Chapter 234 – Each Village’s Report and Chattering (Night of the Festival)

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Village One.

A village with humans and nyunyu-daphnes.

They do well in agriculture.

Though the field there is small, it raises potatoes and beans.

They also raise livestock like pigs and chickens. There are research done here too.

In addition, because they are near the bamboo forest, they are making bamboo products too.

Moreover, they are raising the best plant to make paper.

As for problem in this place, probably the vacant houses.

I want to increase the number of residents of this place.

As for what they wish for, I heard that they want to raise a sort of mushroom.

More specifically, black truffle.

But isn’t black truffle pig’s favorite food?

Ah, please don’t spoil the pigs.


I’ll plow there when I’m free.

Village Two.

A village where minotaurs settled.

They came from a farming village so they are good with farming.

They mainly raise wheat, barley, corn, cabbage, and potato.

I had them raise millet before but they requested to change it to barley and corn.

There are fruit trees there too like lemon, lime, orange, peach, apple, and pear.

I’ve enlarged their field this year and they worked hard.

I heard that they want to be self-sufficient.

Ah, no. It’s not like they want to be independent but Village Two wants to make sure that they have enough on their own that they won’t starve.

Once they got surplus, they plan to share it with Big Tree Village as a gift of offering and they will take the pride of being the first independent village.

In fact, they managed to achieve their target production but it seems to be insufficient.

「We want to present half to village chief.」

Your intention is good but don’t overdo it.

As for the livestock they raise, they are mainly chickens, pigs, sheeps, goats, and a small number of cows.

They are raising each moderately.

I feel slightly surreal with minotaurs raising cows but the minotaurs doesn’t mind it in particular.

How do I know? They are eating beef in front of me now.

As for problems, nothing in particular.

I heard that their population increased so the village needs to be enlarge.

Do your best.

As for what they wish for…..they want farming tools.

The farming tools they are currently using have deteriorated.

Isn’t that a problem?

I’ll have them prepare at once.

Village Three.

A village where centaurs have settled.

Glueworld’s group settled in it first then comes Baron Fuka’s group.

Because of that, I’m a little uneasy since there is a possibility of factions forming but it looks like nothing like that has occurred.

Baron Fuka is young and she seems to be obedient to Glueworld.

In the future, please stay togeth….my apologies.

You are both females.

They are also farming and they are mainly raising carrots, radishes, eggplants, pumpkins, potatoes, and sweet potatoes.

They are doing their best to raise strawberries, watermelons, and melons too.

As for fruit trees, they have peaches, persimmons, and oranges.

This year, they’ve begun raising pomegranate too.

As for livestock, they are raising chickens, pigs, goats, sheeps, and some cows.

I don’t like the idea of making the centaurs farm first since it is a job where waist bending is a must but they manage to do it.

「Rather than the waist, we find it hard to walk since we might step on the crops.」

I see.

Should I make the space between ridges there wider?

As for problems, none now but there might be in a birth rush in the future because of the males that Baron Fuka brought…..there’s a possibility of several females being pregnant.

That’s something to celebrate.

As for what they wish for… expansion.



You want a course surrounding the village?

I’ll make it once I’m free.

Village Four, also known as Sun Castle.

The place where devils, dream demons, and mercury race like Bell and Gou live.

According to Bell, the other mercuries will only take a little more time before being active again.

For farming, they seem to be getting accustomed to farming ever since I plowed a field there.

I mainly plowed radish, carrot, cabbage, potato, tomato, cucumber and eggplant.

I also planted several fruit trees there like papaya, mango, banana, pineapple, mangosteen, and lychee in the south district without permission.

In addition, seasonings will be raised there now.

It is for the sake of the Curry Store Marla in Shashaato City.

I’ve already spoken with the leaders of Village Four, Kuzuden, Bell, and Gou, about it.

Thank you very much.

As for the problems…..the villager’s ability to make a living.

Up to now, they only know how to react to monsters and demon beast’s siege since that situation has continued for several generations. How do you expect them to know how to make a living in time of peace?

The dream demons can at least sweep and do the laundry but the devils know nothing.

It seems like the dream demons teach the devils how to clean and wash now.

They are like that since the dungeon potato, their staple food, is either boiled, baked, or even eaten raw.

Both Gou and Bell doesn’t know anything about food since their energy is being supplied by the Sun Castle.

