Chapter 230 – Observer

My name is Michael.

I’m the president of the Goroun Company.

Though some would say that I’m sitting in one of the highest positions, recently, I feel like I’m still too immature. I can’t bring myself to act like someone important.

Maa, for the sake of my subordinates, I’ll act as someone superior to some degree….

By the way, on all the businesses here, Big Roof Shashaato is the one doing the best.

As a result….things have been difficult for me.

Most of the establishments around it are owned by the merchant’s guild so I thought the buyout will be as simple as snapping a finger but some of the landowners strongly resisted.

Especially that one who’s also a merchant in this city.

He sensed that I am going to buy all the plot of land surrounding the main intersection so he bought some himself.

I don’t know if his goal is to obstruct me or to sell them at the higher price but….

This poor soul didn’t seem to hear the news about the warning of demon king-sama and his four heavenly kings.

If it was the former me, I’ll use several underhanded methods….

However, I may offend village chief if I do something dirty.

In short, I must obtain it in a public way.

I think it’s still too early to use the power of gold coins.

I’ll just inform him of the warning. You might not be able to take the consequence if you’re too greedy.

My door was knocked.

This is unusual.

Majority of my business deals can be handled by my secretary. He usually informs me about them when I leave my office.

That means there must be an issue that my secretary can’t handle himself.

「Excuse me. President, I’m a little unsure about this so…. I think it would be safer if I inform you.」

My secretary is 10 years older than me and his judgment had helped me a number of times already.

I’m sure it will be better to hear it.

「Our headquarters was visited by a certain guest and he was looking for someone named Michael.」

「Hnn? Could that person be asking for me?」

「That might be so but he is looking for “Michael-san”.」

「I see. Is he a noble?」

「Not sure. Though his clothes aren’t very noble-like, it is made with expensive fabric in addition, he has a guard who seems to be an adventurer. No one’s familiar with his face and he did not have an appointment so I think he’s more likely not a noble.」

Is that so?

A typical noble would usually send a message informing us that he’ll be coming.

「Then, what’s wrong?」

「The receptionist did not find the employee named Michael so he asked the guest to leave.」

「I see.」



What is this sudden bad feeling?

「S-so, what’s… the problem?」

「The guest left but entrusted the receptionist with a letter for “Michael-san”.」

The secretary took out the letter.

「He seems very convinced that Michael is working in our company. The receptionist noticed that the president’s name is Michael so he informed me about it thinking that it was an emergency.」

「Haa, haaaaaaaa…….」

I do not want to see it.

Something inside me is urging me not to read it.

However, it might be too late if I don’t act now.

I breathe deeply.

I’ll have to steel myself.

「By the way, the guest introduced himself as Hiraku.」


I snatched the letter from my secretary and read it.

(Opening omitted)

Michael-sama of Goroun Company.

We are the Big Tree Village.

Village chief is at Shashaato City so we thank you in advance.

(Latter part omitted)


Look up.


Village chief has come to the city!

Damn it!

Of course he will! He opened a store so he will surely come to check it out!

Why haven’t I thought of that!

No no, this is not the time for regret.

Let’s think about what happened first……

He was turned away at my door!

Could he be thinking that I pretended to be out?

This is bad! This is bad! This is bad!

Even if village chief doesn’t mind it, the people around him will surely do.

Like Lulushi-sama, Tier-sama, Fraurem-sama, Hakuren-sama….

…..I’m dead.

Really dead.

I can’t possibly say that everything happened because I haven’t seen the letter yet….and I can’t even run away.


No, we can still salvage the situation.

If I manage to get in touch with village chief, we can probably forget about this matter.

This is our only hope.

「The person who spoke with village chief…..I mean Hiraku-sama, ask him about the clothes he’s wearing. Also, call Maron and Milford at once! 」

I order my secretary and prepare myself to move out.



That reminds me, there’s a P.S. in the letter.

Look up?

Is it some sort of code?

Should I literally look up?

I tried to do so and look up at the ceiling.


Lulushi-sama’s there.

「Hellooww 」

When our eyes met, Lulushi-sama waved her hand and said hello.

However, I wasn’t able to say anything in return. I froze that moment and it took me a while before I was able to move again.

