Chapter 208 – Sun Village

After coming back from the sun castle, we gathered the race’s representatives and held a meeting.

The agenda, acceptance of the sun castle.

Originally, considering that Kuzuden’s group is relatively safe in the sun castle, we should be meeting about their trade with Big Tree Village.

However, after reconfirming the current status of the sun castle with Gou and Bell, we have reached to the conclusion that it will be difficult for the sun castle to stand alone in its own.

As for the biggest reason why they can’t be independent, they don’t have money.

It is normal for them to have no cash at hand but they don’t have anything that can make money either.

Though they can produce dungeon potato, given its not delicious taste, it has no value at all.

Now that it comes to that, their only choice is to sell items and technological techniques of the sun castle….

Items are limited and part of them are already been exchanged for food.

Selling off their technology will jeopardize their position.

Of course, if they plan to shut themselves in the sun castle, it might be possible for them to survive with dungeon potato alone.

But that will only happen if the sun castle can fly infinitely.

The sun castle is running out of fuel and if they can’t obtain more, they have no choice but to land.

The sun castle’s defenses are all based on the status that it will continuously fly. In short, they don’t have any defensive measure once they land on the ground.

In addition, Gou and Bell will not be able to move once the fuel runs out.

I don’t think that Kuzuden’s group will survive without Gou’s wisdom.

If that happens, they can only stay indoors.

In any case, with various other reasons, Kuzuden, along with the devils and the dream demons living in the sun castle, with the approval of both Gou and Bell, offered to be a subject of Big Tree Village.

The devils and dream demons want to avoid Gou, who has been taking care of the sun castle, to shut off because of fuel exhaustion.

As for Gou, he wants to protect the devils and dream demons.

As for Bell, she wants the sun castle to keep on flying.

Three factions, three reasons.

「The thing about being a subject, does that means they want to be your subordinate?」

Frau raises her hand to confirm it.

「They seem to have used some flowery words…. Translating it in easier to understand words, they are giving us the whole sun castle with the request of protecting their lives. Hah, maybe I should just treat them as new village migrants.」

「If that is the case, should we treat them the same as the previous migrants?」

The dwarf Donovan said that while staring at the dungeon potato.

It seems like he wants to make alcohol from it.

「That’s that plan but….the problem is the sun castle.」


That is the reason why I did not hastily decide.

The sun castle.

「Who is the rightful owner of the sun castle right now?」

According to Gou, there is a record of the sun castle being sold to the Angels so that means that the angels are the rightful owner.

After that, it seems like Kuzuden’s great grandfathers occupied it during the war but being occupied by an army doesn’t mean that the ownership will be transferred.

If I receive the sun castle now, won’t I have a problem later?

I don’t mind if it will only be my problem but the other residents will surely share the burden with me.

I told that with everyone with all honesty.


Everyone became silent.


I thought that there will be a lively exchange of opinion….then, someone meets my gaze and silently nods at me.

Everyone’s eyes gathered at Loo and Loo stood up.

「Husband…, village chief. Don’t complicate things!」


「We occupied that castle. Therefore, the people residing there will be under us. In short, all is well.」


「What if someone complains later….」

「Who is there to complain since they already abandoned it? The angels? Isn’t that castle owned by the godkins? And presently, the godkins….」

「Are extinct.」

Tier continued her words.

After that, not a single person talked about the godkins anymore.

I see.

「If someone ever complains, reply this to that person “Come and get it.”.」

Loo looks like she’s going to cut someone in two.

It has been decided now that we’re going to accept the sun castle.

「We have changed the name of the sun castle to Village Four. However, considering its history, we made a special exception and named it to Sun Village.」

I stood at the highest place in the throne room of the sun castle and conveyed the acceptance of Kuzuden’s group as subjects.

As the proof, the name of this place changed.

The first sentence was the result of the words of Loo and Tier but when we reported it to the leaders of the sun castle in advance, Bell despaired so the result is the second sentence.

Name is important especially to people who value it.

In any case, I handed over a document prepared by the civil servant girls to Kuzuden who’s kneeling in front of me.

It seems to be some sort of certificate that recognizes Kuzuden as the representative.

This, shouldn’t I hand one each to Village One, Village Two, and Village Three?

I was told to hand them over later since it has already been prepared.

Okay, I’ll do that.

Anyway, ceremony like this seems to be important.

Before the eyes of the other village representatives, though Gou was not able to line up because he can’t move, Kuzuden responds as the representative of everyone behind him which are Bell, the devils, and the dream demons.

「I have received the appointment as the village representative. From here on, we swear absolute allegiance to Hiraku-sama.」

Ah, no, I would like you to work for everyone and not only for me….

