Chapter 211 – Fresh Spring

I didn’t feel winter that much because of the sun castle.

I went there a number of times.


Still, I want my own mode of transport.

But it is a bad idea to rush making a balloon.

It might crash if we rush making it.

I don’t want to crash.

I think it is better to prepare a parachute for human use in case of emergency.

I’ve only tested one with the wine slime before.

However, there are things that must be done first.

Once Zabuton wakes up, I’ll explain to her the situation about the sun castle.

I asked Hakuren to bring me and Zabuton to the place where the sun castle residents reside.

Eh, did everyone just fainted like that?

But she’s not that scary…..

There’s probably no problem.

They are just not used to Zabuton.

But as expected of Bell.


No, I take that back. She fainted while standing.

When she wakes up, she slowly went down and started to weep.

It seems like she needs to change her clothes too so she was carried to her private room.

As for Gou…..he’s a crystal so I really won’t know but based on his reaction, something happened.


「What are you saying? You even managed to speak with dragons before.」

「How can you even compare this situation in meeting a dragon!」

It looks like he’s bursting with anger.



「During the sun castle’s heyday, it has enough defensive countermeasure to withstand a dragon’s attack but it no longer has the ability to do so.」

「Isn’t the fuel problem already solved?」

「Village chief’s attack before destroyed all defensive function of the castle…..we are still waiting for them to be automatically restored. According to calculations, it will take 2 years before they are restored.」


「No, that happened because of our mistake. Let me apologize to you again.」

「Things have already ended.」

Since this has become a battle of apology, I shifted it to Zabuton’s introduction.

I then asked about clothing-related information.

I guide Zabuton to various places of the sun castle.

However, the landscape does not differ that much from the village since I’m the one who plowed this place too.

Maybe the only difference is that one is in the forest while this one is in the sky.

The construction has began little by little on the planned site.

As expected, transporting building materials here is really difficult.

Though I’ve already planted trees that can be used as building materials, it will still take time for them to grow.

Should I prepare everything below and have Dors’ family to bring them here in one go?

Or should I ask for Beezel or ancestor-san to use teleportation magic to transfer them here?

But that will be a lot of construction materials so it will be hard for both ancestor-san and Beezel to do so.

I brought Zabuton here because I’m worried about the sun castle but rather, my main objective is the dream demons who look like wearing only underwear.

I don’t mind being stimulated but I don’t think it is good for them to wear that every day.

I want to request them to at least wear something similar to swimsuit.

As I return to Big Tree Village, spring work begins.

Of course, its field work!

Let’s work hard.

We have discussed beforehand what and how much of that should be raised.

The field of Big Tree Village has expanded and my work increased too.

Though I managed to complete it a little earlier because I’ve put all my mind to it, it still took me a month.

Another thing to do number 1.

Informing the lamias and the titans about the sun castle.

Both parties are not particularly concerned.

Their reaction is too dull that it’s saddening.

Are they not interested in things that fly in the sky because they are living in a dungeon?

By the way, we have communicated the issue of the sun castle with the Howling Village, the demon king’s kingdom, and Doraim during winter via the small wyvern.

Howling Village has seen the sun castle before we reported it so they only need a little detail.

A congratulatory message has come.

The demon king’s kingdom approved of me having jurisdiction over the sun castle. I’ll write a private letter to them and invite them to visit the sun castle if they have time.

Doraim doesn’t care about winter and visits us during that time so he had already visited the sun castle.

It seems like he wants me to build a hot spring or a bar or a similar facility there soon.

I think he has a point.

Let’s do it.

Another thing to do number 2.

Village One, Village Two, and Village Tree has started farming too but they requested some help.

Unlike Big Tree Village who’s relying on the AFT, the three villages are farming crops using ordinary method.

I gave them the highest priority.

The field in sun castle, or the field of Village Four, has grown fast because I planted them using the AFT.

They won’t have a problem this time.

But there will be in the future.

Though they can farm without worrying the season, can they farm them with the usual method?

I might have to find suitable crops for the sun castle.

Another thing to do number 3.

Gutt requested to investigate the foundation of the sun castle.

The base of the sun castle fell into the forest because of my attack and it has become a small mountain.

We did not do anything to it during winter but now that it is getting warmer, they requested to investigate.

As for the reason, there might be some rare mineral there.

However, from what I heard from Gou and Kuzuden, that base is a result of the attack from the devils.

Is there a mineral there?

Since they have nothing better to do, a survey team was formed.

I’m working on the field so I can’t participate.

The survey team will be led by the lizardman Daga and the beastkin Gulf. They left enthusiastically.

They seem to prefer walking towards the place rather than having Hakuren or Rasuti send them there.

They probably aim to train their body that has dulled during winter except for Gutt who looks sorrowful.

「Why do I have to accompany you? Gulf, you can recognize minerals too right?」

「Y-you’re the one who requested to check it… work hard.」

I asked the kuros to specifically protect Gutt.

Another thing to do number 4.

Ancestor-san came.

When he saw the sun castle, he said that it was nostalgic.


Thinking about it, it won’t be strange if he knows about it.

According to him, it was used by the angels when they are still calling themselves as godkins.

There was no particularly new information.

And ancestor-san went to the hot spring just like that.

He was surprised when he met the lion family there.

After that, it seems like they have entered the hot spring together.

The lionets are getting quite big.

They are growing too fast.

Another thing to do number 5.

The mountain elves have completed a small balloon.

The key is the cylindrical magical tool that uses the sun castle’s heat insulation stone refined fuel.

Loo is the one who made it.

She said that it is a trial product that she made when I requested her to make some magical tools for me.

Temperature adjustment is possible by adjusting the surface area in contact with air.

The balloon part made by Zabuton is quite durable too.

Even if it is durable, it is still strengthened by magic.

The wine slime is proudly test riding it.

Should I praise the maneuverability that even the wine slime can control it?

Ursa, who’s watching it, demands to ride it too.

The production of the regular size begins.

The materials will be borrowed from the construction materials.

It is probably fine since we are still unsure how to carry them to the sun castle.

I don’t want to rely on Hakuren, Rasuti, and the angels for that forever.

「If it’s only the village chief, I’ll be happy to carry you….but it will be hard if there are luggage too.」

As for the devils and dream demons, they can’t even carry me.

I recognize again how terrible I treat the angels who I request to carry me from time to time.

There are a lot of things to do and I managed to deal with them somehow.

Planting the field is no complete so I’m free too.

Should I go and assist Daga’s group?



Kuro is waiting for me while holding a flying disc on his mouth.

That reminds me, the others won’t be able to do this.


I’ll spend this day with Kuro….

Behind Kuro are his pups.

There were some who were holding balls on their mouths, there are those who have boomerang….

I understand.

Let’s all play together this day.

By the way, the pups are taking their turns on guarding the village.

Though I left them to take their turns on their own….they are especially returning these days.

I played with the pups for four days.

Don’t I look like a dog trainer?

Another thing number one.

The puppy that one of the pups picked up before.

It grew up big and it turned out to be a Fenrir…..

It is living with the inferno wolves’ pack like it was the normal thing to do.

It seems that it is already familiar with everyone.

However, it is too big and it doesn’t match the toys made for the kuros.


I created a big ball for it in a hurry.

Another thing number two.

The spiderlings left this year too.

They extend their web in the sky and fly with the wind.

This year, there’s the sun castle.

About ten landed in the sun castle.

They seem to plan on living there.

I was happy for the early reunion but the residents of the sun castle were scared.

They immediately contacted me in a panic.

However, it’s okay.

They’ll get used to them.



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