My name is Milford.

I was a reckless adventurer when I was young.

But thanks to my recklessness, I became famous to the point that nobles are hiring me to be their guards.

In a certain way, you can say that I reached the best ending an adventurer can have.

Being a noble’s guard pays well but boring.

It’s because there are only a few who would go against a noble.

Especially for the nobles in the demon king’s kingdom, nobles are strong themselves.

I’m not sure if it is because of their physical power or by magic but what I know is that they don’t even need guards to protect them.

They are not even using me as military power. They are satisfied by using me as some sort of decoration.

Maa, that was something I can’t endure.

I stopped being a noble’s guard and looked for a new thing to do.

I found Goroun Company.

On my first mission, I thought that it will be just like any other caravan guarding mission that will earn me some travel expenses but I was wrong.

The carriage we were guarding headed straight and crossed the iron forest.

Moreover, our destination is the gate-keeper dragon’s nest.

This is a recklessness that I won’t do even during my adventurer days.

I laughed at myself.

Even so, I’m happy.

Working as a guard in a great company of this city is hard.

There are a lot of people who have hidden objectives.

It is easier to deal with an assassin.

They are easier to understand.

The hardest to deal with are women.

They’ll pretend to make advances to you…fortunately, this company has a really great policy.

Anyway, since they hired me I’ll just take care of whoever comes.

By the way, there’s this woman who’s already standing behind me before I know it.

Who is she?

An acquaintance of the president?

She looks like an angel….however, she gives off this unusual atmosphere that is different from the other angels I’ve met.

I suddenly remember an angel when I was still adventuring. It is said that no matter what happens, do not go against her.

The angel of annihilation….



Yeah right.


We-  tha-   you see….

I have an important question I want to ask….

Are we on her side?

Say yes!


Why am I sleeping?


My name is….what is it?

I can’t recall.

What’s my name?

How could I have forgotten it….ehto.


I’m okay now.

I recalled my name.

However, I shouldn’t say it out now.

Right now, I am called Eight.

I’m a guard.

Not the type that the public can see.

A guard that protects someone from the shadow.

Therefore, I can’t reveal my name.

Various information might leak out if my name is revealed.

It might even influence the one I’m guarding badly.

Therefore, my name is thoroughly concealed.

I am that kind of guard….

So, why did I sleep in such a place?

I’m currently at a beam that is supporting the roof of a building called Big Roof Shashaato.

I usually climb this place in order to oversee this place better….

But I don’t remember doing so earlier, did I sleepwalk?


Looking around, I see my partner sleeping too.

The others too?


Were we taken here by magic?

I checked my things and nothing was stolen.

In other words…

I panic and check our guarding targets below.

Our guarding targets is a couple called Marcos and Paula which has been dispatched by a village somewhere.

In addition, if possible, we need to guard the other employees as well as the facility.

I thought that this mission was a mistake when we started but this store has been popular since day one.

Marcos and Paula are moving restlessly.

There seems to be no problem.


Then, what happened?

Looking below, other than our guarding targets, other guards who were dispatched by someone else are there too.

We know of each other’s existence so we are cooperating because our objectives are the same.

There are also forces that were not inside this facility but are guarding the vicinity instead.

There are also those who are disguised as customers. They are currently eating curry.

There are also those who are playing mini bowling.


Just the other day, we guards gathered to play mini-bowling but I only got second place.

Damn it.

It’s because of that seventh lane guy.

He’s very good.

Let’s practice more this time.


For the time being, let’s wake up the guys here.

He might know something.


They suddenly panic as soon as they woke up.

Oi oi.

Don’t make a commotion here.

You’ll fall.

But, why did they do that?



「Ah, demon spider」


What the hell are they saying?

Demon spider?

If something like that appears in this city, this city is not habitable anymore.

Usually, when we are talking, we’re not joking around.

Encountering something like a demon spider can only mean one thing, you’re going to die.


Surely, we should have been dead already if we’ve seen one….but we’re not.

I pinch my partner’s cheeks to check if it hurts.

If it hurts, it means this is reality.

In other words, the death spider they are saying is something they’ve dreamt of.

TN: Not a typo. It was really changed to death spider.

