossible.

The first ranking assistant might be able to do something but….contact is impossible.

I’m checkmated.


Even if the sun castle manages to survive, Kuzu-san’s group who has been living here will all be killed.

Humans have no mercy towards devils.

I don’t think that the way they view devils will change with the passage of time.

Even with just the information I’ve gathered from just flying around, wars are ongoing everywhere.

Though they are on a much smaller scales probably because of people being more civilized.


Sun castle has five magical barriers that are always activated.

Their fuel source is independent from the castle’s fuel system so they are deployed without any problem.

Even if someone gets on board, the monsters and demon beasts nesting in the sun castle will act as a natural barrier.

The ancient contract will be canceled once we arrived at the destination.

Once that happens, we can immediately escape…

The expected combat period is about 20 days maximum.

Though we have fuel problems, we can still run away.

Now that it has come to this, what should be our next move….

Should we wait for the other party to move?

No, since the ancient contract has been activated, it means they have dragons.

Since they are their ally, they can surely board here…..

To hold back the humans and dragons and earn time for negotiations, we must declare war.

Once they know that the godkins equipped the sun castle, it will be effective enough.

But to tell the truth, those are already destroyed by the monsters and demon beasts so they’re not useful.

At any rate, this is the only way to help Kuzu-san’s group.

As the result of the declaration of war, the five magical barriers were pierced in an instant.

Even the generator of the magical barriers malfunctioned at the same time.

Though they can be considered as antique, they are not junk.

It was the result of trying to mend the barrier after they were breached.

Thank you for your hard work for all this time.


I’ve regretted underestimating the other party’s power.

I never thought that they have the ability to fire that fast to crust our defense at once.

Monsters and demon beasts, do your best…..

There is no way to prevent direct invasion of the castle.

「Kuzu-san, it’s pointless. Surrender, surrender completely. If you sincerely apologize, it might have an effect.」

Let’s move on to direct negotiations.


You may be a descendant of an aggressor but since you were born in this castle, you can be considered as my child too.

In the worst case, I’ll hand them the castle as long as Kuzu-san’s group are spared.

They were not able to become lord since being the lord of the castle is a matter of responsibility.

I’ve negotiated with the representative of the village.

A normal human?

Other members … areh?

Vampire? Godkins? Dragons?


What’s this?


This is bad, they won’t be able to see any value on Kuzu-san’s group.

「Kuzu-san is the new lord of the castle. It has been decided!」

—Bell’s POV—

My name is Bell Foguma.

A stupid woman who was restricted on doing anything because of being bounded for a specific duty for a long time.

The king, he’s probably dead already since he’s a human.

When I found his tomb, I’ll definitely kick it off.

No, I have too much regret.

I must powder your tomb!


Ah, it’s useless.

My dark emotion is overflowing again.

This is not good.

I have to calm my heart.

The day I’ve been waiting for is coming.


According to the book of prophecy, it will be soon.

It will be 10 years and seven months in the future.

I only need to wait for 10 years and seven months to obtain my freedom.

It has been so long.

Really really long.


Intruder in the study room?

I never expected it.

Yahoo, however.

They went out without noticing the device.

That’s right.

I have been betrayed, expecting again and again.

I got used to it.

But my mind and my heart are still aching.

Is there really anyone who’ll be able to notice the device in the first place?

The accuracy of the book of prophecy is indeed high.

It’s fair to say that it has seen the future.

However, that’s not a reason to let this go away.

Will I really have to wait for 10 years and seven months more?


If no one comes, I’ll break this sun sword.

Though I can’t touch it, I’ll still break it.

Even if someone comes.

I’ll crush it thoroughly.

I hated this object because it is the one that binds me.



Those intruders have returned…..

No way…..

The device…..

Is this a lie?

Come come come come come!!!!!



Come on, just a little more!

Yes, straight there…..


Why did you turn back!

No, I understand that you are cautious.


Barrier, release!

Once it is canceled, it is impossible to deploy it again but I can’t miss this opportunity.

I’ll play the hypocrite.

I have to meet them with my most gentle expression.

If they won’t receive the sun sword, then everything is for naught.

The person who came before me is a normal person.

But for me, he is a benefactor.

Not only did he receive the sun sword that tied me up but he also destroyed it.


The darkness in my heart clears up.


I’m also glad that the book of prophecy missed.

An error of about 10 years margin?


It’s really good that it missed.

Now, let’s get out of here.

The beautiful sun castle awaits me.



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