Chapter 216 – Business Trip

My name is Ifrus.

A noble born from a minor noble house of the demon king’s kingdom.

Since my elder brother will inherit our house, I have to work for my own bread.

Fortunately, with my ability as a civil officer, I was hired by the demon king’s kingdom.

I’ve continuously served for 40 years.

During those times, I married and had a son too.

My son will be twenty this year.

My son is unlike me and can utilize powerful magical power so he is expected to be a general of the demon king’s kingdom.

I’m thankful for that.

However, until a while ago, my son has been dissatisfied about the current system of the demon king’s kingdom. Though he’s hiding it, he became some sort of activist.

I was worried about it and wonder if I have to report about it to the demon king but suddenly, he turns his back from doing such things.

What has happened?

It might be good since he started to smile brighter than before.

Perhaps his relationship with the baker’s daughter, who he has been courting, has progressed?

I’m happy if that is the case.

At any rate, it was good that he stopped his suspicious activity.

Now, back to my story.

About five years ago, I have been appointed as the governor of Shashaato City.

Shashaato City is under the direct control of the demon king’s kingdom and is one of the most commercialized areas of the kingdom.

Recent developments are also amazing.

When I was appointed as the representative of such a city, I was both half happy and half anxious about holding this important position.

I don’t want to fail.

I want to live in a safe environment.

I always wanted my life to continue like this.

That is my goal.

If I have trouble making a decision, I’ll follow my predecessor.

If possible, I don’t want to have a hand in anything that has never happened before.

But if something like that happens, I’ll ask the castle.

Though I might look deplorable, I don’t want all responsibility to fall on me.

I never thought of getting promoted.

My job is moderately safe and of course, my income is moderately okay too but I’m not greedy.

I fully know my ability.

I know I’m not suitable for being the governor of Shashaato City.

This attitude of mine might have been good.

Because up to this very day, there was really no problem.

Tell me why?

Right now, Leg-sama, one of the four heavenly kings of the demon king’s kingdom, is before me.

Leg-sama is in charge of finance.


In regards to money, I’ve never done anything illegal.

Did one of my subordinates do something by chance?

Please forgive me.

I know that my management ability is lacking.

But subordinates of my…..

What have you done?

I don’t think anyone of them is in trouble with money….

「Are you alright?」


No no

Rather than thinking about bad things, let’s hear what happened first.

I’ll act accordingly after that.

The next day.

Before me is one of the four heavenly kings of the demon king’s kingdom, General Glatts.


Just why?

Is it related to that?

Will war finally spread to Shashaato City?

I must gather soldiers quickly.

No, I must secure an evacuation route first.

Shashaato City has become more crowded with the recent developments.

Though evacuation takes time, there are a number of ships.

We’ll somehow manage.

「Are you alright?」

「Ah, y-yes. There are about 20 ships that can immediately leave. How much time do we have?」


After General Glatts, it was Randan-sama.

Randan-sama is in charge of domestic affairs of the demon king’s kingdom, in short, my boss.

I can count the number of words he had told me so far.

Our last conversation was….

When the time he watched the martial arts tournament of Shashaato City.


「duty, hardwork」

That ended in two seconds.

I remember it.

No, I’m not angry.

I’m grateful that we never had some troublesome conversation.

But why is Randan-sama here?

No way, dismissal?

There must be something else!

Leg-sama, General Glatts, and Randan-sama have come. Count Chrome, the last of the four heavenly kings, might come too.

I don’t think that I have failed in dealing with the three previous people but I don’t think I have succeeded too.

Everything happened all of a sudden.

He might not come but it is better to be prepared.

It might be a vain effort so it is hard for me to order my subordinates to do it for me.

I clean the room myself.

The table….maybe it is good if it is somewhere over there.

There’s no dust on the curtain.

I’m grateful for the daily work of the maids.

It was good that I have prepared.

Because right now, demon king-sama is in front of me.

No, he’s not really in front of me since I’m crawling down.

So, he’s over my head?



Just why?

Up to this day, I have never seen him face to face.


I may raise my head?

No no, let me be this way.

You want to hear my answer face to face?

A direct conversation?

Impossible, impossible, impossible.

I’m tired.

I became really tired these last few days.

I might have aged in a dash.