「I didn’t know that you are arachnophobic.」

「No, that’s not it! It really hurts! We all saw it and fainted one after another… fainted too!」

「Hnn? No, though I certainly lost consciousness….I can’t remember anything. Ehto…..Ugh, my head….it hurts so much as if refusing something.」

It’s like telling me not to remember.


Was there really a death spider?

I look around.


……it’s not here?


It’s a dream after all.



The guard sent by someone else got angry telling me to not attract attention.

I’m sorry.

It’s just a dream, it’s just a dream.

Let’s work as guards properly.

My name is Goro.

I’m a demon dog who was able to meet a very good master.

Though I’m treated like a dog, I’m a demon beast.

I also think that I’m ferocious in my own way.

Even so, I haven’t fallen low enough to bite those little ones who are taking care of me.

But it’s not like I don’t bite….. Especially those who are going to injure my master or the little ones who are taking care of me.


I’m taking my usual stroll today.

Recently, master is working in a really big house so I’m waiting for him at our place until he comes back.

When taking a walk, I don’t intimidate those dogs who I passed by.

Even if I don’t do that, the other party will surely run away immediately.

Ah, that man living in the big house is someone to watch out for.

I smelled something really dangerous from him.

As for the woman who’s next to that man, ah she smells like curry? Though it is faint, I smell something irritating from her.

Master brings home delicious food to eat but it doesn’t suit my taste.

Though I can say that the seasoning is really good.




Why can’t I move?

My sweat gushes out too.




What? What?

What’s happening to me?

Why is my tail down?

Ah, my legs are trembling….


I must protect master.


「It has fainted.」

「If Hakuren-san gives off her aura, that’s what will normally happen.」

「Eh? Am I a bully?」

「N-no, that’s not what I mean….it didn’t run away, what a loyal dog.」

「Right. So, what’s the status inside the store?」

「No problem. Yesterday was tougher.」

「Is that so? I think you know….」

「Let’s leave it to Gulf. Let him work harder.」

「Right…..By the way, that man over there. Don’t you think he’s disturbing?」

「Eh? That’s only a small fry….」

「My intuition tells me the opposite. Be careful.」

「I understand.」

「Also, this dog….wake it up.」


I live in Big Tree Village, a member of Kuro-sama’s pack.

I’m a normal inferno wolf.

I don’t have a name yet.

When boss went to the city, the Big Tree Village is in an uproar.

The party who went there with boss is enviable.

I want to go too but it seems like inferno wolves are disliked in the city for some reason so we can’t turn up there.

That’s regrettable.

After boss goes out, the man called ancestor-san immediately comes back.

It seems like he’ll be taking some of boss’ females this time.

Could it be….no, the one who planned this is surely one of those females.

That’s rough.


A spiderling will go too?

Is it really alright?


Oh, he came back.

He gathered people again…..and take them somewhere again.

Thank you for your hard work.


When the night comes, the females get back….after a little while, boss’ party.

Didn’t they meet on the other side?

The next day…..they are moving separately again.

I don’t know what you’re doing but….

The man with the name ancestor-san, hang in there.

「Today’s report.」

「Village chief did not go out of the store that much. Gulf is always beside him wherever he goes so there’s no problem.」

「There were some customers who tried courting village chief, they have been coerced. 」

「It seems like there are guards inside the store that were dispatched by the demon king. There are a number of them but they have been taken care of. 」

「The sea is safe too. There are some races who lived in the sea nearby but they are friendly. 」

「Whatever they are, it seems like they are not something we should be worried about. 」

「That’s reassuring. 」

「Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking too. 」

「I see. How about him? He didn’t do anything that will betray our trust, right? 」

「Right….He’s really trustworthy. Despite his authority, village chief didn’t go to a store with women. 」

「That’s natural. 」

「Of course. 」

「About that…..following him in secret, we should absolutely bury it to the ground. 」

「「Yes 」」

Hnn….what could it be?

Recently, it seems like their relationship has improved.

「Eh? Is that so? Our relationships are good from the start. Right? 」

「「Right 」」


I’ve been with them for a long time.

I sensed that they were hiding something.


Okay, I didn’t notice.

Big Tree Village is peaceful.



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