Chapter 231 – Festival Preparation and Guests

Ancestor-san has been really busy with his latest main profession, teleporting us to Shashaato City. It will finally end.

We have to stop supplying everything from seasonings to food for the store so I pray that you won’t neglect it.

From here on, I’ll have Michael-san to take care of everything.

As for organizing the bowling competition, I’ll leave it to Maron.

Please do your best.

Again, thank you very much, ancestor-san.

I really wanted to express my gratitude so I think I’ll improve the hot spring for ancestor-san.

The preparations for the festival in the village have started.

As for the festivals this year, they are quiz bee and mock cavalry battle with physique division.

In the physique divided mock cavalry battle, three people will have to form a cavalry like in an ordinary sports meet. The riders of the cavalry will also compete for headbands.

At first, we intended to make it a free for all competition but thinking about what kind of cavalry the minotaurs will make, we decided to divide it via the participant’s physiques.

The centaurs can also participate alone given their physiques.

Because of that, we decided to give them a handicap by having a child or a harpy as their rider.

Given that handicap, the centaurs protested as expected.

「Even without mentioning the children, the harpies don’t even have hands.」

「They have feet.」

「They are also forbidden to fly. After getting on us, how do you expect them to get headbands using their feet?」

「I heard that the centaurs are great enough to cope with it, don’t tell me I was wrong.」

「O-of course we can!」

And so, the civil servant girl in charge managed to trick…cough.

Persuade them.

Remember everyone, this is our festival.

Don’t be too concerned about victory or defeat.

That is the main reason for injury.

Marcos and Paula will stay in Shashaato City so they won’t be able to participate.

When I went to the city, I already told them about it.

I told them that they can either close the store for temporarily or leave it to an employee.

However, the two of them said that they want to continue working at the store.

Aside from being unable to entrust the store to their employees, it looks like they are enjoying their time here at the store.

They have to change with others according to what we have discussed before, so even if they want to, they still have to leave Shashaato City eventually.

Maa, let’s not just decide everything without consulting both parties.

Let’s talk properly first when the time comes.

When the date of the festival approaches, a group of four lamias and a group of four titans came.

In order for them to be able to join the mock cavalry battle, what kind of adjustment should we make?

Let’s just distribute the titans to some groups.

The ghost knight also came while riding the lion.

It is the father lion.

The ghost knight will probably get lost in the forest if it goes alone so it brought it here.

I see.

Now that they mentioned it, I remembered that it had no sense of direction.

It could have just sent the ghost knight to the titan’s dungeon but it still chose to accompany it until here.

It did well.

Let’s give it some demon beast’s meat as a reward.

Though I might sound like a bully, I asked it to return.

By the way, how’re your cubs?

I’ll play with them next time.

The demon king came over with Beezel, Randan, and Yuri.

Glatts and Hou are too busy so they can’t participate.

The hottest topic now is Big Roof Shashaato.

The rumor about Big Roof Shashaato has spread and people from all over are already going there to check it out.

Some place even tried mimicking it.

However, they don’t go well.

First of all, they were not able to gather store owners.

Next, those who were successful in the first step, failed in the next one which is it should attract customers.

I have an idea why.

Even if they gather a lot of food stalls and restaurants, it is still not enough to attract customers.

The customers will only go there if they have something they desire.

However, the dishes in this world are too primitive.

I was already informed about it by Loo and Tier but now, I’ve experienced it myself when I was walking around Shashaato City.

They only do two things, roast or boil.

No matter what store I visit, the dishes are similar.

For me, that makes all the difference.

The taste lacks everything.

Shashaato City is rich in seafood because it is a port city. There’s a constant supply of cows, pigs, sheep, and chickens because of the villages nearby. Even with that, they only roast or boil them…..

And this city is not even considered as bad.

Even so, there’s not a single store that can gather customers like Curry Store Marla.

Even if you manage to gather restaurants, they are only at that level.

Even if you mimic what we have done, there’s no way you’ll do good.

Revitalization of a village is the same.

It doesn’t mean that we imitated it, it will go well.

We have to do something in order to truly make it work.


What a stinking sermon.

Reflect, me.

