Chapter 217 – A Woman of Village One, Paula

My name is Paula.

It is the name I gave myself and I really like it.

My real name?

It doesn’t matter.

I am Paula.

A woman who lived in the backstreet.

Living in the backstreet of the city was hard.

There are only a few fun memories.

Most of the fun memories are related to Marcos.

Marcos is a boy I met with age similar to mine.

However, he is my senpai when it comes to life in the backstreet.

He’s my husband now.

Just thinking of not being able to meet him makes me shiver.

The turning point of my and Marcos’ life is meeting Fushu-sama.

Because we heard rumors about her kidnapping children, we thought that we were done for that time.

However, I find temporary solace with the people they gathered.

One of them is Jack, a leader in the backstreet.

Marcos can be relied on but Jack is more reliable.

If he didn’t fall in love with Morte, I would have made him mine.

Fushu-sama gathers us to talk about migrating.

It is possible to obtain a house of your own.

But that’s too good to be true.

I never thought that they’ll treat us like stupid fools.

However, can a great person of Korin religion lie?

I’m anxious. As for everyone else….yeah, they’re anxious too.


However, we still agreed to Fushu-sama’s suggestion.

We couldn’t go against it since the proposal is too attractive.

The most attractive thing is that we will be taught of various things first before migrating.

Moreover, it’s for free.

We will be taught on how to read and write characters, calculate, and etiquette.

Even if the migration is a lie, what we learn is already ours.

If I can calculate, it will be easy for me to find a place to work in.

Moreover, if I can read and write characters, I can also expect to receive wage.

As for etiquette….though I don’t think I need it, it is not uncommon to be cut down by a noble after committing rudeness.

If I learn it, there won’t be any loss.

Though it was hard and busy, it was a fulfilling half year.

The story about migration is true.

There was a place called Village One, a little away from Big Tree Village, where we got our house and we were given jobs.

There was enough food too.

And all for it just for the hope of us being permanent residents.

Though the surrounding environment is scary, we are well protected.

If you compare this place to the backstreet, this is heaven.

For the jobs we were given with….

We’re completely useless.

However, we were neither scolded nor kicked out.

Village chief….ah, village chief is the village chief of Big Tree Village.

TN: just like everyone else, she thought Hiraku’s name is village chief.

There is no village chief in Village One, only a person who is called caretaker.

Village chief told us that he wants us to find the job suitable for us so there’s no hurry.

Thank you village chief.

Everyone else has the same reaction as me, we nodded with all our might.

We will do our best for village chief.

And we gradually got used to living in the village.

Farming, paper making, oil squeezing, sugar squeezing, salt making.

Little by little, we increased the things we can do.

When we were entrusted with pigs, I was a little worried if we can raise them properly but everyone did their best.

Maa, the men were a little too emotional….

Right right.

The men.

When we first came to Village One, we can’t enter the forest but now, we can.

Jack even defeated a fanged rabbit alone.

He’s really amazing.

Marcos is working hard but it’s still impossible for him.

Don’t overdo it.

Don’t imitate something dangerous.

Look, even Kricky says you must be careful.

Kricky is one of the dogs called inferno wolf who protects the village… is not a wolf.

I named it.

I was scared at first but I know that it’s defending the village and even bringing the prey it hunted from the forest here.

I wanted to thank it but I realized I don’t know its name.

When I asked village chief, he pointed at a group of inferno wolves.

Yup, it is impossible to name them all.

In that case, I’ll name it.

Village chief permitted me to do so and Kricky was pleased.

Kricky sometimes goes to other villages so I can’t see it but when it comes to Village One, it comes to say hello.

We have that kind of relationship with the inferno wolves.

Marcos doesn’t go against what it says….but how about listening more to your wife?

A year has passed since we migrated.

Winter is cold but we prepared enough firewood so we’re okay.

From time to time, patrol coming from Big Tree Village and other villages come so we’re not worried about food.

Of course, we’re not just staying in our house to play.

We made a lot of small items from bamboo.

I can boast the baskets I made.

It is light and strong.

I also worked hard on the design.

The best things we made are presented to village chief in Big Tree Village.

After planting seeds at the beginning of the year, we continue to live our daily lives. Soon, it will be summer.

Right right.

Have you ever seen a castle floating in the sky?

It’s really amazing.

For such a big thing to fly.

I’m surprised when with what village chief said about the castle.

He said that you will be able to know the season with the location of the castle.

It will make a full rotation from Big Tree Village in a year. It was at north during winter and west during spring.

It is so close to the south now which means summer is near.

At that time, village chief spoke to Village One’s migrants.

「Shashaato City….is it?」

I have never heard of it.

However, it seems to be a big commercial city in the demon king’s kingdom and it is also a port.

The fish we eat are purchased there.


According to village chief, he was invited to open up a shop in Shashaato City.

Village chief wants to take over but everybody says he can’t leave.

Therefore, he wants to hear from us.

It is probably because we can read and write, calculate, and knows etiquette.

I never had a chance to show it but now I have.

And Fushu-sama.

Thank you very much.

Since village chief is the one requesting it, I’ll do it with the best of my effort!

Need to leave Village One for a while?

I do not mind.

Marcos is fine with it too.

Before we do, the others are already raising their hands.

Everyone feels the same.

I won’t lose.

There is no way for us to go in a large group so it will only be a couple.

Jack wanted to go too but he was automatically removed from the candidates because he’s the leader of Village One’s migrants.

Nine remaining groups.

I wished for the goddess of luck to smile at me.

Thank you, goddess of luck.

If this shop is successful, I will likely receive a reward medal and I’ll use it to make a statue of you.


Since we have to move to Shashaato City, we prepared our stuff….

We don’t have much stuff.

I told Kricky that we’ll go away for a while….

We said goodbye to the rest of the people in Village One.

It’s okay.

I and Marcos will move to Big Tree Village first.

We studied there for a month in order to prepare for the opening.

Village chief teaches us directly despite his busy schedule.

I’ll do my best.

The shop that village chief wants to open is a restaurant.

A shop that only has one dish, nothing else complicated.

Since it has come to this, then the food that will be sold is the most important point.

Can I even make it?

It was okay.

After we migrated to Village One, we made that dish once a week.


As expected of village chief.

That dish will surely get popular.



Then, what are we going to learn now?

How to hire people?

Customer service?


Tax computation?


My head is full and I find it hard to remember it all.

As for Marcos…..yeah, hang in there.

Ah, we went to the castle in the sky via a balloon while we were studying because village chief recommended us to do some recreational work.

No, we didn’t play.

But it was fun.

It was my first time flying in the sky and it feels good….

Though it is slightly cold.

I’ll wear thick clothes next time.

After a month of studying, we left for Shashaato City.

An important person from the demon king’s kingdom will teleport us using magic.

I knew that village chief is amazing but this is way too amazing.

Village chief’s shop.

I will absolutely make it a success!

Marcos feels the same.

He has a good smile.

As expected of my husband.

「Ano, village chief? This is?」

「The shop’s capital. It is embarrassing since its not much.」

「You said that …..but」

First of all, thank you for trusting us with this much money.

Next of all…..

The bag of gold coin, Marcos can’t even lift it.

Are the prices in Shashaato City much higher than expected?

In addition, a large amount of crops are prepared on a cart.

They are ingredients for the shop but…..

Can we even cook them all?

No no no.

I shouldn’t show weakness.

Let’s cook everything.

The dish is curry.


There’s no one that can’t be captivated by that dish.



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