Chapter 233 – Shyfull’s Epicure

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My name is Shyfull.

I’m the heir of the League family, a family of baron of the demon king’s kingdom.

Though I just said that we’re a family of baron, it’s not like we are from a lineage of nobles.

We have only been a baron family for the last 50 years.

Honestly speaking, our family doesn’t have the intention of becoming nobles but we are a family of good businessmen.

During a time when a certain marquis territory was suffering from a food shortage, we supplied them with lots of foods thus, he made us nobles.

We did not become noble because of a good deed.

The marquis that time was not able to pay the food our family supplied them with money so he paid us with a noble rank of baron instead.

Given that, the difficulty of us doing business has significantly changed.

However, behind our backs, people keep saying that we only became noble because of bribe.

That’s quite provocative.

Though I hate it….I found my true friend who didn’t care about those rumors so I guess it’s a blessing in disguise.

Currently, I’m making an intensive effort to change our friend status to lovers.

……Maa, that might be in the distant future.

By the way, I’m kind of….

You can say I have this one hobby or vice if other might call it.

It is delicious food.

I love anything delicious.

The chef I’ve hired at our home is someone I poached from a famous restaurant in the capital.

The dishes he makes are the best.

Or so I thought.

My belief was shaken when I came to this City called Shashaato.

I stayed at the best inn in the city. That time, the dish I ordered was only about to be taken out.

I heard the rumors about the foods in Shashaato City before coming here.

They said that everything is incredibly delicious.

The me back then, who have not eaten those said foods, laughed with all my heart thinking that it is only an exaggeration.

Then, they brought me something. I finally learned what real food is.

World, I never thought you can be this boundless.

I wanted to poach the chef of this inn but stopped.

It’s because of a friend’s reminder.

「It’s not just about money, it’s about respect.」

Before that, I thought that the biggest praise I can give to a chef is to either give money or employ him.

To my regret, it was a big mistake.

The biggest respect one can give to a chef is returning to eat again.

I’ll be in this city for two days.

I heard that there’s a martial arts tournament in this city so I can use it as an excuse to stay longer.

Yes, watching it is a good excuse.

Father will not be angry for sure.

That day, I never thought that my world hasn’t been revolutionized yet.

I was enjoying the most expensive dish in that inn.

I did not mind spending a lot because I thought that this place’s real food is the world’s most delicious.

A beastman on the nearby table is having the same dish.

I understand what his sentiments.


The meat on his main dish, isn’t that much bigger than mine?

Oi oi, hotel chef.

Aren’t you informed that there should be no discrimination among customers?

No, I shouldn’t say anything yet.

His meat is bigger than mine. Strange, isn’t it?


I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t.

I’m not a bad noble.

Stay cool.

Right, I should stay cool.

We are both eating here, same dish but we’re not served with the same amount.

In other words, the chef intends to do so and there is a reason why.


Could it be that the quality of meat is not good enough so he apologizes by increasing the quantity?

That might be the case.

Isn’t that possible?

As soon as the beastkin eats his meat, his brows knit.

If my theory is correct, he probably noticed the poor quality of meat.

I’m such a gourmet.



What did he take out?

Why are you putting it on your meat?


Now his expression is saying that he is eating something delicious!

What is it? What did you put?

What is it!


Please, sell it to me!

Don’t, please!

That’s not the case!

「Just a mouthful!」

Give me!

I was able to get a little of his meat after negotiation.

When I taste it.

I was shocked.

What have I been tasting till now?

The thing that I thought the tastiest is only flimsy.

The taste is flat.

However, the seasoning makes that flat taste to solid.

Those tastes overlap.


Incredibly amazing.

When I tasted his outstandingly delicious meat, I thought of doing something.

Like clapping my hands, taking off my clothes and jump.

Ah, what nonsense am I thinking?

I never thought that eating something so good can make you feel crazy.


There’s no meat anymore!

What the!

Did someone steal it!

Who? Show yourself!



I’m the one who ate it?


Calm down.

Be cool.

Right, be cool.

The beastman….he’s still eating.


「Wait, please give me a little more!」

That beastman is a good guy.

He gave me some of his three seasonings.

Soy sauce, miso, and mayonnaise.

Ah, all of them are delicious.

Shoot! It’s not good to lick them.

They’ll be consumed immediately.

I must value it.

It has become my daily routine to talk with that beastman and join him with dinner every night.

There’s someone looking at us over there who looks annoyed but I don’t really care.

I’m so careless.

I did not even think about the other party.

This beastman is an adventurer.

He participated in the martial arts tournament of Shashaato City and won.


When we’re eating together, I didn’t feel that he’s like that.

And his purpose of coming here…. Is to join the martial arts tournament. Since the martial arts tournament is over, it is obvious that he’ll leave.

Why haven’t I thought of that?

Why am I so stupid?

After that, I looked for him.

My purpose is to buy seasonings from him.

He gave me such precious seasonings for free.

Though I already thanked him a hundred times, I’m still not satisfied if I can’t get more.

So, have you found him yet?

Put out a request at the adventurer’s guild.

How long has it been since that time….

About the seasonings, I caught circulating news that a top man of the country managed to negotiate with the supplier.

The neutral faction head, Count Chrome, is the one responsible for it.

I participated in all the dinner parties they organized.


I’ve got my father’s permission too.

It seems like someone from the Leg family managed to buy too.

I’ll go to their dinner party too.

I was shocked.

With Shashaato City.

The thing I’ve been looking for is here.

Ah, truly.

The dish served in front of me.


I eat this stew from its bowl using bread.



Too delicious.

I cried.


While I was savoring it, a commotion started at the store.

I didn’t notice the angry crowd around.

Let’s get to the main point.

I had a reunion with the beastman Gulf.

Karaage is delicious.

Mayonnaise is the best.

Ah, lemon is not bad either.


Okay, I guess?

I want to buy them up.

There was an idiot noble intrusion. This store has magical tools.

Bowling is good.

Quoits….quite difficult.

As for shooting…..fuh.

It seems like I don’t have talent for bow.

This store’s food is supreme.

Aside from curry, the trial products have perfect combinations of seasonings like croquette, katsu, tempura, nitsuke….

Right right.

My report was delayed.

I am now working in Curry Store Marla.

「Acting manager Marcos, today’s training has ended. Please check.」

「Okay….not there yet. Okay, look out for the pot next time.」



Ah, that part of me is dead already.

The man before you has been reborn.

Let’s send a letter to my friend to inform her.

Is she not interested in me who’s no longer a noble?

Still, I want her to come to this store to eat.

The curry I cook….ha, I’m not good enough yet, so what I made is something we can’t serve the customers.

I’m now the one who cooks.

I don’t really mind as long as I can eat curry.



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