I don’t want to damage other towns and cities.

We will be resented unjustly if they continue to mimic us.

I will naturally tell about it to demon king’s group and I’ll also inform Michael-san.

He always comes here when there’s a festival. It seems like he’s too busy.

Maa, I threw him something that I should have done myself….I’ll apologize.

I heard some news about the guy from the Albatross family.

I heard that he’s working like a horse in the church.

At first, he was not serious, but when his friend visited him at the church, he had a change of heart and began taking the initiative himself.

If he has such a friend, how could he let him do that in the first place? Maybe it’s a bad friend.

But I was wrong. It seems like they had a fight before he did that and that friend of him fell out with the guy from the Albatross family.

He even declared that he will no longer be friends with him but when he heard that the guy from the Albatross family was entrusted to the church, he did not leave him alone…

That friend goes frequently to the church to meet him.

That’s what Randan said.

「You know that much details, did you investigate it?」

「That friend is the son of the governor of Shashaato City.」

I see.

I heard from a number of people that the governor of Shashaato City is an excellent man.

He did great guiding his son.

He’s amazing.

No, if he’s really amazing, he should have prevented that from happening in the first place.

Still, he’s remarkable.

I believe my children will be great people in the future too.

Let’s keep constant communication with them.

Yuri is enjoying her reunion with Frau and the civil servant girls with a tea party.

「That matter in Shashaato, what’s your part in it?」

「Managing the cooking ingredients. The store is already complete so……my apologies for not being useful.」

「Is that so? There’s no need to be embarrassed.」

「Is there anything else you want to know?」

「Actually, there is….do you know the details of what the village chief did in Shashaato City?」

「Yeah. He built a store. However, the village chief said that he was surprised since the store is larger than he expected.」

「He was surprised….is that all?」

「That’s the only thing that the village chief told us.」

「That is a piece of common information….anyway, I want detailed information. All the news I received came from father.」

「Can’t you just ask the village chief directly?」

「I can but what’s the point?」

「Okay. We have some interesting clothes here, we’re going to dress you up. Get ready」

「Interesting? Eh? Eh? What are you doing?」

No, even if it is interesting, why are you going to dress me up suddenly?

And what kind of shape is it? Though I didn’t say that because it looks interesting.


Pajama wolf costume?

Rather than interesting, it is better to call it cute.

I seem to like it unexpectedly……

Won’t I be mistaken as a demon beast if I walk wearing this?

In any case, I look like a bipedal wolf if you can only see my back.

Ah, this is so cute.

No one will harm me even if I crawl because I can talk.

After the demon king’s group, Dors, Raimeiren, Doraim, Grafaroon, and Girar arrived.

「Guraru, have you been well?」


Girar and Guraru give each other a heartwarming embrace.

Dors saw them.

「Hakuren, have you been well?」


「Why are you looking at me with cold eyes?」

What are you even trying to do?

Doraim and Grafaroon are spoiling Rasuti on the side.


「There are only a few of you this time.」

「Yeah. Given what happened to the Sun Castle, it is better to be careful.」

Dors answered.


The Sun castle moved to this place because there’s a lot of dragons here during that time.

Who knows if there is something else that they will attract.

They seem to have kept it in mind.

「Actually, I tried stopping Raimeiren from going here too.」

Dors glanced at Raimeiren who’s embracing Hiichirou.

「She’s been looking forward to go here, what can I even say?」


Even from my point of view, I want you to come here.

The day of the festival.

People from each village have gathered.

This will be the first time Village Four, the Sun Castle, participates in the festival so the devils, the dream demons, and Bell are here.

Gou is house sitting.

The event place is not the usual arena. This time, the meeting place is the racetrack because the main event for this year’s festival is the mock cavalry battle.

A tent is set up next to the racetrack where everyone can get food.

The camping coach I made before played an active part.

It is convenient to use in this festival.

About two to three times…, the number of times it was used is lesser than its actual age.

Let’s talk consult everyone regarding it in the future.


It’s about time to start the festival so can we begin the opening speech?

There’s the go signal.

Now it is time for the quiz bee.

Got it.

Let’s begin this year’s festival.



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