But what can I do?

Demon king-sama, Leg-sama, General Glatts, and Randan-sama spoke with me in different ways but they asked the same thing.

「There will be guest coming to Goroun Company. Don’t be rude to the guest.」

Who is coming?

A king of another country?

I never heard of it before.

In the first place, why would a king go here and not to the capital?

Does that mean that a prince from another country will come here incognito to play?

Ah, I see.

If that is the case, I can somewhat understand.

After all, the shadow guards will be guarding him and I’m asked to not get in the way as much as possible.



What will he do?

If he’s here to play, why would there be any obstacle or inconvenience?


I went to Goroun Company.

The guest hasn’t come to them yet but they are already making a fuss.

Who’s that big shot?

The president himself is taking charge.

He promised to send me a message as soon as the guest arrives.

The only thing I’ll do is to greet him when he first came here.

After that, I don’t wanna get involved in anything.

Leg-sama has even prepared the shadow guards.

They might look like they are under my command but….I don’t have the right to order them.

I’ll just do things I can.

Like not disturbing them.

I might look uncooperative but it is still better than pulling their legs down.

When I was about to reach the pot of tea, my door was knocked hard.

「We received a message from Goroun Company. The guest has arrived.」

「Is that so?」

The shadow guard that Leg-sama has prepared have already disappeared.

I can’t be late.

The carriage was prepared and departed immediately to the Goroun Company.

This carriage is a gift from Goroun Company and is very comfortable to ride.

If I pick up the guest using this carriage, will he be pleased?

No no, I must not do that.

Let’s lend this carriage to him whenever he wants.

「I’m Marcos.」

「I’m his wife, Paula.」

The Goroun Company has two guests.

A pair of human couple.


A farmer couple?

No, no, noooo!


Look closely at the clothes of the couple.

At first glance, they look like normal clothes but once the sunlight touches them, they began to shine.

It is made of luxury fabric.

Why did they use luxury fabric to make ordinary commoners clothes?

They’re being playful?

Only an outstandingly rich person will do that.

But, didn’t they want to hide their identities?

Then, though they introduce themselves as a married couple….they could be a lord and his attendant.

However, they said that they are a married couple.

Let’s get along with their story.



The wife is so elegant.

Is it the opposite?

Is the wife the lady and the husband is the attendant?

No, no, no, no, no.

Remove all preconceptions!

Stop thinking!

The two in front of me are a couple.

They are guests of Goroun Company.

「I am Ifrus, Shashaato City’s governor. I welcome the couple for your visit.」


Perfect greeting!

That time, I used my skillful art of talking to find out the purpose of the two in order to not get in their way.

Eh, Goroun Company president, why are you in front of them…..what are you doing?

「The couple will start their business in this city.」



Is that some sort of code?

Never heard of it.

「Though we might trouble you a number of times, we ask for your cooperation.」


It’s useless.

I don’t understand.

「Specifically, how can I cooperate?」

If you don’t understand something, it is better to ask.

I know that the more you know, the more dangerous it is.

Even so, I asked the president of the Goroun Company, answer me!

「At one of the corners of the south commercial district, there is a place that has become a material warehouse. Isn’t that place great?」


It ’s clear.

「Leave it to me, I’ll transfer everything and give that place to you.」

「Thank you. Let’s talk about the price later.」

He said later but he didn’t say when so it might be in many years to come.

「I agree.」

「Michael-san, if one plans to open a shop in Shashaato City, is it normal for the governor to greet them?」

「Hahaha. It is rare. By the way, are you going to be okay in opening a shop?」

「I have discussed it with the village chief. Please leave it to us.」

「Please do your best. Now then, it will still take time until your shop opens so you can sightsee until then.」

「We will do some sightseeing until the day after tomorrow. We would like to prepare the store opening afterward. My apologies but, we are not familiar with this place…..」

「I already told my subordinate. Please use him to the fullest. It was me who ask to open up a shop here in the first place.」

The residents of Village One, Marcos and Paula, are on a business trip to Shashaato City.

The next day.

「What is this large sum of money?」

「Payment for the land that Goroun Company bought.」

「Eh? Areh?」

「I’m surprised too. They paid more than double the market value. Goroun Company has a lot of money.」



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