Chapter 229 – Big Roof Shashaato

After eating curry, the demon king was sent back by ancestor-san.

Thank you for your hard work.

Even though something has happened, the store is selling curry like pancakes.

I reconfirmed how hard-working Marcos, Paula, and all the employees are.

There’s also no problem with the bowling alley in the gaming area.

However, since it is free for all, we have to make an arrangement where everyone can take their turn.

Anything free is really popular.

Let’s consider increasing the number of lanes.

As for the quoits and shooting range, they should be improved too.

Especially the shooting range, safety measures should be solid.

I withdraw for today while thinking about those things.

Let’s continue tomorrow.

Big Roof Shashaato.

That seems to be the name of the store.

I didn’t know.

However, since there are other various stores that moved in it, it has become a facility name.

Even a meat skewer stall was named “Big Roof Shashaato’s Meat Skewer”.

That means I have to think of a name for our curry store too.

「Marcos, Paula, any idea?」

I thought of entrusting the name to them but they declined by saying that only the village chief has such an honor.

It can’t be helped.


Why don’t we just name it with a simple “Curry Store”?

That won’t work.

It is not a name of an individual store and more of a kind of store like ramen store, roast meat store, etc.

For now, it might work but not in the future especially when another store starts selling curry.

I must think of a proper name.

How about “Marcos&Paula”?

Hnn, it’s hard to tell what kind of store it is or is that even a name of a store or some sort of missing people?

In addition, according to our plan, both Marcos and Paula are only here temporarily.

When it was taken over by another couple, it might cause some confusion.


Marpo…..No, “Marla” sounds better.

I combined the name of Marcos and Paula.

“Curry Store Marla”

Yup, it doesn’t sound bad.

For the time being, let’s get permission from the two of them since I partially used their names. It will be the official name once they agreed.

They have cried.

Do they hate it that much?

Or is it the opposite?

It seems like they cried when I told them that….because they are very happy.

Let’s notify the employees.

They accepted it favorably.

A signboard is necessary.

With the remaining material, we made two large signboards. They are installed in two places, one outside the store and one inside the store.

I wanted to put it on the roof but I’m scared thinking about what will happen if it were to fall.

Still, it looks great.


You want us to make a signboard for Big Roof Shashaato too?

Got it.

However, since it is the name of this facility, it should be much larger than the signboard of our store.

I’m still scared of something falling so it was installed on the ground too.

I also took this chance to assign names to the areas of the store.

Both the southeast and northeast areas adopted what the name they have been called with, eating and drinking area and gaming area respectively.

The southwest area was named stall area.

A lot of stalls are there and we begin seeing stalls other than food stalls.

Sooner or later, it will expand to the northwest area.

The charm of a place with a roof can be felt now that most stalls nearby are gathered here.

The customers are steadily coming too and they look energetic.

But it is hard for them to find the stall they want to go to.

They are struggling to find their target stalls.

In order to help them out, a map of the stall area should be produced.

There are a lot of people who are illiterate so stalls should be represented by illustrations.

We’re tried making one and it took a lot of work but the result is…

Also…..we have to do something about it since there are rearrangements of stalls every 6 months.


Let’s hire professionals.

Is there someone who can draw those illustrations?

「Most painters are employed by nobles….」

So there aren’t any.

Hearing the whole situation in detail, it seems like pictures are only a form of entertainment and paints are expensive.

Because of that, painters who can draw pictures are employed by nobles and only nobles can draw pictures as a hobby.

「Though we can find people who can draw pictures, making a precise picture like this is…..」

Precise picture?

You call this precise picture? I can’t even tell if that thing over there is a meat skewer or some sort of seafood.

Of course, I didn’t say that.

Does it mean that I have to continue drawing this myself?

But that is….

Maybe I should just write characters instead.

「A, ano, can I try drawing?」

Who is it?

Ah, one of the employees.

「I want to draw, those pictures.」

It’s good that she is motivated.

TN: Supposed to be gender-neutral pronoun. Just an assumption since Paula hired all the girl subordinate of Goldie first.

However, that won’t mean that it will be enough to meet our needs.

Show your ability first.

I hand over a pen and paper.

Yup, an exceptional person.

Way better than me.

「I, like drawing pictures, before I started working….I drew them on the ground as much as I can.」

I asked Paula to adjust her shift.