In other words, even if they have food to cook because they are now growing crops, they still don’t have the ability to cook.

The crops they raise will be eaten as it is.

I’ll have the oni maids and the high elves bring ingredients and teach them how to cook.

In addition, even though the monsters have disappeared, there are several people who are still living inside the castle and refuse to go out.

They are somewhat afraid of sunlight.


Let them be cured with patience.

I must exercise patience.

Wine slime.

Poyon poyon.

TN: Soft and mushy sfx

Are you still wine or are you beer now?

It is now white even though it was red first.

I understand.

Don’t repeatedly bug me.

I’ll give you some.


I’m healed….just stay the way you are.

When I put it on my knee and pat it, Kuro put his chin on my knee.

Okay, I’ll pat you too.

Ah….don’t form a line.

Okay okay, got it.

Gnostic bee.

As always, thank you for the honey.

Is there anything you like?

You want to eat fruit?

Once the fruits at the south district of the Sun Castle are ripe, I’ll bring you some.

Now… want watermelon?

But it’s watery, are you sure?

…’re a bee but you eat fruits.

Ah, you eat fruits from the start?

Yeah, there was certainly a time when a spiderling gave you a strawberry.

But, is the watermelon’s sweetness good enough?

It is sweet enough….? You want to add salt in it?

Are you sure you’re asking for salt and not sugar?

Okay, I get it.

As you wish, queen-sama.

Clay doll.

How’s Ursa these days?

Ah, okay, nothing serious.

Alfred too….

Okay, do your best.

Do you eat watermelon?

You don’t need to eat?

Is that so? Then, can you take these freshly cut watermelons to Ursa’s group?

It seems like they are still awake.

Water is not good before sleeping?



Even so, Ursa….no, Ursa’s group.

Let’s go there.

After looking for them, I gave Ursa’s group watermelons.

They ate it like locusts.

Ghost knight.

Don’t spill that alcohol you’re drinking.

The dwarves are already glaring at you so don’t treat it like water.

Maybe he’s like this because a lioness might give birth this year.

What’s wrong with me? I’m still thinking that a pride in this world composes of one male and multiple female lions….

Ah, I should remind myself that lions here can fly.

I should make that my commonsense.

Come to think of it, does a lion eat watermelon?

I still have some but I haven’t cut them yet….

Oh, this one’s round.

They are staying in a hot spring but it is not winter so are they alright?

I have to make sure to increase the number of facilities there for ancestor-san’s sake too.


A place where you can stay when it’s raining?

Is the cottage not enough?

Ah, the ghost knights are the ones using it….even so, you don’t need to be so distant….ah, you’re too big….

This time, I’ll make sure to flatten rocks so you have your own bed.


…….don’t just get dead drunk.

When a dragon gets drunk, won’t bad things happen?

Dors is similarly lying beside him.

Take care of these two, Doraim.

Where’s Raimeiren….

Ah, she’s relaxing with Hiichirou and Hakuren.

How sweet.


Isn’t Rasuti your grandchild too?

Did you treat Rasuti like that too?


When Rasuti was still an infant, you’re a little careful about Doraim’s wife?

Ehto….then how about Suiren’s daughter, Herze?

Oh, you don’t need to be wary of Maxbergak.

It seems like Maxbergak is from the neutral dragon faction so you nursed Herze too.

I see.

As for us, you are not wary of me and your daughter was the one who gave birth to Hiichirou so you can pamper him as much as you can.

Aren’t you worried about Hakuren not being able to take care of her own child if you took her position?

It’s okay?

You’re good at it so I guess all is well.

After all……the time you can spend in our village is not that much.

When you’re here, you are free to do what you want to do.

Ah, only if Hakuren doesn’t dislike it.

I said that carefully to Raimeiren.



Keeping watch?

You don’t have to.

On Zabuton’s back lies dead drunk spiderlings.

Thank you for your hard work.

I’ll help you.

As for me, I won’t tell….


My arm was gripped.

Looking at who it is, I saw Loo who’s already on her adult form.

「You’ve been keeping everyone company, how about us?」

Loo pointed the table where Tier, Ria, Ann, and Sena are sitting….


I won’t escape.

I’ll keep you company all night.

No, not on the table.

Yup, inside our mansion.

Okay, Alfred and the others are asleep.

Even though it is a festival, noisy places are annoying.

The top of the table is full of different kinds of alcohol.


Don’t drink too much.


This will be a long night.



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