But the exciting atmosphere here makes me unable to say that.

I think that will make everyone uneasy.

Since the atmosphere is already as it is, let’s start the banquet.

The food is brought by us along with the oni maids.

The transport of food and staff were done by Rasuti and Hakuren.


Kuzuden is now the representative of Village Four.

Gou and Bell will be his assistants.

Gou and Bell are from a race called mercury.

Bell looks like human but Gou looks more of a crystal no matter how you look at him.

They can go on even without eating because the sun castle supplies energy to them.

If the fuel problem of the sun castle is solved, Gou can take a human form too.

In addition, there are also 14 others similar to them.

I want to do something about the fuel soon.

Currently, we are heading towards the hot spring area to mine thermal insulation stone to solve the fuel problem but it looks like we’re taking time.

Movement speed is slower than I expected.

I thought that it is because of the fuel problem but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

This place is originally built as a floating villa.

Mobility is only its second function.

I see.

Village Four….is what I named it so it is not easy for me to call it Sun Village.

I only called it Sun Village because of Bell’s sad face.

Does this place even deserve to be called sun castle in the first place!?

Not at all!

It has neither food nor product!

There’s only dungeon potato!

Yeah, it might not be a bad ingredient.

Let’s look for a delicious recipe.

According to the original promise, we trade food to them in exchange for dungeon potato and magical tools.

Their meal will be rich from now on.

However, the temperature of the sun castle is always spring-like so it will never be winter.

As expected of a villa.

I think that it is a good idea to evacuate here during winter.

As expected, I, the village chief of Big Tree Village, feel like a scumbag rejecting my own village.

By the way.

Just because its winter doesn’t mean there’s no work.

There are several mountain elves and high elves here in the sun castle to acquire their technology but majority of them have already returned to Big Tree Village.

I’m still here too.

I’m here for village building.

First of all….houses.

Devils and dream demons have been living in the castle until now….there’s a field in the castle too meaning there’s not much privacy in there.

Because of that, I want to build a house.

The location is the city district.

Because it has become a ruin, the first thing to do is to clear it rather than rebuilding.

The AFT can take care of that.

Maa, clearing everything immediately is impossible so I only cleared a space enough to build a house on.

Next, construction materials for the house….

Even if I ask Rasuti and Hakuren, it is troublesome given the quantity needed.

The devils and the dream demons can fly so how about making the castle float as low as possible to have them carry materials?

Maa, it is not good to do that now since it is winter.

The wind is cold so it is hard if you leave the sun castle.

Rather than that, would it be better to grow trees here that will be building materials?

The house construction stops like that.

Next is field.

Bell has shown a desire to take the field out of the castle.

That’s a justifiable opinion.

Because once you enter the castle, the first thing you’ll see is a field.

It was originally designed as a footpath before going to the throne.

I can cooperate in field creation outside but I think that there is nothing I can do in the field inside the castle.

But if the fuel problem is solved, I heard that they can do something about it.

It is also possible to close the large hole in the northwest of the forest area.


Maa, I’ll decide where to place the field after consulting Kuzuden.

Since we’re going to build the houses in the city area south of the castle, it will be on the left or right.

I made the southwest of the city area to a field.

I plowed all the ruins and scrap materials on it using the AFT.

「Are you a god?」

While I’m working, Bell asked me that. I replied to her saying that I’m just a farmer.

If you mistook me for a god, you’ll be impolite to god.

Ah, can I put a statue of the god of creation and god of farming here too?

If there’s no religious problem, it will be good…..

And there’s no problem.

I heard that it is possible to put them in the best room in the castle.

However, that is the room of the lord of the castle….do they not mind it?

According to Kuzuden…..there’s no problem.

I’m glad that you’re planning to take care of them.

The withered forest. I left the surviving trees and plant fruit trees on the withered area.

The harvest will take a while but once they can finally harvest, their food will significantly improve.

Kuzuden liked pineapple.

Though Gou and Bell don’t need to eat, they can also eat if they are in their human forms.

Bell was deeply moved when she ate curry.

I think it’s better to plant seasonings too.

While I was working, I was informed by Bell that we had arrived at the hot spring.

Yup, looking below, it is indeed the hot spring area.

The ghost knights are even looking at us.

I don’t know why they are looking at us but they have good eyes.

How to go down….

Hakuren and Rasuti both returned to Big Tree Village….this is troubling.

How about the devils and dream demons carry me….impossible?

Is that so?

I have to think how to communicate with the village.


We can communicate with them?

Contact them immediately and tell someone to come.

But who will come….

It was Gran Maria.

You came even though it is cold, thank you.



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