I asked her to draw the map….at the same time, we begin producing store signs for each stall.

It is indeed impossible to leave it to a single person so those who are interested among the employees were added.

A map is for all and a basic business need so let’s charge all the stalls for this.

Signboards of each store will have their names and a picture of their main commodity drawn on it.

Of course, I won’t force them to put one if they don’t want to.

A signboard will cost them 10 large copper coins and that already includes all the materials.

At first, none of the stall owners asked us to make a signboard for them….until a certain roasted mutton shop steps forward.

That stall, when we first introduced the southwest area, they were the first one to raise their voice.

Maron also evaluated them positively.

I’m grateful.

After the first signboard was hung up, the flow of the customers changed.

That signboard became a landmark.

In addition, stalls are prohibited to hire barkers.

The rest of the stall owners are now aware of the effect of signboards.

However, since the cost of making a signboard is not cheap, they did not rush.

Could it be that they are making one themselves?

That’s possible.

If that’s the case, let’s make our signboard a flashy flag.

No, that might turn out to be a fire hazard….If the flag catches fire, that will be troublesome.

However, it is necessary to have at least a minimum amount of decorations.

There are also watchmen so any kind of trouble will be prevented.

The minotaurs and lizardmen who came here with me are doing their best but I can’t let them stay here forever.

I consulted Michael-san about organizing a security force.

If the members of our security force will continue to be our current employees, they probably won’t be able to have some free time even if there’s no trouble.

After consulting Michael-san, it was recommended that Goldie should be the one to organize a security force.

He’s the one who has been arranging the queue at Marla.

Though his face is scary, he doesn’t hurt anyone.

Most of our employees were also his subordinates before so I asked him to find others that can be employed as our security force.

However, Goldie apologizes since he can’t undertake that job. He said that he has a main job.

However, if it’s only about founding a security force, he has someone to recommend.

And because of Goldie’s recommendation, a young man became the captain.

「I won’t let you down.」

My best regards.

The salary of the security forces will be coming from the rent we collected.

The will do Goldie’s previous job at our Curry Store Marla.

He managed to recruit workers for the security force….does Goldie have that many subordinates?

How reliable.

As for the management of Big Roof Shashaato,

Let’s leave it to Maron for now.

However, he’ll be the next president of the Goroun Company.

As expected, it will be bad if I keep on borrowing him all the time.

However, who should I entrust this facility to? Talent is not that common.

Because of that, I left the management of Big Roof Shashaato to Goroun Company.

「Are you really okay with it?」

「I can only entrust it to someone capable.」

「That true….I understand. Please leave the management to Goroun Company.」

A fraction of the rent will be paid to the Goroun Company as a consignment fee.

The remaining amount of money will be the administrative fee.

Also, I made sure that Curry Store Marla pays rent too.

Though this whole facility is mine, I want to get rid of this little feeling of unfairness.

Moreover, we entrusted an outside party to manage it.

Let’s just think that the money paid for third party management is an operational fee.

For the time being, I paid 10 stalls worth of rent, which already includes the gaming area.

Isn’t that too little?

If it’s insufficient, I’ll pay more.

I checked our income and expenditure some more.

A stage was built right in the middle of the stall area and eating and drinking area.

It is a semicircular stage with a radius of about 7 or 8 meters. It is one meter higher than the floor.

I thought it would be nice if there is a place where some could play music or perform a theatrical play.

That’s a lie.

When the high elves completed their work, it was them who wanted to build one. I let them be since they have nothing to do anyway.

When the stage was built, I had Gulf try his sword arts there as an experiment.

Afterward, Gulf and Milford had a mock battle.

The stage was damaged.


Maa, the spectators were pleased so I guess it’s okay.

I consulted Michael-san’s group first and decided to make the stage rentable.

That would increase our income a little.

In the gaming area, there were lines in the quoits and shooting range.

Because of excessive popularity, expansion is necessary.

Bowling is popular too.

The regulars are even teaching the beginners.

That helps us a lot.

This time, when I announced that there will be a bowling competition, they were considerably pleased.

Let’s inspire others by using prizes.

At the corners of the Curry Store Marla, we began formally selling alcohol and karaage.

At first, we only used them as diversionary tactics to avert the attention of the customers from the free curry but according to what I heard there were customers who became a fan of them.

