Chapter 215 – Balloon

Village One, Village Two, and Village Three’s livestock breeding space were enhanced.

It is because the livestock of each village has grown to some degree.

The problem residents of Village one are raising pigs and chickens.

Village Two and Three, on the other hand, are raising pigs, goats, sheeps, and chickens.

Though there is also a plan of raising livestock in Village Four, the sun castle, it was postponed since no one knows how to raise them.

Currently, there are some devils that migrated in Big Tree Village in order to learn how to properly raise livestock.

「The number of cows and horses are small so if we want to increase their number, we have to buy outside.」

In a normal village, domestic animals will move to other villages for some time to sow seed on the domestic animals of the other village.

「Moving them is hard.」

Should we really need to purchase from Michael-san again?

Purchasing will only take one round trip and is less troublesome than moving the animals around each village.

Let’s wait for the right timing and ask Hakuren or Rasuti.

Moving them using balloon….that sounds dangerous.


Thanks to Zabuton, the balloon part of the balloon was completed immediately. It is big enough to carry 4 adults.

To make it fly, a magical tool will be used to supply hot air inside the balloon.

The shape of the balloon is a simple sphere.

There’s no problem in going up or down since it can be controlled using the magical tool.

The problem is direction.

As it is, it will be all left to where the wind will blow it.

If we didn’t connect it to the ground via the rope Zabuton made, we won’t even know where it will go.

How can we control the direction to where the balloon will go to?

We can’t.

We really can’t.

If this is an airship, we can apply a third party power to it to steer it to a certain direction.

In other words, presently, this thing is useless if we consider that we made this to go to the sun castle.

Why didn’t we notice this during the trial period!

No, there must be a way!

We have to make this balloon move according to our will.


Yeah, it will be best to attach something to it that will make us capable to make it move to a certain direction.

Are we going to use another magical tool?

It will be good if we can make a propeller to make it the driving force.

In order to make a prototype propeller, I consulted Loo.

「A device that turns like this and causes wind? I think I can make one….will the wind it produces the one that will make the balloon move?」

「Eh? No, it will be installed on the part where people will ride.」


Loo is doubtful of my explanation about the propeller.

To see is to believe so I had her make a prototype fan and do some experiments.

If installed to a stationary object, it will only generate wind.

But when installed to a wagon with wheels….

「The wagon moved.」

Loo was surprised.

It is a basic action-reaction.

Isn’t this something everyone experiences in their daily lives?

Loo calls Flora and Tier to show the wagon with fan.

「Eh? What sorcery is this?」

「Is this a prank of wind spirits?」

Flora being surprised is fine but why is Tier surprised too?

She’s flying using that principle.

I mean, isn’t she using her wings to fly?

「We’re using wings for manipulating magic power. We’re not using them like birds.」

I see.

Magic develops too much that they don’t know science.

I was surprised when they were surprised to see the fan on the wagon.

Why can’t I be? Didn’t they know the principle of the balloon?

「Warm air naturally goes up.」

「Even in magic study, that is the basic of basics.」

「Though I never thought that warm air can lift up with something like that.」


It is not because they’re bad at science, they’re just not good at it.


Everyone, put your palms together and make sure that both same fingers are together…..clasp your fingers other than your ring fingers.

Put a copper coin between your ring fingers.

Try moving your ring fingers away from each other to drop to copper coin.

「This is easy….areh?」

「Eh? Eh? Eh?」

「Ugh, it won’t move!」

I see.

They are also weak in that area.

Relax for a moment.

「Magic? Magic?」

「No, hypnosis?」

「My body is not listening to me.」

Don’t overdo it.

It is normal to not be able to control it if the middle finger is bent.

By the way, Loo did something to the magical tool she made.

It will still be able to make it advance even if there will be a time that it won’t produce wind.

After that, the only thing left is controlling the direction.

Putting a rudder will be the best but we instead prepared two propellers installed on the left and right of the basket of the balloon and they are both facing the same direction.

To either make it turn left or right, you just need to turn off one of them.

Is it durable?

No problem.

Is it heavy?

There will be no problem making this four-seater be used by two people.

Now, let’s try using it!

Two mountain elves were chosen via draw lots.

Let’s get it on, fly!

…..before that.

Safety first. We gave the mountain elves parachutes.

In addition, Gran Maria’s group will fly around them.


Let’s get it on!



Looking at it, a basket is hung under the spherical balloon which has a magical tool heating up the air under it.

With the propellers on the left and right of the basket, it got its driving force.

But who would have thought that there will be too much driving force that the basket made a strange angle with the balloon?

The balloon itself is not advancing.

Because of that strange angle, the flame from the magical tool that is heating the air hit the balloon which is dangerous.

Trial run stops.

For the basket to move forward too much that it face up, the balance is indeed bad.

Thinking about it, the propeller of an airship is installed on the balloon part.

It is wrong for me to think that an airship is only an improved balloon.

I have to properly consider the airship.

To do it….

The balloon part needs to be framed.

But the weight must not increase.

And it is necessary to make the balloon bigger.

However, considering the amount of air that can be warmed by the magical tool….

Won’t that be hard?

Airship is not like a hot air balloon and is floating because of the gas.

That gas is helium.


I don’t know how to make it.

Then as an alternative….hydrogen?

No no.

It will explode.


Then it should be……making the frame and propeller from an ultra-light material or look for a gas that can substitute helium.

With this, the balloon and airship development are interrupted.

It’s a shame.

The mountain elves are crying.

I’m sad too.

The propeller was removed from the balloon and it will now be used to enjoy the sky.

If the wind cooperates, you might even be able to reach Howling Village or Doraim’s nest.

This is not a waste at all.

We have to rely on those who can fly to guide us to the sun castle.

「That balloon, shall I guide it here?」

The one who said that was Gou.

Once it reaches a certain height, it can be pulled by the sun castle.

That’s good but how do you plan on sending me home?

「Going home will be no problem too. I can guide you to the sky directly above the village.」


I-is that so? Let’s do just that.

The balloon arrived at sun castle….

From the sun castle, the balloon made it to Big Tree Village….

He really can do it.


I saw the eye of the mountain elf beside me.

Airship, let’s absolutely complete it.

Of course.

I nodded mightily.


For the time being, let’s mass produce balloons.

The lowest will be three including spares.

Ideal number is five.

Do your best.



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