When they heard that we won’t be selling them during our normal business days, they were dissatisfied.

It is good that there’s a demand for it.

However, securing chicken for karaage is really hard.

That issue has been taken care of by the Goroun Company.

But why are we talking about building a large-scale poultry farm at the suburb of the city now?

Why? Just why?

The alcohol can only be supplied by Big Tree Village.

However, we can’t suddenly increase the production volume so this will definitely affect those people who we’re supplying alcohol with.

「I’ll expect the volume of alcohol to normalize next year.」

Michael-san already accepted the decrease of volume of alcohol.

I worked him hard with various issues so I can only nod to him.

I’m really sorry.

I’ll personally add the newly developed miso, soy sauce, mayonnaise, and ketchup for you.

Please enjoy them.

I’ll add more pepper and honey too.

Though they are things you are already used to seeing.

I’ll have to teach the employees details about the sales of karaage.

They should only put this much on the plate and there should be a border to make sure that it won’t roll.

Lemon, mayonnaise, ketchup, and a small amount of salt will be the dip as well as act as border.

This is for a change of taste.

Curry is already using peppers so we won’t use it in karaage for now.

I apologize for that.

After selling it, there was already someone who claimed to be a regular from now on.

That person looks like a noble….but he seems to be open-hearted.

It looks like he’s Gulf’s acquaintance.

Yeah, it’s not like all the nobles are like that man from the Albatross family.

「He’s a special case. I apologize on his behalf.」

I remember when the demon king apologized to me when no one was looking.

My store is the one selling the alcohol and the one who’ll sell them to the customer is my employees. I don’t really think this is a good idea thinking about their age.

All our employees are children after all.

According to my calculations, they are younger than middle schoolers.

I’m hesitant to have them sell alcohol.

Therefore, I’ll just hire someone else.

The neighborhood housewives would be the best choice.

Though a considerable number of them applied, they won’t work all at the same time.

They’ll be working in turns.

I thought that they would complain because it will significantly decrease the money they’ll receive but that never happened.

On the contrary, they accepted it favorably because they can leave in case something happened like they have to take care of their children.

It has been 10 days since I have been going to Shashaato City.

I am very thankful for ancestor-san for sending and picking me up every day using teleportation magic.

It was really good that I personally saw the store.

I’ve become aware of things that are insufficient.

I have to work harder.

The latest issue is the curry’s seasonings.

With the current sales pace, consumption is beyond production volume.

I can’t leave it like that.

Maybe I should raise a large amount of seasoning at Village Four, which is also known as Sun Castle, since there is a temperature control feature there.

「Village chief, are you fine with this?」

Michael-san handed me a big piece of paper.

「What’s this?」

「That’s the plan of the store on the opposite side of the road.」


「Demolishing of all the buildings there will start tomorrow. Are you okay with making it similar to this building?」


Wa-wait a minute.

「Store at the opposite side of the road?」


「Opposite side….you mean the one just across the main street?」


I listened to the details.

It seems like an establishment as big as Big Roof Shashaato will be built just south of this place.

「What’s with that new store?」

「Obviously your store. Buying a large plot of land is impossible in this city so I apologize but the land you requested me to purchase have to be divided….」


According to the plan, the east block and the southeast block are included.

As for the progress report…..the land is already bought and they are only waiting for the former occupants to leave….

It is already impossible to stop it.


This is strange.

Could it be he misunderstood?

「But I only purchased the land and prepared the construction cost in accordance with the budget you gave me.」

The price of the land, the construction cost of the building….

Ah, he decided the budget based on what I said, as for me….

I remember that time when he asked me.

「Given all of these, have your shop already fully paid us?」

They no longer have enough gold to pay us so the land and construction cost is like their payment for us.

「Don’t hold back on using it on purchasing lands or building materials. As for the balance, I’ll leave it to you.」

Though he can only pay our village with gold, in Shashaato City, Goroun Company has enough credibility to buy things with credits.

「Do you receive something else with this task?」

「I receive 10 percent commission.」

「10 percent…that’s fair. I’ll leave everything regarding this to Michael-san.」


Is the land is cheaper than I imagined?

Or is it the construction cost?

I’ve miscalculated.

Soon, the village will have another festival so let’s finish all the issues here.



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